Monday, December 26, 2011

Dustin's December 26th Letter with Pictures

2011 December 26
Dear Mom and Family,
I loved hearing your voices yesterday (although I missed Trissa, Gavin, Jordan, Mariah, and Della) I will be sure to write you guys a special e-mail. It is always a wonderful feeling to know that the family is well and thriving more than ever in all aspects of life. I love you guys!
I got a couple of pictures of snowy things, Craig, Laura, and family, Jordan`s family and stuff like that. I still know nothing of the transfers. They will tell us in a meeting right after we send our e-mail. Convenient, eh? and maybe they`ll have letters and or packages. I`ll let you know next week I guess. I hope this week rolls out well. I love you all!
Elder Dustin Divis
 DL Elder Harris same baptism
Felicitas baptism

Monday, December 5, 2011

Dustin's December 5 Letter

2011 December 5
Dear Mom,
My week went well. I got to know Elder Harris (my district leader) better this week. He graduated 2009 and lives in Montana. So, he we have a lot in common cause the way of life there is very similar to ours. Seeing as we are in the great North West. He studying in BYU-I and was there when I visited two years ago (wow, that seems like a long time ago). This week there isn`t a whole lot of new stuff but next week should be better.
So for the story. I left the room with my keys and a little money, when this impression came to me that I should tuck it in my waistband rather than carry it in my hand or pocket. Just so happens that a drunk guy thinks it`d be a good idea to rob me, but seeing as I apparently had nothing he just left all mad. I know it was the spirit that protected me (it`s more like he protected me from a bad situation more than harm. I would have dropped that drunk little guy before he knew what happened, but seeing as I am a missionary (and disciple of Jesus Christ) I can`t be doing stuff like that). And several times throughout that week I received the impression to avoid some streets, so you guys don`t have to worry about me, cause the Lord is taking pretty good care of me.
I love the Gospel and the Families. I love how Christmas brings the families together in this wonderful season but it is even greater how the Gospel brings families together forever. I love you all and know that one day we will be united again with our Heavenly Family and our own families. May God speed the right!
Elder Divis