Monday, May 28, 2012

Dustin's May 28 Letter

2012 May 28
Dear Mom,
My week started off good but then turned out great. Friday, Saturday and Sunday is when our week started picking up. Everdina got confirmed yesterday, and the Family Diaz Lavy came to church and will be baptized and confirmed this Saturday. We are teaching 3 other families that are preparing for baptism. I love being part of this great work! Last night we found an amazing family that reminds me a lot of the family Rafael that got baptized in my last area; which means they were prepared by God to receive the restored gospel in this time. My companion and I just have to do are best and depend on the Holy Ghost. The zone finished this month with 8 baptisms and 2 families baptized, which is better than the last 4 months of this year. June should be even better because we already have 8 baptismal dates and we should be able to help others so that they can enter into the Kingdom of God.
One elder ended his mission this week and went to Bolivia on Wednesday and another got sent to his mission in Mexico but on Friday the elder that hurt his knee came back. So, for now we have three elders that are in charge of 3 wards. In two week all should be back to normal.
Thanks for the picture and the inspiring quotes! I always like to SEE how things are going now how the family is. When is James´ and Audra`s baby due? I can`t think of much else to write. Hope my e-mail isn`t too boring :) I love you and hope you enjoy the holiday.
Elder Dustin Divis

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dustin's May 21 Letter

Dear Mom,
Congratulations on 30 years of eternal covenant marriage!!! Thanks for being the best parents ever!
My week went well. The whole week has been super busy running from one place to another, making maps for the zone, preparing and having zone conference with president, taking elders to immigrations, buying new telephones, filling up a baptismal fount when there wasn`t any water etc. The good thing is that all got done on time and how it should have. So I`m happy :) The family Diaz that got married last week all came to church with their three kids and they loved it! They (Dad, Mom and daughter) will be baptized on June 2nd!! We are preparing other 2 families for marriage and baptism and working hard with the other family that got married. Time is flying by faster than ever and I kinda wish it would slow down a little.
I continue to learn many things every day and I know that my learning has only but begun. I know without a doubt we are in the truth and light of Christ. We are subject to this life and through Him we will "come off conquerors". Keep up the good work and may God speed the right!
Elder Dustin Divis

 Baptism in the zone. In the baptismal interview he asked that I could baptize him then decided it was better if Elder Lazaro did it but wanted me to be a witness.
Our baptism. Everdina Espinosa Cardoso
Zona Tahuantinsuyo

Monday, May 14, 2012

Dustin's May 14 Letter

2012 May 14
It was great to be able to talk to the family yesterday. You all confirmed my fears that I can`t speak English, or at least that I have a Spanish accent when I talk. I hope it doesn`t stick for too long but I will definitely keep practicing and learning Spanish for the rest of my life.
We only got to talk 35 min. because the first card only lasted for 15 min. We`ll make up those five minutes later. I love hearing William talk about his mission! It makes me so proud to know that he is serving the Lord :) Trissa sounds like all is going well and that she`s excited to go to Hawaii (everyone is!) From the pics that I`ve seen Gavin is getting pretty big and it will be great to spend time with Trissa, John and Gavin. Laura and family are doing great and I hope the best for them. Thanks Jordan for your patience with me. I`m sure you`ll have fun making fun of me while I still cannot speak well. I deserve it. I never got to say happy mother`s day to Riah or Audra so... HAPPY MOTHER`S DAY!!!! ... yesterday. James, I enjoyed talking in Spanish with you. We`ll probably have to talk a lot afterwards especially in crowded places so less people will understand us. I am sure if we spoke with a lot of slang from Venezuela and Peru nobody would understand even if they spoke Spanish.
I know Dad wanted most of the time for you Mom and I hope you got the time you needed and that you enjoyed the short phone call. I am truly grateful for all your support, love, and prayers! As I stated in my talk yesterday if it wasn`t for you I probably wouldn`t be here where I am today. Thanks Mom!!! To make up for the time you couldn't talk on Sunday I will spend extra time with you when we see each other again. That`s a promise.
This week for me went well. There were a lot of challenges but in the end two couples got married thanks to the many miracles. Money, rings, transportation, desire, and faith where all granted in the right places at the right time. Next month with a few more miracles they will be baptized as families and be able to enter into the Kingdom of God. I LOVE THE GOSPEL!!!!!! We also will have a baptism this Sunday, Evy Espinosa. She was so happy to hear the gospel. Her father abandoned her as child and a year later her mother passed away. She is now living with her aunt and cousin, who are members of the Church. This week will be full. We have a zone conference with pres. the baptism, another activity, a service project, and many people to find and teach.
Thanks for everything and thanks to everyone. I love you all and I`m praying for you.
Elder Dustin Divis

My companion the newly wedds and I

Monday, May 7, 2012

Dustin's May 7 Letter

2012 May 7
Dear Mom,
Thanks for the pictures! The weather here is cooling down a bit. At night and in the early morning it is a little brisk and ``winter`` is coming. I`ll probably have to start using a sweeter next month. I am so excited that Cameron is getting married! and I`ll be there! It would be cool to see a picture of Cameron and the lucky lady to get to know my future cousin-in-law.
I don`t remember if I wished you happy birthday mom, but in case I forgot to tell you ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I also send birthday wishes to Jordan :) 24 years old, wow.
My week was loaded! As you know this week were transfers. 3 elders left the zone and we now have 3 new elders. Elder Castro from Mexico, Elder Ojeda from Bolivia and Elder Hernandez from Guatemala. They are great missionaries. On transfers day there where two Zone Leaders that were headed to the Jungle but we always have a Zone Leader Council the first Wednesday of every month so instead of sending them to the Jungle for half a day they sent the two Z/L with us, which helped out a ton. On top of it all it was a holiday here. We found and taught a ton of people! Wednesday we had the Zone Leader Council from 8am till 6pm and we learned a ton from president! After the council we visited some families with member and they`re preparing for marriage and baptism. Thursday was normal and we had 2 baptismal interviews and the same on Friday. Two families are preparing for marriage this week and baptism the end of the month. Right now one of the families called me and told me to call them in 30 min. Hope it`s to hear the good news about their marriage papers! On Saturday we finally got in contact with Claudelina (the sister that got baptized but not confirmed) She had been in the Hospital for 4 days and didn`t want to let you leave. Her family didn`t want her to keep coming to church. Sister Claudelina makes me laugh though :) she didn`t tell the doctor that she was submerged in cold water but that she took a cold shower and that`s how she got sick and she had so much faith that she is fine now. We also were praying and fasting for her and on Saturday we gave her Health blessing (don`t remember if that`s how you say that in English) Saturday she got confirmed and is as happy and healthy as ever :) I LOVE THE GOSPEL!!!! My time is up but I love you all! Love you Mom!
Elder Dustin Divis