Monday, December 26, 2011

Dustin's December 26th Letter with Pictures

2011 December 26
Dear Mom and Family,
I loved hearing your voices yesterday (although I missed Trissa, Gavin, Jordan, Mariah, and Della) I will be sure to write you guys a special e-mail. It is always a wonderful feeling to know that the family is well and thriving more than ever in all aspects of life. I love you guys!
I got a couple of pictures of snowy things, Craig, Laura, and family, Jordan`s family and stuff like that. I still know nothing of the transfers. They will tell us in a meeting right after we send our e-mail. Convenient, eh? and maybe they`ll have letters and or packages. I`ll let you know next week I guess. I hope this week rolls out well. I love you all!
Elder Dustin Divis
 DL Elder Harris same baptism
Felicitas baptism

Monday, December 5, 2011

Dustin's December 5 Letter

2011 December 5
Dear Mom,
My week went well. I got to know Elder Harris (my district leader) better this week. He graduated 2009 and lives in Montana. So, he we have a lot in common cause the way of life there is very similar to ours. Seeing as we are in the great North West. He studying in BYU-I and was there when I visited two years ago (wow, that seems like a long time ago). This week there isn`t a whole lot of new stuff but next week should be better.
So for the story. I left the room with my keys and a little money, when this impression came to me that I should tuck it in my waistband rather than carry it in my hand or pocket. Just so happens that a drunk guy thinks it`d be a good idea to rob me, but seeing as I apparently had nothing he just left all mad. I know it was the spirit that protected me (it`s more like he protected me from a bad situation more than harm. I would have dropped that drunk little guy before he knew what happened, but seeing as I am a missionary (and disciple of Jesus Christ) I can`t be doing stuff like that). And several times throughout that week I received the impression to avoid some streets, so you guys don`t have to worry about me, cause the Lord is taking pretty good care of me.
I love the Gospel and the Families. I love how Christmas brings the families together in this wonderful season but it is even greater how the Gospel brings families together forever. I love you all and know that one day we will be united again with our Heavenly Family and our own families. May God speed the right!
Elder Divis

Monday, November 28, 2011

Dustin's November 28 Letter with Picture

2011 November 28
Dear Mom,
My week was good. Angel Contreras Quispe was baptized on Saturday! It was a great service. I will try to send pictures but right now it is not letting me :( To answer questions first: I think the name Carter Dustin Brinck amazing! My investigators... some are doing great, others good, others ok, and some bad. But we`re gonna focus in the great and good. There is the family Chavez that has been coming to church for the last 3 weeks and will get married in December and baptized. We just got to hope and pray the papers get here in time. Other families are also doing well and I will do my best to do my duty and help them come unto Christ. My companion.... I don`t really have words for it but we are going to get better. He is just a very stubborn child who didn`t finish high school cause he doesn`t like to be told what to do or how to do it. Makes it a little hard to teach him anything, but we`ll find a way. We will find a way. As for Christmas, the only thing that I would love is two (or more) big bottles of Sweet Baby Ray`s BBQ sauce. Other than that, there isn`t anything of great need. One pair of my shoes ( the Eccos) are destroyed, but I heard that all Eccos have a two year warranty that if you send a picture of your shoes destroyed for natural causes they will send you a new pair for free to anywhere in the world. If you could investigate that issue I can send a picture. But for now I am fine with shoes, the Rockports are troopers and my boots will last a lifetime.
I am glad and happy to hear of all the holiday festivities. It makes me happy to know that all is well back home and permits me to work hard all week and never worry about home. The pictures are great!!! The letters you send get here in about 10 days and I get them every week or every other week (or I WOULD get them) Haha ha. And here in Lima I can get what I need and the mail gets here way faster than in the jungle. I hope I answered all the questions, and if not let me know.
I am so happy to be on a mission and I love being in the service of God. The Peruvian people are awesome and have earned a place in my heart forever. The Lord Jesus Christ lives and nothing will stop Him from accomplishing the work and the glory. I love you Mom
Elder Dustin Divis

P.S. When you see Riley Peper tell him I say hi. I tried to send a picture. Let me know if you got it.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dustin's November 21st Letter

