Monday, March 28, 2011

Dustin's March 28th Letter

 Dustin in the Jungle
 Baptism in December
Dustin's first district in Pucallpa

2011 March 28

Dear Mom,

My week went really well. I am pretty sure I found someone that was a captain in the war in heaven. He is pretty much as Golden as an investigator gets, the only problem is that he didn`t come to church this week, which is weird cause he always comes. But he will be a great powerful member of the church. This week’s sacrament meeting was humbling and amazing. We had 7 investigators in the church, 6 recent converts, and 2 inactive families (9 people). 22 people! that`s about 20% of the people that attended yesterday. It was humbling cause the progress that I have seen in this ward is incredible and the fact the Lord used me to bring to pass this work is something that strengthened my testimony even more art how great and marvelous this work is. I feel like I am nothing but the Lord managed to get the work done using me as an instrument in His hands. We just need to keep ourselves worthy and do the thing we know we should and the work and glory of God will come to pass. I love being a missionary and I love my family and friends and i am grateful for all those who were, are, and will be missionaries, missionary moms, or of support in this great work! Now to answer questions, it would be better to send Will`s letters by E-mail cause it takes more time in dearelder and sometimes only parts come at a time. I will send you the information for my plague by e-mail (hopefully today :/ last week I tried but the computer kicked me off before it got done loading the pictures) To ask questions :) if you haven’t sent the package yet, I thought of a few things I need: A fitted twin size sheet, BBQ sauce (sweet baby rays of course), Peanut butter (the real kind) and ... nada màs.

Love you!

Elder Divis

P.S. Sorry my letter is kinda short but like I told Mariah, Life`s short! haha ha, Love you all :)

(Dustin finally sent some pictures.  I will leave them on this post for a while and then transfer then back to the dates taken.)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Dustin's March 21st Letter

2011 March 21

Dear Mom,

My week was fantastic!

It is pretty exciting to hear of the birth of my fourth niece and that I am an uncle... again!!! I can`t wait to meet her in 16 months. I love the pictures and she is so dang cute (hard not to be when you`re a Divis, haha ha) Jordan and Mariah will make wonderful parents, I am sure of it! I am also very pleased to hear that the family is all doing ok and that the family is continually growing (spiritually and physical)

My week went well, sorry that I don`t really tell you much about what I do as a missionary but I don`t know where to start or end. This letter would go on forever. We found a family this week that is actually married!!! (that’s rare) and another family that want to get married(also rare) and two future priesthood holder (our mission president is focusing on that because we have enough members here to have almost 3 stakes but we only have 1 because there aren`t enough priesthood holders) and they both have a baptismal date, Woo hoo!!

The rainy season is coming to an end but that doesn`t mean it stops raining, just not as often. But the river is going down, slowly but surely. I think I can say that I am accustomed to the jungle. Even the people that have lived here for 70 years say that I know the jungle pretty well. I am still learning more and more Spanish every day and improving, about as fast as the river is descending :).

I grateful to have the best family ever and I love all of you. Keep up the good work and the time will fly by as it has been (too fast!) Take care and continue in the work of the Lord.


Elder Divis

Monday, March 14, 2011

Dustin's March 14th Letter

2011 March 14
Dear Mom,
Thanks for all the emails!!! I love hearing about how everything is going and how well my family continues to live the Gospel faithfully. My week was really good. Elder Uceda came to Pucallpa and we had a zone conference with him. He is a member of the first quorum of the seventies. It was awesome and I learned a ton, also the mission Pres. was here, Pres. Blunck, he is an excellent mission president and teaches me a ton. And I continue learning everyday and my new companion is great and I am learning a ton. We didn`t have any baptisms this week but we are working hard to help as many people as we can. It is so great to know that Will is in the mission!!! He will learn and change so much. It will be great to see his progress. Thank for my lucky number and I have some good news! I can send pictures by email now!!! Only three a week, so I will try and send some good ones today. It`s cool that you guys met Tori in the subway before Will left, I heard that she is in my old young single adult ward in Spokane, Havana Ward. So that`s cool. Oh yeah, the Havana ward sent me a letter and wants my picture (who doesn`t, haha ha) and ,my favorite scripture so they make a plaque for me. I will send you the address of the people that are asking so that you can send them the information faster and cheaper. I know the letter is a little shorter but it`ll have to do. I really do appreciate every word of every letter that I get. I apologize if someone has written me and I haven`t written them back yet. I have 4 letters written and ready to send, I just have to find a post office. Thank you mom for the love you have for me and the whole family and all those that are around you. You`re the Greatest!!!


Elder Divis

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pictures Posted

I added some pictures to the Feb 28th post from the mission president's wife's blog.  Dustin is the one that is slow to get to the floor in the pushup picture.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Dustin's March 7th Letter

2011 March 7
Dear Mom,
Thanks for the quotes, they are inspiring words that I will apply in life as a missionary, they’re great.
I am doing as good as ever. Tomorrow we have transfers! And guess what... I am staying here in Pucallpa!!! woo hoo. And I am also getting another new companion, his name is Elder Jaicot (not sure of the spelling yet) my first Peruvian companion in the mission field. He is from a city called Ica here in Peru. Saturday I baptized Kevin Anthony Muñoz Moreno and he was confirmed by my companion Elder Cuellar yesterday. He is 17 years old and he will make a great missionary in 2 years. I am super excited to be here in Peru and here in Pucallpa at least until my birthday. This ward is progressing and I have to help them more. They now have home and visiting teaching, ward mission leader, ward mission plan, an Elder`s quorum Pres. and secretary to the bishopric. They didn`t have any of these thing before. We just lack a little more organization and this ward will be the best in the stake.
As for what I want for my birthday ... :) Nothing big, I ran out of peanut butter, and candy from home is always a blessing. I really like Jr. mints and York peppermint patties and... well you know what I like. But other than treats for the satisfaction of my tongue and belly I don`t need anything else. I did want to ask if there is money on my debit card because I would like to get a few things from here in Pucallpa. I love being a missionary and am grateful for all the blessing that have been rained down on me. I am also grateful for a family that lives the Gospel which brings us all closer to Jesus Christ and like Dad said, the salvation is personal but the exaltation is a group effort, so true. Love you all and I know that God lives and loves each one of us. Take care and remember who you are (a child of God)
Elder Divis