Monday, December 27, 2010

Dustin's December 27th letter

Dear Mom,
It was great to get to talk to you on Saturday! It seemed
like I had never left but then I looked around and I am a missionary and representative
of Jesus Christ and I am in Peru in the Jungle and I can pretty much speak
Spanish. Haha ha, well I guess quite a bit has changed but it is great to have
a family that is and always will be there for me.
Ya the church is young here, but we still have sunday school
and primary and priesthood and relief society but it lacks a bit in organization.
They just never have seen all of them functioning in union. They don`t have
home teachers or visiting teachers. But it is still the true church it’s just
that we need to teach them so they know how to make it work better. Just hope
they continue being humble :)
My Christmas before my call was pretty good. The night
before (Christmas Eve) we sang Christmas songs in a plaza and then a gift exchange
within our zone, then we went to a members house and ate dinner and back to the
room before 10. I got two ties from Elder Calle that have a shivivo design and
are awesome and I gave a mountain dew and Dr. Pepper and a trompo( a top thing
but cooler) to Elder Shreyer. Christmas day we woke up like normal at 6:30 studied
and started teaching then right after a lesson we came back to the room and
called home then we left again to other appointments. Pretty normal besides the
hour I was talking to you guys which was awesome! :) I have learned a lot from
every companion and from Elder Lazarte I am learning how to help the wards get
more organized and I learn how to improve how i teach from every companion.
Your Christmas sounds like it was great and like the family
is doing good. That is cool that Mirjam is reading my letters, it`s always good
to hear from the family friends and know i have better feel for how it was to
live in another country and speak another language. I have a new respect for
anyone who does that now. It also seems like you will have a happy new year but
i wish you a happier new year. And i forgot to say happy anniversary to Jordan
and Riah :/ so... Congratulations!!! And i was thinking about sending something
to you guys and maybe even your seminary class. What things would you like?( Just
a letter or pictures maybe something small from here in Peru.) I don`t know,
just thought it would be cool for you/them to get something. I will send a CD
of all my pictures soon. Take care and it really was a boost to hear your voice
and everyone else in the family too. Love you Mom and hope you know i am in the
Lords work and the time will be gone before you know it. I almost have 6 months
in the mission and it feels like no time at all. Miss you and love you so much
Elder Divis

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dustin's December 20th letter

Dear Mom,
Merry Christmas to you too! I you are right this next week is going to fly by and i need to work even harder in this holiday season because it is when people are the most ready and willing to listen and actually
are in there house.
My week went great :) President Blunck and his wife were here again on Thursday and we had a little Christmas celebration with the zone and it was a ton of fun. This is the third time president has come to my zone here in Pucallpa and he also came to my first zone, I have seen him more than some of the missionaries from my group. He is the greatest and sister Blunck is amazing too. I don`t know what I could give you for Christmas but i figure that if i continue to work hard and serve the Lord with everything i have that should be good. I truly do love you and am grateful to have such a great mother. I was reading about the army of Helaman this week and i remembered all the things you taught me and if I follow those instructions you have given me
and trust in the Lord and obey my leaders I will have the success that He wants from me. I can`t wait to talk to you and be able to answer your questions directly.
I wish you a merry Christmas and love you with all my heart.
Elder Divis



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Monday, December 13, 2010

Dustin's December 13th Letter

2010 Dec 13th

Dear Mom,

That is great to hear that Will got his mission call to Ogden, Utah! And that everything is still going great there at home. This week is transfers but I am staying here in Pucallpa but I am getting a new companion. He is also from Boliva and his name is Elder Lasarte, I think. He gets here tomorrow it will be great to learn still more and different things from him. I am also so glad to hear that I have a new niece! Sadie Bell, I can`t wait to meet here when she is 18 or so months old :)

That is awesome that you are teaching about the most important work we have to do here on earth. The thing I would have you share with them is the first quote by the Prophet Joseph Smith at the end of Chapter 1 in PMG ,and the others about how every member is a missionary and all of the things you are studying don`t only apply to the ¨Elders¨ but to everyone of them personally. It will change the way in which they study these parts of the scriptures. Thanks for sending a package! I will be sure to tell you as soon as I get it. My week has been good. It is the first week we haven`t had a baptism but we have one for this next week so I am excited for that. I am glad you are praying for me and can feel the strength it gives me.

Thanks for all the wonderful news and take care. I love you and let everyone know that I am doing great and waiting their letters Haha ha.

I love you mom!!!


Elder Dustin Divis

Monday, December 6, 2010

Dustin's December 6th Letters

2010 December 6th

That is too bad that my letter didn`t get there. I was wondering why Carly hadn`t written back. I`ll just have to write another letter (when I get time) which who knows when that will happen.  Oh and does Laura know that I got her package? She is awesome!

Love ya mama,

Elder Divis

That is crazy that Will hasn`t got his call but I can`t wait to know where he is going. When I tell people that my little brother is just waiting for his mission call they all get excited for him and say he`ll serve in Peru Lima North mission haha ha. It sounds like Uncle Jer has been blessed a lot. Their family is so great and I am praying for Tristan.

That is great to hear you guys are all decorated for Christmas. It is cool to see that here too they put up fake pine trees and decorate with lights and Santa Clause and nativity sets. Christmas is a wonderful time of year. I know you will enjoy Christmas even if it’s only with 5 people and I’ll be home in no time.

Also, you`ll never guess who is in my zone!!!... There was an emergency transfer and Elder Guthrie, my first companion ever is now in my zone in the jungle of Perù. We have 3 missionaries from my group in this zone, it is awesome!!! I am great and love you and all the wonderful letters and can`t wait to get your package. Does the usb have music on it?



Elder Divis

Dear Dad,

I can`t believe Will hasn`t got his call yet!!! I guess I was just super lucky to get it in 8 days. Maybe you guys know by now? I always loved the night of nativity, they are wonderful. What is the snow update? Also I had the opportunity to watch the Christmas devotional here but we had to leave early to get back to the apartment in time so I only heard a tiny part of the prophet’s words but it was awesome what I did get to see and to hear the Christmas music in English was a treat :) I had another baptism this week which is always great! And I am doing fantastic. What I eat is chicken and rice and more chicken with more rice and potatoes and hot soup. So mostly chicken and rice but prepared differently. But this week I ate a grub called suri, it is a huge gusano (worm) that is a creamy yellow color and really fat with a black head. It tasted like pure fat with butter and the skin is really tuff. It was an experience :) My pension also knows how to cook lasagna and brownies!!! It is not the same as at home but a good change. My clothes are doing fine they aren`t really worn at all and my shoes (the eccos) are pretty much the best shoes in the world! They are still brand new and are ridiculously comfortable and waterproof. They`re awesome! The heat hasn`t been too bad the last couple days because it has been raining but it literally is like a sauna every day but you can`t just step out of it, cause its hot everywhere. But we have air conditioning in the chapel in certain rooms so that is nice when we get to use those sometimes. Ya I get to talk with children quite a bit. One of the people I baptized is an 8 year old boy who all his brother and sisters are members but his parents aren`t. The Kids are amazing. Keep me updated on the situation with Will and how you guys are doing at home. Know that I love you and am doing perfectly fine :) It’s great to hear from you and the time is flying by. Love you Dad.