2011 November 21
Hope all is well. My week went well. I now have a new companion, Elder Ñurinda. He is from Nicaragua, and has 3 months in the mission. He is very shy and doesn`t talk much, especially in front of people. A little bit of a problem cause that`s kinda what we do all day every day, but we`re working on it :) Grandma wrote me and I ask her if Riley Peper got back from his mission in Oklahoma. If you find out I would love to know. The time is flying by and I am taking all the advice that I can get. Dad wrote me last week and I learned a lot from what he communicated with me. I love being a missionary and teaching families is the greatest. This Saturday Angel Contreras will be baptized. He is super excited and even brought his kid to church yesterday. A family will hopefully get married on December 17th. We are just waiting for their birth certificates to arrive, but they are ready to get married and baptized as a family. I`ll be sure to keep you updated. Well, I think that is about all for this week. But I was studying this week and I learned a ton about one of the most precious gifts we have from God, the Holy Ghost. The feeling, thoughts and impressions that he gives us are undeniable, and unforgettable. I love what we learn from God the Father, and Jesus Christ in Doctrine and Covenants. I learned a ton from sections 6, 9 and 10, and, well all the scriptures. We must learn to Recognize and follow this promptings and become attuned to the spirit and he will lead, guide and protect us in all things spiritual and temporal. Today in the morning we went to drop off our clothes and I always bring my keys and a little bit of money, and I will tell you the rest next week.
Elder Divis

Monday, November 14, 2011

Dustin's November 14 Letter with Pictures

2011 November 14
Dear Mom,
Glad you had a good week and that you all stayed safe. I am sure that the new china hutch is very exciting. Where are you planning on putting it? That`s exciting to know that it has already snowed there. I guess you`re all in for a long winter, eh? I`ll be sure to keep your safety present in my daily prayers. I sent pictures! We had a baptism on Saturday and all went swell and this week was ward conference and I liked it quite a bit. We are striving every day to help the families we are teaching to earn eternal blessing and to find more families too. I am a little jealous that Jordan got to play flag football. I always loved the thanksgiving turkey bowls :) I hope all is well at home and I really enjoy your testimony mom. Thanks for the example you have given me and all the priceless lessons.
Elder Divis
Baptism of Marcelo 
 Elder Divis at the Temple in Lima
Baptism of Nadia (Marcelos mom)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dustin's Testimony

Dustin’s Testimony November 2011
I know that God lives and loves us. Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He has made it possible that all man be saved if the but submit to the will of the Father just has our Lord has done and continues to do so. Through the Atonement we find mercy, and through the commandment we earn justice. I have felt and know that the family is fundamental in the Great Plan of Happiness. Being alone in a place full of total peace and perfect harmony is not our goal. We have to find this place and bring others unto it. I can`t do it alone but the Lord has given me the way I can be exalted. The salvation is personal, but the exaltation is a group effort. I testify before all men that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, prepared from before the foundation of this world to bring many unto the sweet and simple truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am a son of God and a disciple of Jesus Christ. I am certain that if we but obey the words of the living prophets we will find protection from all evil and danger. Thomas S Monson is a prophet called of God, who holds the priesthood keys in order to bring about the work of God on this earth. We do not have to wait until after this life to enjoy the blessings promised by our Heavenly Father but we can enjoy them within the walls of our own home and in the House of the Lord built on earth to edify in heaven. These things I testify as a representative of Jesus Christ and in His holy name, Amen.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Dustin's November 7th Letter

2011 November 7th
Dear Mom,
 My week went well. I have been even more exhausted the last few days but that is a good thing right. One of the families we are teaching finally came to church yesterday and it helped them a ton. They are very excited to get married and baptized, hope all goes well for them. Last week the dad of the family got assaulted. His head got beat up pretty bad and they took his wallet. He didn`t have any money so that was good and they didn`t take his cell or anything else just the empty wallet. The good thing is that because of this he is now even more determined to go to church and endure to the end. It is a great family. We are also teaching other families that are progressing slowly but surely and we are continually searching and finding more amazing families. My goal is to get to the point where we are only teaching families, like this we will only baptize families, and the kingdom of God will be edified. Like the prophets have taught, when we live the Gospel principles in our home we are preparing for and living eternal and heavenly laws. Like this, we create a little piece of heaven in our homes. Without the family we cannot prepare ourselves sufficiently for exaltation or enter into this highest level of living. I am not satisfied with just baptizing people, but with baptizing families that together can learn, grow, and prepare themselves for eternal life. I encourage all to appreciate, protect, love, and strengthen the family. It is fundamental in the Great Plan of Happiness. I love my family. We are not strangers but members of the family of God (see Ephesians 2:19). The family is the most important social unit in this life and in the eternities. If you look in the organization of the church in True to the Faith, first we find the God head, then the First Presidency, then the FAMILY, then the 12 Apostles. As we missionaries we must always strive to find, teach, baptize, and confirm families. Thanks family for making me who I am and helping me achieve my potential!
Thanks for the good news and I wish you the best in work, seminary, and health. Say hi to the family, friend and ward for me :) I truly love you mom!
Elder Divis
 P.S. Did you send me those pictures that I mentioned two weeks ago?
Gavin is growing up super-fast! I think he`s already twice the size. It will be great to see all my nieces and nephews

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dustin's October 31st Letter

October 31, 2011
Dear Mom,
I am glad to hear that you made it home safely but sorry that you`re sick. Hope you get better soon. I loved all the pictures you sent from your blog, Germany looks beautiful! My week went quite well :) Marcelo, Nadia`s son, is getting baptized the 12. So that should be good. We have had a few difficulties with the families we are teaching but nothing that the Spirit can`t handle. The families that were going to get married are having problems. One of them, Damer and Monica won`t be able to get married in Nov. cause his work won’t give him any time of for 4 months and the other family the daughters that are from another church guilt tripped them into going to their church. The dad is super legit and reads the Book of Mormon still.  We’ll see if further along they begin to progress again. But the good news is that we found 2 new families and Damer and Monica might be able to get married in December if all goes well. I have gain a true testimony of the Great Plan of Happiness here. The family is so essential and great that I can`t express it with my limited vocabulary. I love you and appreciate all you do for me and our family.
Elder Divis

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dustin's October 24th Letter

October 24, 2011
Dear Mom,
My week was good. We are still struggling a little to organize the work here. We moved to another room that is very small so that they can re-do the floor and it is not an ideal situation and we still don`t have new planners. Some obstacles, but we still found 2 new amazing families to teach and we`re getting more help from the ward leaders. So all is well :)  It sounds like your time in Europe has been great. I just got an e-mail from Dad that informed that you are now headed home. Glad you had a great time and I can`t wait to see pictures.
My District Leader reminds me a ton of Jordan, he is from Utah and his name is Elder Purvis. He is from my same group and is awesome, and his companion is from Nicaragua, he is sweet too. Thanks for everything and have a safe journey home.
Elder Divis

Dustin's October 17th Letter

October 17, 2011
Dear Mom,
I am glad that you are having fun in Germany with Dad and the Bechtold family! I say hi to the Bechtolds too :) I am too a little bit jealous that you went to a VW museum. Before the mission didn`t see too much in a good VW but here I have absolutely fell in love with the old 80`s VW BUS. (seeing as all the cars here are from the 80`s, I don`t see anything else) just a fun fact about me :) Your time there really sounds exciting, you`ll have to bring with you some day (maybe after you and Dad come pick me up down here in Peru) Hope you have fun in the Black Forest.
My week has gone pretty well. We now have 2 families preparing for baptism and marriage. One in November and the other in December, and we are working with a few others also. Not a whole lot of investigators came to church yesterday, which made me a little bit sad (well as said as you can get being a blessed in the constant service of the Lord) and now I know that I can do a better job explaining the Sabbath day and keeping it holy. Seems to be a challenge for many. This week I also had a usual interview with Pres. Blunck. He is a very inspired servant of God. He taught me some pretty cool stuff about how to be a more effective teacher. Loved it!
Thanks for everything and hope your time Germany proves to be the most enjoyable.
Elder Divis,

P.S. If you can, I would love pictures of Germany, the family and my sporting events. I`ll be sure to send pictures next week. I don`t have the cable today.

Dustin's October 10th Letter

October 10, 2011         
Dear Mom,
Yes, the keyboards are different here, I always wonder if the punctuation is ok when you read it (But I still can`t blame my terrible spelling on the keyboard, I just can`t spell.) I am glad to hear that you and Dad made it safely to Germany and are having a great time. My week went better this week. We had a baptism! Nadia Valenzuela was baptized and confirmed. And something just as exciting, a family that we are teaching, Damer and Monica, told us they would get married in 5 years or so, but we talked with them and they prayed about it together and they will get married November 19th!!!! 2011. Damer is Anderson`s little brother. (Anderson got baptized 2 weeks ago) And another family is also preparing to get married. I love working with family and I know that they are fundamental to the Plan of God. Thanks for being the greatest family ever!!!! I wanted to ask you, Can you send me pictures of the family? It would be cool to have pictures of the individual families. ie: James` family, Trissa`s, Laura`s, and Jordan`s. And pictures of me playing Football, Wrestling, and Soccer. A couple of each. I know it most likely won`t be possible while you`re in Germany but if I didn`t write it now I might forget.
Don`t get discouraged not understanding the language. I was talking with some members that told me I didn`t speak a word a year ago and some new missionaries that are just starting. It made me think about what has changed and how I learned. You just to open your mouth and vomit the words out. They sort through what you threw up and understand a little. Now that`s a pretty graphic example but the point is, you just gotta try. Some will understand ok others a little and others won`t understand anything and that is when hand gestures come in handy, haha ha :) I love you Mom and I marvel at your wonderful qualities and hope to be able to acquire them.
Elder Divis

P.S. I got all your e-mails that you sent from your iPhone. Thanks for the updates. Have Fun!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Dustin's October 3rd Letter