Elder Divis

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dustin's November 29th Letter to his Dad

2010 November 29

Dear Dad,

You are the greatest father in the world! I love all that you have taught me and can truly say that because of you I am a servant of the Lord and am who I am. Keep me updated and all the goings on at home and I can`t wait to hear where my little bro will serve his mission. When I teach, I constantly pray for the spirit and look for ways to help them make changes in their life, but not just changes for the next month or to or even this life, but for eternity. It is a wonderful feeling to feel the Lord use me to give eternal promises to His children. I have really learned how to let the spirit teach and it is incredible the power He has and I feel like nothing. I have learned more than I thought was possible and as I continue to be taught by the Spirit I will learn so much more. Also, I have been thinking a lot about that question, ``What can I do?`` it is the key to finding faith, humility, charity, and patients. With all of that come a hope that is indescribable. I love being a servant of God. Life is easy when we can truly forget our own selfish desires and do all we can for the Lord. Many people say that they ``don`t have time``. Well if we find the time to serve the Lord always we will find everything else that is needful. Jesus Christ loves us and knows us individually, perhaps more than we know our self. No for sure more that we know ourselves. I am sure of that. I have been given a great gift and that is to humble myself as to the dust of the earth and serve The Lord my God! I am not the same person I was and never will be. I can say boldly and without doubt that God lives and knows all. He is all powerful and has given each of us and merciful opportunity to become like Him, but it is our choice if we accept His plan fully or no. Come unto Christ and be edified in Him!

Love you Dad, thanks for teaching me to love God.


Elder Divis

Monday, November 29, 2010

Dustin's November 29th Letter

2010 November 29th

My week was great! I don`t know if I`ve told you about the baptisms this month but we had 4 and hope to have more next month. This zone is the highest baptizing zone in the mission right now and we hope to increase.

Sounds like you had a perfect thanksgiving and you really did enjoy all the holiday activities for me. Thanks :). They don`t celebrate thanksgiving here so my day was normal and I almost forgot it was thanksgiving! I was anticipating William’s call but I’ll have to wait another week. I am so excited for you William. Throughout your mission pray ALWAYS and ask for help from the Lord, also remember my favorite quote ``Come what may and love it`` Elder Wirthlin. You will be a great missionary if you follow this advise KISS ``Keep It Simple Stupid`` harsh I know but if you just obey the Lord and your leaders life is simple. Obey with exactness! It would be really cool if you could incorporate the quote ``Come what may and love it`` in one of my plagues. I still need to print photos but they will be awesome! Also, Trissa said she saw Elder Logan McCombs the other day! How crazy is that!

I love you a ton mom. The end of your letter almost made me cry. I really appreciate all that you have done and are doing for me. You are the greatest!!! I love you and can never repay you for all you`ve done for me.


Elder Dustin Divis

P.S. Told you it would snow a ton this year :) Enjoy it for me and I will enjoy the Jungle.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dustin's November 22nd Letters

2010 November 22

Sounds like everything is going wonderfully back home. That is good to hear. I will keep Nicole in my prayers and her entire family. I love getting emails and dearelders from everyone!!! Say thanks to Aunt Lyn for the dearelder :) also, if you are sending a package and haven’t sent it yet, it would be nice if you could send church music on a usb stick, and my medallion of the whole armor of God. Also, could you ask Jordan if he got my letter from last month? I love you and I am doing great. I will write more info about the mission in the reply to Dad. I love being a missionary and you have no idea how happy it makes me to hear that William is going on a mission!!! It will change his life more than anyone can imagine. Enjoy the snow for me and I will enjoy the awesome thunder and lightning storms of the Jungle and the unpredictable rain :) I love it. I love the whole family and the great examples you have set for me. Love you mom


Elder Dustin Divis

2010 November 22

Dear Dad,

Thanks for the weather update. People here really have no idea how the weather is there so it is good to know what it is like right now and in Celsius. I love the snow but I love it here too. In Lima it is way colder than here. The leaders had a training in Lima this week and they all came back and said it is way hotter here! and my companion is a DL so I was with a member for 4 days this week. He is only 18 years old and preparing for the mission, so it was like I was a trainer for a week. I really enjoyed it and learned a ton. It was cool when Elder Parizaca returned and I told him all that happened and I realized that we did some really good work. I wouldn`t have realized the significance if I didn`t have to tell him everything we did. It was great. I finally experienced the rain of the jungle when one moment it is ridiculously hot and the next it is pouring rain and then hot and sunny again 5 minutes later. Loved it! I also love thunderstorms and almost every time it rains it is a thunderstorm :) The leaders here received the new manuals too and from what I’ve seen and heard they are great! The best way of finding new people is referrals (which every missionary knows) but in the street we usually ask for directions or if we can help them with what they are working on, then we teach a principle really quick and make an appointment and or invite them to the church. We also contact all the mototaxis that we take throughout the day. We spend a lot of time outside walking and contacting and many of the lessons are outside too. Lately one of us picks a principle and then points someone out in the street to contact and the other contacts them using that principle and then it is the other person’s turn. It works out pretty well. The key to finding the most people is asking references(referrals) from everyone! Even the people we contact, we ask if they know someone who would be interested. Christmas here, from what I`ve heard is pretty normal. I don`t think they decorate a tree but they have presents and eat a lot. They eat a ton of Panetone on Christmas. I guess we`ll see how it goes :) The dominating religion is either evangelico or catolico. I think that’s evangelic or something like that and of course Catholic. It isn`t hard to marry people. They just need documents like a birth certificate and some health stuff and 40 soles. The hard part is finding people who want to get married, they just live together but don`t want a commitment. Like living with someone and having kids isn`t a commitment. We do our best. Sound like you are making some good progress and I loved the pictures!!! Thanks for all the advice you give and for all you have taught me. Keep being the best parents in the world and I will put my best efforts in the Lord`s work. I love you Dad and can`t wait to hear from you next week.