2011 October 3
Dear Mom,
The conference was amazing! I will definitely have to but in practice Bro. Richardson`s talk also, and when I saw Elder Bennett I wrote down in my notes to ask you if we`re related, but you already answered me, and I loved his talk. I loved all the talks! It gave us the way to live in this great dispensation. that`s why it is so important to have prophets. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God and that through him we are guided and blessed by God. I had the great blessing of listening to most of the conference in English with the other 5 Americans. My week until conference was ok but during it was like being in heaven.
Love you mom, good luck in Germany.
Elder Divis

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dustin's September 26 Letter

2011 September 26
Dear Mom,
Thanks a ton for the e-mail. I love hearing that all is well at home; it brings me peace and joy. I can`t wait to see pictures of the house! It sounds like it will be all done and fancy by the time I get home. I am glad to hear that seminary is going well. I think it would be a wonderful calling to be a seminary teacher, because I absolutely love studying the scriptures and the Gospel. I especially like the topic of Enoch and the Zion society, cause that`s the goal isn`t it. You are right. It is so important to write in a journal and record your thoughts. As a missionary you should have a personal journal and a study journal. The study journal has helped me out a ton and gives me the chance to receive revelation and organize my thoughts and then a personal journal helps me realize the miracles. My mission pres. taught us to be optimistic and look at the glass half full and in the full half of the glass is where you find the miracles, because they happen every day. He then invited us to write down the miracles that happen in the day in our personal journals and then we really can recognize the hand of God in our life. And it also organizes my thoughts. I went through a time in my mission when I didn`t write hardly anything, so you`d think that nothing happened right? but it was the quite the opposite, it was full of many things and now I have to think back and catch up, but it has been my goal this transfer to write in my journal every day. I missed a few days but I am doing much better and the blessings are coming just as promised. I am super excited for you and Dad that you`re going to Germany! I know you always have a great time and learn tons. Hope this visit will be better than ever! I am truly grateful for all you do for me. Every time I teach the Gospel I teach about the family. Every time I teach about the family joy and satisfaction and gratitude fill my heart for the wonderful family that I have. Thanks for your example and I hope you know that every day I am being the man you taught me to be.
Elder Divis

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dustin's September 19th Letter

2011 September 19
Thanks a ton for the E-mail. I like one definition that I read. That faith is a result of righteousness. I also learned this week in my companionship study that our faith grows as our knowledge of who God is grows, cause if we don`t know God we don`t know what to believe. Like the scriptures say what eternal life is, to KNOW God and His Son. But the three phases are clear examples of this. When we are excited, it is because we are learning by the Spirit or getting to know God, because the Holy Ghost testifies of God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. When we are concerned, like Nephi, not knowing what to do or how to fulfill the commandment of God he went, led by the spirit, to attempt for a third time, after being chased to be killed and beaten by his brothers. He was concerned but FAITHful. And the sanctification, when we know God to the point where our will comes into harmony with His will. We know God is pleased because the Spirit manifests it to us. The promise to all mankind if we endure to the end is eternal life. We will know God. I have come to know Him more and more every day and feel His love that He has for these people. Now the question is, will we ever fully know Him? Do we need faith if we live with Him? I believe that faith is something that will forever exist. I have got a lot to learn, but as we know faith is an action word. So, I have got a lot TO DO. Thanks for the e-mail, I learned a ton. And I am definitely focused in quality, but as my mission pres. and Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley we don`t have to choose between quality and quantity but that in the work of God, Both can and do exist. Now here in the city it is a little bit 'harder' some say, because people mock you, slam the door, yell, argue, and laugh. But I say that it is still the work of God and where ever we are we can find the miracles. We have to look at the full part of the glass, if it’s half full, a fourth full, an eighth full or a sixteenth full. Because in the part that is full is where we find the miracles. Because if there is true faith all the gifts of the Spirit exist and they exist daily, we`ve just got to find them and use them. Don`t know if I communicated myself well enough cause I feel my English is suffering. I love you Dad!!!
Elder Divis
Thanks for the letter Mom! I love you tons. I kinda got carried away in my letter to Dad so I don`t have a ton of time, but we had our stake conference and it was great. So hey to Tyson, Jenny and the seminary crew and good luck in the exercise program :) Love you bunch Mom.
Elder Divis

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dustin's September 15th Letter

2011 September 15
Dear Mom,
Sorry I didn´t write on Monday. We didn´t have P-day until today (don´t know if I told you last week).  My week and a half have been great! We have one baptismal date for this 24th and another for the 8th of October so that is great, especially because the ward as only seen 1 baptism in the last 6 months. The Lord has children of His family ready to enter into his kingdom in every part of the world. I love what Jesus has said many times in all the scriptures, "the field is white ALREADY to harvest" the mission field is ´white´ right now! Not in a week or a month or a year, it´s ALREADY full of people looking for the Gospel. They might not know it but I do, we do, and God does. I, Elder Divis, just have to rely on the Holy Ghost to guide me to these families that are capable of entering into the Temple and living eternally in the family of God. Sounds like the progress on the house is going very well :) you´ll have to send me pictures. Say hi to the visitors, although I am pretty sure they have already departed. I am also glad that you enjoyed the stake conference broadcast from Salt Lake, I´ll have to tell you how ours goes here. All of Peru will have stake conference this Sunday and it will be broadcast from Salt Lake. I am very excited and I will tell you all about it in a few days. I am also unbelievably excited for General Conference in a few short weeks. Let us all prepare to receive direction from God. I love you!
Elder Divis

Monday, September 5, 2011

Dustin's September 5th Letter

2011 September 5
Dear Mom,
My week was great! It is good to back in Lima in the same ward. Almost all of the members actually remember (well the active ones) which was kind of a surprise to me. I also had a work visit on Friday, I went to the other half of the ward with Elder Harding (born in Oregon, raised in California, and recently moved to Utah) We had a good time and a successful day. It was nice. Tell Whitley I say hi and Tyson too (when he gets home:) I would love pictures of the great room when it’s finished. Thanks for the quote it is something that I really understand from personal experiences, both physical and spiritual. And I no longer have to sleep under a net and the people here are a little bit more closed but still super friendly. In the jungle if we knocked on the door they let us inside before we could say anything and here they let you in if they are actually interested. Makes it easier to tell who will progress and who won’t but harder to find new people. It`s a give and talk sort of deal :) I only had one baptism here and it was my first week. She no longer lives in the same house but a member said he knows where she is living and that she doesn`t go to church that often, but we hope to find her tonight. We have two investigators with baptismal dates and quite a few families that we are teaching. Our goal in the mission is that every companionship has 8 families (dad, mom, and children) in our teaching pool. The importance of families is so vital. I love you and thank you for the wonderful family that I have and the blessing that you have made possible for me. Good luck in seminary.
Elder Divis

Monday, August 29, 2011

Dustin's Aug 29th Letter

Dear Mom,
The city is great. It is kinda freezing to me but I think it’s just because I was used to the jungle heat. My new companion is Elder Tenorio, he is from Cochabamba, Bolivia (my third comp. from the same city) and is 22 years old. He has 5 months in the mission and started it here in this ward. By the way, I am once again in the Wiesse Ward!(the same ward and area where I started the mission!! kinda crazy cause I have never heard that happen, ever) A lot has happened in this last week. I got here to Lima on Tuesday and saw some missionaries from my group in the MTC that I hadn`t seen for about a year, so that was pretty cool. Then on Wednesday we went to the CCM (haven`t been there for a year either) and we listened to Pres. Pino (area president of northwest South America, Venezuela) then Elder Hallstrom of the presidency of the seventy and ... The apostle Elder Oaks. It was amazing. I feel like I am starting the mission again. I just left the CCM Wednesday and I am in the same area where I started and I am full of the spirit of missionary work. And I can`t wait to go to the temple cause it has also been a full year since I have entered in the House of the Lord. Wish Jontana luck for me and have fun in seminary. Thanks a ton for the quote from Pres. Eyring and your love and support.
Elder Divis

Monday, August 22, 2011

Dustin's Aug 22nd Letter

2011 August 22
Dear Mom,
My week went well :) We had a baptism on Saturday, Nuria Fasabi de Pèrez, the mother of Barbara that got baptized in June. We are working with her dad but he`s a little bit tougher than the others but he knows it is what he needs to do, it's just a question of time. We also found some other families this week which are great. We had a family night with the stake president and a family we are teaching on Friday, on Saturday they went to the baptism and on Sunday they went to church. They just have to get married and then they will get baptized. The other families aren`t progressing quite as fast but they will gain a testimony soon :) We went a couple weeks there without a ward mission leader but this week we reactivated him and we have some good activities planned for September. Thanks for the update on the family and good luck with the James` kids, they`re great :)!!! Say hey to everyone back home.  I am sure I`ll have more to write next week cause tomorrow there are transfers and I am going back to the capitol city of Lima, 10 months in the amazon rainforest and then back to the desert coast, Wish me luck. It is ''summer time'' here in the jungle but ''winter'' in Lima, we`ll see how the climate change goes. I don`t know what area I am going to or who my companion will be but I`ll be sure to tell you next week :) I love you and all you do for me, take care mom.
Elder Dustin Divis