Elder Divis

Monday, November 15, 2010

Dustin's November 15th Letter

2010 November 15th

Thanks for all of the great info. I am so glad to hear that PJ and Charity are doing well and are married in the temple now. They will be blessed so much for making that wonderful decision. I wish I could have been there but Dad is right, I am where I need to be right now and I love it. I am doing wonderful as usual. We had a baptism on Saturday and I baptized Linda Marisela Moreno Valderrama. She will be a great member and has the desires to serve a mission. It`s great to see the gospel change peoples’ lives for the better. We also have a baptism scheduled for this Saturday and two for the following. It is great to see that work of the Lord move forward. Also, yesterday I gave a talk in both of my wards. Each one was about 10 to 15 minutes and everyone said they were good and my Spanish is getting better. My talks were on La Obra misional (missionary work) and I explained my objective as a missionary and then read a few quotes from the last part of the first chapter of PMG and explained how `every member is a missionary` and I think it really got to them and that we will begin to receive more help from the wards. I love missionary work and this area and this people!

To answer a few questions that mom had. I don`t cook at all. Throughout the entire mission I have a pension and they cook breakfast and dinner for us and every day we eat lunch with the members. Right now our pension lives pretty far away so she brings the food to us in the morning and we go there for dinner. It just depends on what area you live in if you eat in their home or not. I don`t do laundry either :) In this area my pension does it but sometimes it is someone else, also depends on the area. I live pretty well. We live in an apartment that is pretty nice and from what I’ve seen they are all pretty nice, we just don`t have hot water in the jungle but it is always so hot the cold water is welcomed. Also, I sleep under a bug net in the night, one because it is a rule and two cause I would rather not have bugs crawling on me in the night ha ha ha. Every day we go out and work hard and really try hard to work the members, but we find new people to teach all the time and I love it when I can see them progress. We take these things called mototaxis everywhere. It is pretty much the only form of transportation and they are motorcycles with the back part cut off and there is a bench seat and frame put on the back with two wheels. I`ll have to send a picture. That`s my thoughts and I love my mission.

For the plaques my favorite 2 are the one in Moses and the one in Ephesians but if the one in Ephesians is too long I also love the one in 2 Nephi.

I know that I am in the work of the Lord and I love you all and know that you support me and that the Lord blesses you and me every day.

¡Siga adelante!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Dustin Divis

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dustin's November 8th Letter

November 8, 2010

The address of Elder Johnson is correct. You should have it on the letters that I sent home for Will and Trissa and Jordan though. Also, I wrote a letter to Dillon and sent it to Carly but if he sent another that wasn’t dearelder then I haven’t received it. Sounds like you’re keeping busy though. Have fun with all the family affairs and say hi do everyone. The Jungle is awesome! I love it here. It is ridiculously hot and it is only going to get hotter. Summer is just starting and sweat everyday all day long and I love it. You`ll also be glad to hear that I am using my sunscreen and bug spray here :) My companion and I are over two different wards, Saenz Peña and Pucallpa, They are both great. We have baptisms scheduled for the next 3 weeks and we I got here on Tuesday we didn`t have any. I know I am going to have tons of success here. Also my Spanish is coming along faster especially with a latino companion. We tell people that I am from Argentina and they believe us Haha ha. When we tell them the truth they ask how I am so good at Spanish. One hermana asked how many months I had in the mission and she said that judging by my Spanish 14 months or more!!! Woo Hoo! I was excited to here that but I still feel I have a ton to learn. The charapa es bien loco but I want to learn it better. It is not just a different accent but they have a bunch of different words to and say `di` like the Canadians use `eh` and other stuff to.

This is what I wrote last week, more or less. For my plaque there are 3 scriptures that I really like. 2 Nephi 31:19-20, Moses 6:60, and Ephesians 6:10-13. They are all great and I will send a picture via letter soon so you can have one for the plaque too. And my question: is the plaque for Colville or Spokane or both? Cause they both asked for picture and scripture to do one. It would be cool to have one for both and then I could have 2 different scriptures and pictures.

For Christmas (since I am in the jungle and it is hard to find things to buy) I would like to have a package even though I know dad would prefer money. Everyone here says that they have received all of their packages fine but send electronics or anything worth more than 100 or so dollars. If you send I package I would love a bag of Homemade cookies (the one with oatmeal and everything, Jordan knows which one if you have a question) a fresh pair of garments, and socks and a new short sleeve shirt. Also you can ask James and Jordan what their ideas are. There isn`t peanut butter or BBQ sauce so that would be nice too and some American candy! But anything is great. ¡love being a missionary! The gospel is the best thing that anyone could ever devote their life to and I am loving every second of it. I really can`t explain how great it is to be a missionary of the Lord. I love you all so much and the time continues to fly by. I am in the jungle! In El Perù. I will tell you more about this district and zone next week. Please answer the questions :) Love you so much


Elder Dustin Divis

Monday, November 1, 2010

Dustin's November 1st Letter

I wrote an email with a ton of information about my mission and my

plaque for the ward and Christmas and everything but the computer shut

off and it didn`t save anything. I was almost done and I only have a

little more time.

I am doing great! I am being transfered to the Jungle tomorrow. My new

area is Pucallpa and my companion is Elder Padizaca from Bolivia. I

look forward my voyage tomorrow and I will tell you everything next


I love you!


Elder Dustin Divis

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dustin's Oct 25th Letter

2010 October 25th

Hey mom!

It is great to hear that you are feeling better! It sounds like you guys are having fun back home. Thanks for the pictures it is always great to see how the family is doing as well as hear about them. I am still doing great as always, how could I not be? I`m a missionary! The time continues to fly by, I`ve been on the mission for over 3 months and I really feel the language coming and I think it will come even faster once I have a Latino companion but I am learning a ton. I am grateful for all that I could learn before the mission because it makes it so much easier to teach by the Spirit. There are missionaries who, when they enter the mission field, still haven`t read the Book of Mormon or prayed to know that it is true and I could not imagine how lost and confused I would be if I didn`t know about the Book of Mormon and Spanish.

It is great to hear that Will is preparing for the mission!!! Will, it will seriously change your life. I have already felt it change mine and I know it will continue to do so. Pray always and trust in the Lord in ALL things. Study the scriptures with the intent to learn more about our Savior. One scripture I think you`ll like is Ephesians 6:10-23 or more. It is about the armor of God and it is what you need every day, especially as a missionary. Never forget the blessing that the Lord has promised and will promise you in the near future. Study PMG and the Book of Mormon every day, your learn tons. I love ya bro and I guess I’ll see you in about 2 and a half years :)

Dad didn`t write me so I’ll have to wait to hear his experience next week. I`ll have to send you a ton of letters for you to send out cause it costs 7.20 (like 2.50 dollars!)soles to send one letter from here and it is easier to send them all to you and you can send them out. This week was great though. We had good lessons and I can see progress starting to pick up in our area. I had and exchange this week and I was with a Latino, Elder Paiz, it was great. I felt my Spanish get better more in that day than the rest of the week and Elder Paiz told me when I asked how my Spanish was that it was better than the gringo that trained him who had 14 months in the mission. Not sure if I quite believe that but I was pleased. I know that as I continue to study the language and pray I will master Spanish in no time and be able teach more and more effectively. I started reading el Libro de Mormòn at the beginning of this transfer and I am in Mosìah 8. I hope to finish it in the next transfer! The other day while I was teaching a lesson I thought to myself, ``I can understand what he is saying and speak back to him and he can understand me... I can speak a different language!`` It is crazy and I don`t feel that I am that great at Spanish at all and can`t wait until I think everything in Spanish and lose the ability to speak English completely. I know that my email is kinda long today but that is because you and Trissa are the only people who wrote me Haha ha :) and I figured that you would like to hear more about how I’m doing.

So here it goes: my investigators! We had 7 investigators at church yesterday!!! and it was the primary program :) haha. William and Mary are two investigators that are golden. William`s mom is an inactive member and his sister is a recent convert. Mary is his girlfriend, and they aren`t living together!!! Which is a miracle! Everyone down here lives together and have kids and never get married but on the first visit with them they said they wanted to get married in the Temple! Crazy right? They asked us if they could get baptized on the 30th, THEY asked us! But they can`t because they have to have 2 visis in the church first. He works on Sunday right now but could still come to church for sacrament meeting and after our first visit with him he started looking for a new job that doesn`t work on Sundays. We promised if he put his faith in the Lord he could find one in a month. Our next visit he said he found one and that he would start work there sometime next month! I love the Gospel. Also, Fran, He is also great. We gave him a Book of Mormon after teaching the first lesson and he said he would read the whole thing in a week. He didn`t but he`s still working on it. But he did pray and told us he couldn’t describe the feelings he had but he knew it was true and wants to be baptized. We are also teaching his mom and his little brother. His little bro is 9 and wants to be baptized and is reading the Book of Mormon too along with their mom! They are great. Our only obstacle right now is marriage! She`s not married to the Dad but they live together. We are going to teach him and we have already encouraged them to get married and it seems to be going well so far. Also, he has a sister who we are going to start teaching too. All of them but the Dad came to an activity that the missionaries in our zone had. I hope we can teach their whole family and baptize them all at once, or baptize Fran and he can get the priesthood and baptize his family later. Either is perfect.

We also have some other really great investigators that are progressing. It is great! I kinda hope I don`t get transferred cause I would like to continue with these investigators but ``Come what may and love it`` OH yeah, thanks for the talk of Pres. Uchtorf, are the rest on the way? Did the address I gave you work out all right? Tell everyone I love them and thanks for the prayers.

I love you Mom! Wish you the best and know that I love you with all my heart and think about you always.


Elder Divis

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dustin's October 18th Letter

2010 October 18

Hello Family,

This week was good. Super fast but good. It feels like I wrote you yesterday! I love you guys. To answer some of the questions Dad had. My ward has 840 members (it’s huge) only about 250 attend so that is a problem. I have no idea how many people live in my area but it is a lot, more than 10,000 for sure. Also my address is: Manzana K Lote 25, cruz de Motupe groupo 1, San juan de lurigancho, Lima, Peru. Sorry to hear that you’re sick, I hope you get better soon and I’m praying for you. It sounds like life is moving along at home at full speed. That is great all the progress Jeff is making on the house. It looks great! And I have been getting the letters from Laura I just haven`t been able to respond. Sorry! It cost quite a bit to send letters so it is way easier to email. I appreciate the letters from Laura and the great example she is to me. Tell her to keep up the good work and I love her. I love you all so much. Sorry if I don`t give you enough info but I’m really not that great of a typer or writer. Tell Charity and PJ hi for me and that I am doing great and wish them the best. I am receiving emails from Jordan Mariah and James and Audra. About Christmas I have no idea. Dad would prefer the money idea but a package would be nice. I’ll have to think about and get back to you. It just seems so far away. I do have a scripture I would like to use but not a picture yet. I`ll have to send one in the mail when I get a good one. I`ll let you know what scriptures next week. Also is this for our ward or my singles ward. I would like one for our ward but I know the singles ward asked me for this information before I left so maybe I can send two different pictures and scriptures. That would be cool! The work has been moving. We had a baptism scheduled for this week but she didn`t get an interview because we couldn`t seem to catch her at home all week. Hopefully all is well with her and we can baptize her this week. I hope to get a lot of baptismal dates this week. I don`t think I`ll get transferred this change but who knows. Also I had an interview with Pres. Blunck this week. It went really well! Also the district leader and zone leaders say they think I’ll go to the jungle this transfer and they say my Spanish is getting better fast, especially for having a gringo companion. I love being a missionary and the time has gone by so fast. I`ve already been gone for 3 months and I only have 21 more to serve the Lord full-time. It might seem like a long time but I feel I’m already on the downhill and I need to work my hardest everyday to serve the Lord. I love the scriptures and the Gospel and Jesus Christ! I am nothing without them. I truly love you all with all my heart and hope you are doing well. Don`t worry about me at all. The food is fine my health is great the Lord is with me wherever I go and I am a servant and instrument of God. My life is perfect. Nothing can stop me when I have this great calling and live worthy of it. My God speed!


Elder Divis

Monday, October 11, 2010

October 11th Letter

2010 October 11th

Conference was Awesome!!! I got to watch all of it in English! It was the greatest. And thanks for sending those two talks and YES! I would like them all and you can send pictures but I can`t. I`ll have to wait and put a bunch on a disk and send it to you. I hope you get better soon. You guys have a ton of questions this week! I love it. I can`t answer them all but I will work on it. I know Trevor Hollingsworth from Chewelah! He was in my singles ward in Spokane for a while before his mission and I knew him before that. He was in Spokane because his brother lived there and Trevor had just finished at BYU-I. The ward here is good. It is huge. I don`t know the number but the chapel is packed and into the overflow. There are 8 missionaries in our district and in our zone. It is new and I think we are getting more missionaries this week. I don`t really know the answers to the rest but I will try and find it out. As for the address I have no idea. The chapel is on the corner of 8 and Wiese but that probably doesn’t help. I love you and my week has gone by so fast. We are starting to get the members involved and have had success but it will be easier when we have sacrament meeting again. We haven’t had it because of elections and conference.