Monday, August 15, 2011

Dustin's Aug 15th Letter

2011 August 15
Dear Mom,
You`re lucky you get that choice to go outside to warm up and go inside to cool down; here it is a little different. It is kinda hard to find a place to cool down. When a breeze comes by it is about the closest thing you can get, but it sure does feel good when it comes. We too are having some good summer weather, which means it no longer rains. Maybe two or three times a month, and before it was about five times a week. But hey, that`s life in the jungle :) It’s great to hear how great things are going at home. It brings joy and peace to know that our entire family is living the Gospel. We will live one day together in the presence of God! I am trying my hardest to bring other families to Christ and help them achieve this same goal. I ask for your prayers this week so that I may be guided to these people.
Sounds like the house is really progressing a ton and that you and Dad are staying fairly busy. Say hi to Mirjam for me and a happy birthday. Our jungle excursion was pretty fun, took a ton of time but it was a great experience. We hiked about a mile and a half on a dirt road/trail then we turned off onto what looked like a deer trail and followed it to a little hut beside a pond and little further along a stream. We ate there, picked jungle fruit and ate it and I am pretty sure the lemonade they made out of the creek water made them sick.  A lot of the zone got sick but nothing too serious, I felt just fine. It was one of those times when your somewhere and you don`t really quite grasp it. I told another missionary, ``hey, we are in the middle of the Amazon Rain Forest”  it`s not really something most people think about being able to say but to say it felt weird, cause the only times I heard about it was on things like National Geographic and then to actually be there was pretty cool. Hope it’s not the last time :) Sorry there`s not a whole lot of information about my week but nothing too exciting happened.
Love you tons!!!
Elder Divis

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dustin's Aug 8th Letter

2011 August 8
Dear Mom,
My week was great! I don`t think I`ve quite adapted to the being dad thing but we are definitely getting better. The whole family sounds like they are doing well, which makes me very happy. Something pretty miraculous happened yesterday. Elder Zuniga and I were on our way to church after searching unsuccessfully for investigators that committed to go church, and we saw Cesar (an investigator who about a week and a half ago said he couldn’t keep listening to us cause his family will kick him out of the house and stop helping him pay for college) We followed him into the chapel and greeted him there. He sat down behind us and started talking to us. He explained that he has been talking to his family and explained that ``this`` is his new life and that he wants to get baptized. His family understood kind of and said he could still live there and they wouldn`t throw him out. He will get baptized the 20th of this month :) It filled me with joy to hear his testimony and the works he has done and continues to do to show the Lord he is willing to follow Him. Earlier that same morning I was reviewing my planner and saw his name and with agony I put a red arrow pointing down, indicating that he ``cayò`` FELL. But the Lord works little miracles every day and fulfills His promises for ``medios pequeños y sincios`` small and simple means to bring to pass the salvation of many souls. A shining moment that made my week GREAT! even though 3 other baptismal dates fell through :( We will work with them and help them to receive the restored Gospel. So Jared Fisher is going to Cambodia, eh? That is fantastic! When I read that bit of information it made me glad that he will be counted among the `representatives of Jesus Christ`. He`ll do great :) tell him I am happy for him and that I wish him luck. The other day I was thinking about ``who I am today``, How I got here, How the Lord has prepared the path and the very many blessings that he has put in my way. My family, my friends, my teachers, my trails, my triumphs, and most of all my Savior. The poem that Dad taught us came to my mind, about a normal man and a clown and a sack of tools, and how we can make a building block or a stumbling stone. I thank all of the building blocks that I have mentioned above for helping me become “who I am today``.  I am servant of God, a defender of truth, a missionary of the only true church of Christ, I am a son of God, and I represent my Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks for helping me receive these great building blocks. But when I think of all these wonderful gifts that God has given I still realize that I am ``less that the dust of the earth`` and that if it wasn`t for a loving Heavenly Father and His great plan of happiness. Why am I here? Why Perù? Why at this time? Why do I try so hard? How do I learn from things so simple? These and countless other questions are answered: Because God loves me, and I love Him, My family loves me, and I love them. God and I both love these people. Who am I today? I am an imperfect child of a Perfect God, a blind servant with an eternal goal, a child grateful for the mercy and love of both earthly and Heavenly Parents.
Elder Dustin Jack Divis (Who I`ve become, thanks to you all)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Dustin's Aug 1st Letter