My time is up!

Love you,

Elder Divis

Monday, October 4, 2010

October 4th Letter

October 4, 2010

Dear mom and dad,

Thanks so much for all your love and support, it helps me a ton! That is awesome that you got to go and see a bunch of people from your mission. My group, that we entered into the field with, are the best. It will be a great experience being able to see them after the mission. I am so grateful for all that you have taught me. I apply it every day here on the mission and teach others what you have taught me. Your wisdom has helped me so much! I am doing my best to fulfill my call and do the Lord’s work to the best of my abilities. I`ve been humbled sufficiently which you`ll be glad to hear, hahaha, I know I have tons to learn and the Lord is a great teacher so I have nothing to worry about :) I can`t wait to hear conference! I think I will get to listen to it in English!!!! Woo Hoo! My companion said his dad called you yesterday. How was that? Elder Johnson is great and I can learn a lot from him. The people here are great but I am not only being humbled but learning extreme patience. I love being a missionary! I still can`t believe it sometimes. The time really does fly on the mission and it feels like a dream. I am doing better with the language every day and can`t wait till I can speak it really good, but that is where the patience thing comes in Ha ha ha. Tell everyone that I am loving the work. Oh yeah, “dear elder” will work during my entire mission and I think you have the mission address too. Letters are great and these emails are always just what I need. I love you So much.

Love, your son

Elder Divis

Monday, September 27, 2010

Location of Wiese in Lima Peru

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Dustin's First Area

September 27, 2010
Thanks Mom! I love you so much,
So much has happened I don`t know what to write. On Tuesday, President Blunck and his wife came and picked up our group of 16 missionaries from the CCM and we were taken to the mission home. I had the opportunity to write that letter by hand and that’s about it. I received my trainer that night. His name is Elder Johnson! Another Gringo! That has never happened before in this mission but it’s great. We don`t speak English at all and he is the district leader and has been on his mission for 13 months. He is from Utah and I think he went to BYU before he came on the mission. I can`t send pictures in e-mails here so I’ll have to make a CD and send it to you or something. My first week in the field has been awesome! I baptized a lady named Amparo Beatriz Utrilla Fajardo on Saturday. My 5th day in the field, it was great. Also on my first night here we contacted a lady and taught her the first lesson then we taught her again on Friday and I committed her to baptism and set a date in October. I love missionary work and know that I will be able to have success as I pray and follow the promptings of the Spirit always. The only thing that isn`t fantastic is my Spanish. I have troubles understanding people at times and I can`t say all I want to. At times I get discouraged with the language but at those times is when I pray harder and I know that Lord is humbling me because I need it. I pray for miracles to happen daily. And it will truly be a miracle when I can understand and speak Spanish completely. I can feel it coming and I need to have patience. I love you more than I can say and I pray for you several times a day. I desire to learn the language so that I can do the work more effectively. I am talking so much about Spanish, I think because it is the only thing that I struggle with right now. And I hate struggling with things. The time truly flies by on the mission. I learn how to be more Christ like every day. So much has happened to me it’s unbelievable. I`ve changed, and for the better. I am now a missionary not just Dustin Divis but Elder Divis. I miss you so much but I love the Lord and know this is the place I belong. Oh yeah! My area is called Wiese. It is in the city of Lima. It’s great to get to know the people of Peru better and see how ready so many people are even though they don`t know it. The mission Pres. said that everyone serves in the Jungle during the mission and I would love to serve there but I love it here in the city too. I am excited for this mission. We are currently opening up new areas and I can see the work moving onward. I am not going to be able to watch conference this week because there are elections here this weekend and it is law that no one can hold meetings of any sort here so we have to wait till the week after. Also, this weekend because of the elections we have to be in our rooms for two days and can`t proselyte,that`ll give me time to study a ton but it`ll be hard not teaching. It is weird being the minority and being taller, than everyone. Say hi to everyone and let them know that I love them.
Elder Divis

P.S. How are Jordan and Mariah doing? Hope that the whole family is doing well, I love you so much!!!!! Chow( oh yeah! ) they chow here all the time. I thought they only did that in Brazil. Loco.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dustin's September 15th Letter

September 15, 2010
My week has been great! Sorry to hear that all my pictures didn´t go through but I’ll try again today. You sound like your keeping yourself very busy. That is great that you got a job! When I read the subject of the email I didn´t know what to think. That is cool that you got to spend time with Lyn. She writes me quite often and I enjoy it. I´m excited about all the work that is getting down on the house. You guys need to send me some pictures of that so I can see that progress. That is so great that Klaus enters the MTC today! Logan goes in next week?! That’s crazy! They will be great. The weeks are still flying by. I leave the CCM next Tuesday the 21st. Less than a week!! I feel ready to go in the field and work my hardest everyday to spread the gospel and learn the language. This week has been going very well. Saturday was the first time me and my North American companion elder Kepner went proselyting in the city and it went perfectly. We taught 5 or 6 families in a couple hours and handed out one Book of Mormon. The most successful part though was our Spanish. We both spoke really well and understood. We both felt accomplished and ready for the field but know that we have a ton to learn still. Oh and the place we went on Saturday was in our mission and we met some of the members there and they are awesome! They hardly have any less-active members and the members help out the missionary work a lot. I would love to go straight to the jungle next week but who knows what the Lord has in store for me.
My teachers here are great! I have hermana Flores in the mornings and hermano Rubio in the afternoons. They are both great teachers and also don´t speak any English. Only about 50% of the teachers hear speak English and I never got taught by them, which I feel is perfect. Last night I even learn a little Cetchua, which is the language of the Incans (however you spell it) A lot of people speak it in the Cusco area but not too much in my mission but maybe. It is a lot different than Spanish but they say if you know Spanish and English you can pick up Cetchua pretty quick. I wrote Trissa and Will a letter on Monday and they are both being sent to you in Colville because I don´t have Trissa’s address. Could you get me her email address? This is the last email I will be able to send before I am out of the CCM. So my next email will probably have a little more information than this one.
I love serving the Lord and I know as I follow Him and His example I will be blessed with Joy and success. I love all of you! I know I say it every week but I say it because it’s true. I pray for you every night and I know you are supporting me. I wish you luck with your new job and the work on the house. I am doing great and being on the mission is the best feeling in the world. I´ll let you know what part of my mission I´m serving in next Wednesday. (At least I think I’ll be able to email then) Love you!
Elder Dustin Divis

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dustin's September 8th letter with pictures

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September 8, 2010
Buenas dias,
That’s good you got most of the pictures. I think the reason they take forever to send is because they are 12 megapixels and most people’s pictures are not that big. And yes, I can see the pictures in your blog and it takes no time at all to download. Thanks. It is great to hear about the progress that is being made on the house. It´ll probably be done when i get back huh? That is crazy that there was a big fire up by our house! But you (mom) made it sound like nothing. Having the cars all packed ready to leave if you had to. All I have to say is that I´m glad the fire didn´t come our way. I thought I would be able send pictures to you last week after we went to the plaza but there wasn´t time so I´ll probably send them today. The time is going by faster and faster the more time I´m here. Sometimes I want it to slow down! Which sounds weird cause I don´t hear most missionaries saying that, but I´m glad that I have no distraction from the Work. The Spanish is still improving and I can understand the natives without them having to slow down and I’m excited to go proselyting in the city without a Latino companion and see how it goes. At the plaza last week I bought a bag, a hat, and a hamburger that was delicious! For the bag and the hat it was about 7 US dollars. I´ll don´t think I have pictures of those yet but I did get some good ones in the city. I don´t know what I´ve told you in other letters and the days blend together and don´t remember if I just wrote it in more journal or what. Anyway, I am doing great as always and I´ll be in the field before I know it. Let everyone know that The Work is going well down here and that I love all of you and encourage you to share the gospel with everyone! We have something great and we need to share it. I will write more next week and here are some pictures I took.
Elder Divis

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1st Letter

September 1, 2010

Dear Family,

Did you get my Pictures ok? If so I don´t know if you noticed it but I got burned on my last P-day while I played soccer. The sun finally came out (which never happens here) and I was playing soccer for just over an hour and my face got super red but it didn´t hurt at all and I didn’t peel so that’s good. However, when we had class that night with my teacher Hermana Flor, she informed me that the Latinos here in Peru think that a red face is attractive and so is a heavy American accent. She then went on to tell us that in jungle it is worse and that about half of the North American missionaries that go there die spiritually and that no North Americans have been sent into my mission for the last 3 or 4 transfers and 3 missionaries have been sent home in the last 4 months! Which is crazy, but I know that our group of missionaries going to Lima North are strong and that we were all called here at this time for a reason.

It has been 3 weeks since i got here and the time as gone by so fast and I hear that it goes by even faster when you´re in the field. My Latino companion, elder Espinoza left yesterday at 12 noon. He was a great companion and he taught me a ton about the Latino people and their language. He will be a great missionary in the Peru Piura mission which is the furthest north mission on the west side of the Andes. The mission president there is President Chipman! So I found out where he was serving but that is about it. Before Elder Espinoza left he drew me a picture and wrote some things on a piece of paper for me which was way cool. He is really good at drawing, and likes to draw anime stuff like Will. I have another picture he drew for me and I will send it to you Will on Monday.

I have continued to learn Spanish at a rate that you wouldn’t believe possible and it wouldn´t be possible without the help of the spirit. The other day when I was talking with my teacher she stop me and told me how much faster I was getting at my Spanish and how much better I could speak now than 2 weeks prior and she just kind of reiterated in me how much I really am learning. So that was really cool. And now I can understand almost everything that happens in meeting with exception of a few words that I try and look up later and ask a teacher or a Latino what it means. I love learning Spanish even though it is confusing and hard at time I know it is possible and worth it. Hopefully by the time I leave the CCM in 3 more weeks I will be confident enough to teach lesson and talk with people on the street and understand their needs and address them. That is my goal. I know that the next 3 weeks are going to fly quickly just like the last 3 did and I´ll be writing about my first weeks in the field soon.

Also, since all our Latino companions left and there aren´t enough new Latinos to go around I have a new North American companion. His name is Elder Kepner, and I am so glad we are companions. We were in the same district that last 3 weeks and we practice taught together quite often. He is so funny and is really knowledgeable in the scriptures. He´s from Indiana and plays the bass guitar in a band. I am excited to serve with him for the next 3 weeks!

Later today at 12:30 we get to go on a tour of Lima and buy some sweet stuff on the streets so that will be supper fun and I will send pictures later tonight. I love you all and appreciate all the support you give me. I am doing great and the Lord is watching over me always and I know that. So don´t worry about me. You guys back home are my strength and I have grown so much from being around you, thank you.}


Elder Divis

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pictures from Peru

Pictures from the Provo MTC

Dustin's August 25th Letter

August 25, 2010

Hey everybody,

My week has been great! Thanks for the “DearElders”, Aunt Lyn they are great. All of my “DearElder” letters are now being sent to my email which I don´t really like cause it takes time away from me e-mailing so Mom you should just send e-mails and everyone else can still use “dear elder” for the rest of mission I think. I´ll send a letter to you guys with my mission home address for when I’m in the field.

Three elders in our district here are leaving next week for the Field!!!! They are leaving because they all took a ton of Spanish before they came and could speak as well as I can now before they got to the MTC. So they got moved to a different class and get to leave next week. I still have four weeks here but the weeks are flying by. I’ve already been gone for a month and it feels like no time. Hope you all enjoy the pictures I sent. I have tons more but it was taking too long to send them. I am doing great here. every Saturday here in Peru we get to go out into the city of Lima and contact people and help re-activate members. So this Saturday was the first time I got to go out in the city, more than just to the temple and back. We went to the ghetto of Lima, which is super poor. The rich areas look poor here but I love it. There are a million dogs everywhere and it was way cool to walk around the city and talk to people. My Spanish is getting better and better every day. At first I could understand the just of conversations sometimes and now I can actually understand a good part of a lot of conversations. I have a ton to learn and when it gets late in the day it is harder for me to understand cause my brain is beat. Elder Espinoza leaves next week and I get a new companion. I don´t know if he will be Latino or not but I hope he is. I learn Spanish so much faster with a Latino comp.}

What Cameron says in his letters is so true. I never know exactly what to write because I cannot distinguish between what I wrote in my journal or what I’ve already told you guys. And it is also true that Peruvians are very prideful and think that there Spanish is the best and they are not punctual at all but I learn to live with it. I am so excited for the next 2 years out here on my mission! It is great to hear all that is going on back home. I love the pictures and emails that James and Audra send me. They are great. It’s great to hear that you are doing great mom :) thanks for the scriptures about the Spirit. That’s awesome that Dad and Jeff are working on the house. Hopefully it will be done by the time I get home!!!