2011 August 1
Dear Mom,
My week was great! We had a baptism on Saturday, his name is Silfo Pizango and is 21 years old and wants to serve and mission and teach with us whenever it`s possible. I was very happy to see him get baptized and confirmed. My companion baptized him and I confirmed him. We met him in our first week or two here in Iquitos and he had a ton of questions and doubts but through the weeks and months all were answered, and unsurprisingly, all thanks to the Book of Mormon! He gave a powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon after his baptism and is happier than ever. Remember Barbara? well her and both of her parents came to church yesterday and we visited them last night and shared part of The Family: A Proclamation for the World and they really enjoyed it. My vision is that they can receive the saving ordinances of Baptism and the Confirmation. We also taught a couple of other powerful lessons that night and two men accepted baptismal dates. Manuel Luna and Teddy Aguanuri, both older men who want to get baptized. We put their dates for the 20th of this month, even though they are willing to do it sooner but they both need a little bit of preparation. We also had interviews with President Blunck and training by the assistants. In my interview President Blunck told me that I have to act and treat Elder Zuniga like he is my son, which will help us a lot now that I think about it. Before I treated him like a brother and he really reminds me a lot of Will and I always remembered when you would tell me that I am not his dad. But to imagine that Elder Zuniga is my son and that I am responsible that he learns and grows and does the things like they should be done with help us a lot. And pretty much everything that he talked to me about in my interview was in relation to how it will be when I am married and have kids (which made me think during the interview if he knew that I only have a year in the mission :) haha ha) But the interview helped me a ton and made me feel like a new missionary. The trainings also helped me to be a more effective missionary and teacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We talked about Teach People not Lessons and How to Begin Teaching. I have studied them both a menudo and I use them but the trainings really helped me refine these teaching skills. Thanks to what I learned we could put baptismal dates for Manuel and Teddy in 10 min of teaching time and really have the spirit there testifying that it is the right thing to do. Also, President told me to look for more families to teach and baptize so we are re doubling our efforts to find and teach families like it says in PMG page 3. And it is paying off :) So that’s my week all wrapped up into one paragraph. Sounds like the whole family is having a ton of fun! THANKS A TON FOR THE PICTURES!!!! They are the greatest. Cameron looks and sounds like he is doing more than great and I love hearing about the family and how wonderful you all are doing. Thanks for the recipes, I`ll translate them and see if we can cook something delicious from home next Monday. We won`t have time today cause we are going to the ``Chacra`` pretty much deep jungle where they grow and cultivate all there fruit, wish me luck :) I love you mom and am truly grateful for all you have done, are doing and will do for me.
Elder Divis

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dustin's July 25th Letter

2011 July 25
Dear Mom,
My week was great. Glad you enjoyed Girl’s Camp, I know how much you love to spend time with the young women and I know they love it to; you are a great example for all of them. The family reunion sound like it’s going great and that you’re all in for another week of fun and games. That`s great that Travis got a job at the hospital! I`m happy for them. My companion pretty much loves all the candy but I think he likes Swedish fish and Junior Mints more than anything. I was wondering if you could send me the recipes for BBQ sauce, Pizza Dough, and the Oatmeal chocolate chip Cookies, in you next e-mail. It would be great. Thanks :) This week we had a baptism! Patricia Carolina Barrantes Velasquez was baptized by Elder Zuniga and I confirmed her yesterday. This week we didn`t have very many lesson with members (13) and next week the YSA have an encampment and we have interviews and trainings. So it will be a fighting battle to meet our goal, but it is definitely possible. We will have 2 more baptisms this Saturday and we are teaching many others that are progressing and that will get baptized in August. Sorry if I don`t put a whole ton of information in my e-mails about my investigators but I try. We also found a couple families this week that I can see as eternal families. Just have to work, work, work. My companion and I have been in the same area together for 3 months and the area is quite small and the room even smaller. We were beginning to get a little bored of each other and walking down the same streets everyday but we`ve  found the solution, we are going to reorganize EVERYTHING and get creative. If you have any ideas we are open to suggestions :) But we`re handling it well and with the help of the Lord we are getting better every day. Anyway, That`s my life and I love you Mom!!! I have one more year to give it my best. Keep me in your prayers.
Elder Divis

Dustin's July 18th Letter

2011 July 18th
Dear Mom,
One year as a full-time missionary... seems like so long ago but at the same time like yesterday. But I still won`t consider it one year until next week cause the little certificate they gave me in the MTC says I don`t end the mission until the 25 of July (but its close enough) Everything is going good down here in good old Iquitos. We didn`t have any baptisms this week but the next two week we`ll have a few. Yesterday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting and taught the Gospel Principles class and we sung a special musical number (I sang so you know it wasn`t too good:) it went well. I got your package on Wednesday! Thanks for all the goodies, sheets, peanut butter, BBQ sauce, and most of all the letter from William :) I am enjoying it all (my companion too:) This week we struggled to find new investigators and didn`t find many but we still had a successful week otherwise. Hope you had fun at girls’ camp. Tell the family that I love them and say hi to everyone. The weather here is pretty much how it is there at home it gets pretty hot for a couple days then a little thunderstorm or two and hot again. We are just entering in summer here, so it will rain less and the sun will burn more. Wish me luck (but don`t worry cause I have tons of sunscreen :) I love you Mom and can`t wait to hear back from you.
Elder Divis (Dustin)

We did a service cutting down ``weeds`` with machetes’