Also, yesterday Elder Kaites came. He is 2nd in command over all the 14 foreign MTC´s in the world and while my companion and I were practicing teaching he came in and was our investigator so we talk to him! My companion was super nervous and I was just hoping my Spanish was understandable but it all seemed to go well. It was a good experience and then later that night we had a devotional with him. This was all yesterday I think. Say hi to everyone and let them know I am doing well. I love you all and appreciate all your support.


Elder Dustin Divis

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dustin's Aug 18th Letter

August 18, 2010

Hello from Peru,

This week has been great! I´ve had so many new experiences every day. Let´s start with the day I wrote you last; Thursday. We didn´t have a lot of class. After I wrote you I got to play soccer under the lights because it gets dark here between 6 and 7. It is winter here and it has been both cold and hot. Only one day this week was there blue skies and that doesn´t happen very often in Lima. It’s mostly just cloudy and feels like fall. It is probably about 55 to 60 degrees here on average right now but it gets up to at least 75 in the middle of the day on occasion. The food is good but I am eating less now. I used to get every different type of food there was and now I eat just a little bit. I have eaten all different types of food though. I don´t even know how to explain it. I´ve now eaten guinea pig! On Friday during class there was a small earthquake! It was awesome. I believe it was the first one I’ve been in. My teacher says it happens quite often and much bigger but I still thought it was cool. It is kind of rough having everyone around me and everything around me be in Spanish. Me not understanding everything drives me to learn more, faster. I love it! I think I already told you my comp speaks only Spanish and same with me teachers. Surprisingly I can understand a lot but when there are words I don´t know I get lost in what the conversation is about. Twice every day I teach with my companion in Spanish. And when my companion gets nervous he talks faster and he is always nervous when we teach :) I get lost in the lessons sometime and wish I could say all I was thinking. Even when I know what everyone is saying I still have trouble saying what I want to so I have to revert back to very simple sentences and I feel like it wasn´t good enough. My companion says I’m doing well and we talk every night before bed and I am making tons of progress with Spanish. I love my companion. Within this past week I’ve learned that all the Spanish I learned in High was not only very little but all incorrect! So really I started at ground zero. Oh and guess what?! We get to go out in the city on Saturday and go tracting! It´s going to test my Spanish that’s for sure. The Spanish is going well and I hope I get another Latino companion when Elder Espinoza leaves, because he has taught me so much Spanish out side of class. I have even less free time here than we did in Provo. But that is good.

I love playing soccer and studying with my companion. Those are my two favorite things! My companion knows a decent amount about the gospel and if I could speak Spanish better I could teach him more. I share scriptures with him even though i don´t understand them fully in Spanish I know what they say in English. He is awesome and we went to the temple today. It was his first time!!! I´ll tell you more later today.

Con amor,

Elder Divis

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Arrived in Peru Mission Training Center

August 12, 2010

Hey everybody!!! I made it to Peru safely :) I hope you got the messages I left you from the airport. Sorry I could not call from the ATL airport. I did not have enough time. The flight down here was good and I love it in Peru! On the way on the Plane in Salt Lake my comp and I talked to a lady and told her about the gospel, she had some good questions but we did not sit by her on the plane and did not teach her more. But the Book of Mormon that I had in my carry on, we gave to a young women sitting nearby and a letter about the gospel. We only talked to her for about 10 min but it was great. When we got to ATL this guy who was also flying to Lima came and asked me a question about if we needed to pick up our bags somewhere to move them to the new plane. He was speaking in Spanish at first but he spoke better English then I did Spanish. Ha ha, but before we got on the plane he had a Libro de Mormon and had pretty much heard the entire first lesson! Another set of missionaries passed out another Libro de Mormon to a young lady also going to Lima on the same plane as us.

On the plane my comp and I and another missionary got to know this women and she was American but we taught her the first lesson also but not with a whole lot of success but I am so excited to do the work! We got in Lima just after 11 PM. the time change is only 2 hours ahead because they do not use daylight savings time( imagine that) I am on the third floor in room 306. There are 6 of use to a room, 3 North Americans and 3 Latinos. My new companion is Elder Espinoza and my roommates are Elders Guthrie (again), Essig, Santos, and I do not remember the other Latinos name. They all got here this morning between 7 and 8. We got to the CCM (MTC) at about 2 in the morning. The food here is great! The people are great! I LOVE IT!!!!! I am so excited I do not even have words to describe it. This is more than I could have even hoped for. My Companion now does not speak English at all but I can still communicate with him pretty well. Out of the Latinos in our room mine speaks the least English (none) Elder Santos speaks a little and the other one speaks a fair amount. I had a good conversation with the three of them while the other 2 North Americans were in interviews. My Spanish is very simple but we can talk to each other and get things across. I am so excited and know I will learn the language a hundred times faster here. Breakfast was good and lunch was amazing!!! The food here is better than in Provo for sure! The Juice is heavenly and the rest is awesome too. I love you all! I know that the Lord has guided me here for a reason and that as I stay obedient I will fulfill those things He wants me to do. Sorry for not writing more but I am running out of time. I will write letters also but they only get sent out on Mondays and I do not know if dear elder works here or what my address is. I am doing great! You do not have to worry about me at all. I am so happy to be here in Peru! I love you so much and look forward to serving the Lord.

Con amor,

Elder Divis

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 6th Letter



Dear Mom,

Thanks for sending the shoes! I got them today. I still haven’t seen Cory yet.  I’m still doing well. I still would like Elder Riley Peper’s address. I love you Mom! This is a great experience. So many Elders talk of home and what they would be doing if they weren’t on a mission and I can think of no place better to be. I miss you guys but I don’t wish I was at home doing something else. My comp is not very punctual so that has been stressful but not bad. I am learning a lot about myself, the gospel, Spanish and people. I’m grateful for my opportunity to live in Spokane the last year and I love you and the entire family so much. Hope all is well. I pray for you daily. Thanks again for being an awesome mom!

Con Amor,

Elder Dustin Divis

P.S. I think I can call you at the airport on Wednesday.

August 5th Letter

Aug. 5, 2010

Hi Mom!

Thanks for the letter and the pictures! I still haven't seen Cory yet and will be in Peru in a week!!! Sounds like you guys are having tons of fun. That would've been way cool to see a grizzly bear and go hiking up in Canada. I will send you pictures of me in the jungle though to make it even :) I bet it was super nice to see all the family. Hope you said hi for me. The MTC is still going well. I feel like the language will come and that teaching the gospel and blessing families and the Peruvians with it will be the best thing ever. Learning to teach the simple truths of God and Jesus Christ and teaching it brings the spirit. I love serving the lord! At the devotional last night I heard a great quote. "Don't be a missionary that serves TIME be a missionary that serves the LORD." Which goes along the same lines as "forget yourself and go to work" Because when I serve the lord diligently and with obedient then the time will seem to go by too fast. This letter is rather short but the MTC is generally the same after the first week. I am not sure when I’ll be able to email again because my flight leaves the SLC airport at 9:45AM next Wednesday and I am departing the MTC at 6. I have a short layover in Georgia around noon I think and then it’s none stop to Lima Peru. I will arrive in Lima at 10:50PM next Wednesday. I think that the Language is going well enough. I want to be fluent right now! But that’s not going to happen. It's coming quickly though. Cameron has written me and the last few were in Espanol and I could understand most of it. I pray in Spanish all day everyday and we've started teaching in Spanish a bit. We taught about prophets, pray and the Book of Mormon. I love all of you and encourage you to share the gospel with those you meet. What we have is awesome and everyone needs it and deep down they want it. Jesus Christ is our savior and we have the fullness of His gospel on the earth now. I love all of you! Let everyone know that I am doing well and that they don't have to worry about me. I can tell you with a surety that this will be the hardest thing I've ever done (maybe not physically but definitely mentally and spiritually) but that I will Love every moment of it. "Come what may, and LOVE IT!" Some days I feel exhausted mentally but there is nothing in this world that can stop me. The Lord is on my side and all things are possible if we have faith in Him. "Fear makes mountains out of molehills. Faith makes molehills out of mountains." I love you and I will call you next Wednesday when I am at the Airport.

Con amor,

Elder Divis

July 28th Letter

July 28, 2010

That’s awesome!!!(Logan’s mission call) I’m so excited for him. He will have the greatest time. I just wrote how I was honored to serve the Lord and how it was something really important to me. Everything is going great! Did you get my letter? My district is down to 10 elders now :( one went home yesterday before dinner. He decided he needed to work things out at home and come back later. One elder never showed up on Wednesday so we don't have 12 like the other districts. The Elders left in my district are awesome! My room-mates and my companion are the best I could have asked for! We all know how to have fun but also know when to be serious. My teachers are the greatest too! I feel everything has worked out perfectly so far. I love you!! My comp. is Elder Guthrie, he is from Pocatello ID and just graduated from high school in June. He is very knowledgeable in the gospel and is a hard worker. Our companionship we room with are Elders Skinner and Townsend. I love it here. The last 2 days my comp and i decided that we wouldn't speak any English outside of class and the room. It was soooo hard! But we got around fine and learned a lot. I've learned more Spanish this last week than i did in 2 years at high school. I've only received 1 letter so far! But I’m ok with that. I miss you! :) but I am not homesick if that makes sense. So many elders are sooo homesick it’s ridiculous. The devotionals are awesome the entire MTC experience is great!

 Also can you send those shoes that I left there? I love the ecco shoes I have!1! They are the best. I only have 30 min every Wednesday to e-mail and then it will kick me off. Let everyone know that I am doing great.  So many awesome things have happened here. The spirit gets stronger every day. I cannot tell you in words how excited I am that Logan is serving a mission in Denver!!!! Say Hi to everyone and that I love them All soo much. Hermano Cragun (one of my teachers) is the coolest guy ever. He has taught me so much in just a few short days. Dad was right, the MTC is just like Prison but I love it :) I will Email you every Thursday at around 8 or 9. I'm a little late today because the network was not working well. P-days are weird because I feel like I need to be learning the language or study PMG all the time, but I know that the break will help me get through the next week. I leave here on August 11th and I am getting my last shot a week before I leave. I've been writing in my journal but I do not know how good the entries are. I want to know more about you and how the family is doing! Tell them to let me know what up. I am rushed but I don't know what to say. So many things have happened and they are all good. I love the Lord and all he did and does for us. He truly loves everyone! I am excited to learn Spanish and get to Peru. I know it will be the best experience of my life so far. Let me know what you want to know. The food isn't the best but i get enough to eat. I truly love you all so much. I pray for you every single day multiple times. I am doing awesome! Couldn’t be better. Tell Logan that he will love everything about the mission. Bye! I love you Mom

Con Amor,

Elder Divis

Dustin's first letter

July 22, 2010

Dear Mom and Dad,

I love you and I’m doing well. The first day was wonderful and I’m already learning a ton! My district is made up o 9 elders going to Mexico and my companion and I are the only ones going to Peru. The 9 will be here 9 weeks and us 2 will only be here 3 weeks. I was made the “senior” comp. today, if that means anything. My P-day is Wednesday and I can e-mail then. I’ve learned how little I know but its good. We learned how to pray in Spanish. I’m taking notes like I have never taken notes before and I’ve been busy. Our schedule is a little different these first 4 days so it’s weird but I think once I get into the schedule completely it will be easier. The elder in my district are great, all very spiritual. I LOVE MY COMPAINION! His name is Elder Guthrie. He knows what he’s doing and we get along very well. He’s from Pocatello, ID.19years old. We’re in a room that hasn’t been used for months. People say someone died here. I don’t believe them. I’ll send you pictures rather than try and explain it, my room that is. Live had fun, laughed a lot, but learned more. My zone leaders are great and we met the counselors of the branch pres. The Pres is on vacation but will be back Tuesday. Tell everyone that the address on facebook is correct and that I’ll try and write them. You are my first priority! Hope you had fun in Canada. Ask questions because I don’t know what to include in these letters. There is so much going on. I love you so much. I’m grateful for all the long FHE’s and studies of PMG and the scriptures and the gospel. My estimated departure date is 11 Aug. 2010. They will give me the lasts Hep A&B shot the week before I leave. The beds aren’t too bad; I’ve only hit my head like 10 times on the bunk above me ha ha ha. I love it here and I can’t wait to get to Peru!


Elder Dustin Divis

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dustin leaves for the MTC in Provo

Dustin left for the airport on July 20th and arrived in Salt Lake City.  His grandparents and cousin, Cory, picked him up and he stayed with them until they took him to the MTC the next afternoon.

July 20th Dustin leaves home for the Spokane airport.

Dustin and I at the airport just before he left.
Dustin and William at the airport just before he left.
Cory and Dustin at the MTC on July 21, 2010.
Cory will enter the MTC on July 28th, he is going to the Stockholm Sweden Mission.