Monday, July 11, 2011

Dustin's July 11th Letter

2011 July 11
Dear Mom,
Thanks for the E-mail! My week went pretty well. Dad seems to be doing well with his work. How`s he liking the traveling and all that? Hope you`re all having as good of a time as I am.
Tomorrow are transfers! And I am staying here in Iquitos, Woo hoo!! Elder Zùniga and I are staying here together. 3 transfers together. This week we had 2 baptisms and the ward also baptized two 8 year old kids. They all got baptized in the same service and the room was overflowing with people (literally, everyone didn`t fit in the room) but it was a great experience. I baptized Idelmaro Rojas Rios (21 years old) and he wants to serve a mission!!!, and Williams de la Cruz, baptized his nephew (12 years old) and he got the priesthood yesterday. We`re also working more and more with the members. We had 30 lesson with members present! and we have two baptismal dates for the 23 of July. Silfo Pizango and Patricia Barrantes. I love doing missionary work. It makes me unremarkable happy to see the converts preparing and passing the sacrament, receiving calling in the ward and even receiving the Melchizedek Priesthood and filling out mission papers already :) I have a lot of work to do and I know the Lord will lead and guide throughout my life to bring many to Him. I love you mom and can’t say how grateful I am for all you do. Say hi to the family and the ward.
Elder Divis

Cesar, Elder Zuniga, and Idelmaro 

(from left to right) Raul; Ward Mission Leader, Brayan,
                                            Williams, Bishop Braga, me, and Idelmaro

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dustin's July 4th Letter

2011 July 4
Dear Mom,
My week was great! That’s sad that Cameron and family got sick right when they had planned to come but hey, that’s life right? But you`ll get to see him in a few short weeks and Andy and Divina`s family. Sounds like the family is as good as ever and it makes me happy to hear how the family is doing. it`s finally getting a little hotter there, eh? The only weird part is the LOWS, here they just give the temp. and then to hear that it was getting dark around 9pm! The sun has gone down at 6 to 6:30 in my world for almost a year. This week we didn`t have any baptisms but we have 2 planned for this weekend and we found some really great investigators this week. The weather here has been ´´cold´´ that means about 60 degrees and I am starting to feel cold almost as often as the Peruvians. I think it is due to that fact that I have been living in the Amazon Rainforest for 8 months. I still have not got your package but I am sure it’s already in Lima and the ZL are going there this week so when they come back they`ll probably have it. I got the package that Laura sent me!!! Thanks Laura and Craig and Kendra!!!! I am super happy for Jordan and that he is excelling in work. I love the pictures; everyone says that Jordan and I look exactly the same. The great room looks amazing. Jeff and Dad have been doing good work. I love you mom, and I receive blessing everyday thanks to you and you example and desires to serve the Lord, serving others.
Elder Divis

Monday, June 27, 2011

Dustin's June 27 th Letter with pictures

Dear Mom,
Sounds like everyone missed you there at home and they are all glad to have you back. First off, my week was great! We had a ton of lessons with members and we were able to go on splits twice this week. We also found a bunch of new investigators to teach and the ward is progressing and adapting to the new bishop. We also had a baptism this week, woo hoo!!! Barbara Zindela Perez Fasabi was baptized by one Elder Divis on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday by Bishop Braga. Now we finally won the trust of the parents and her mom even came to church and stayed for all three hours and loved it and her dad was sad he couldn´t come due to his work. But the Lord is going to work miracles in their home through us. Here in this area we don`t use bikes, well actually the only area in the entire mission (I think in all of Peru) is the area I was in, in Pucallpa. And the water level has gone down about 2 and a half meters so it’s not much of a problem anymore. It seems crazy that Cameron is home and that you guys get to see him this week! I`m kinda jealous. Say hi to him for me and let him know that he`s the greatest :) And scout camp is coming up, I can only imagine that it is starting to get a little bit warmer there in good old Washington then. I always liked scout camp, or more of just the camping and playing part, but it was all good. I have the desire to explore the jungle but missionary work seems to keep me kinda busy :) It is great to hear about Trissa, Della, Mariah, and well the whole family. I miss you all but I will never get ´´trunky´´ or let it affect my mission negatively, but I will use your support and love to be able to become a better servant of God. I love you and am grateful for your constant love, support, and example that you offer me.
Elder Divis

Barbara and her family, Mom Dad daughter and niece
Perez family and us

Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 20th letter with pictures

2011 June 20
Dear Mom,

It`s great to hear that your Father`s Day experience was a good one :) Here Father`s Day was pretty normal. Everyone was drunk that night. Hope the investigators remember their commitments. This week was pretty good. We had trainings on Wednesday from president, his wife and the assistants. I learned a lot and I`m anxious to see the results. This week our numbers went down but for this next week there are high potentials. I am excited to work even more in this great work. I love being a missionary!!!! So Cameron made it back home after 2 years in the service of the Lord. Bet that feels weird :) and the other day I got a DearElder and found out that Kyle Olson is serving a mission. That is fantastic!!!! Where is he? How long has he been out? Caden and Colby will be leaving for the mission too in about a year uh? That is awesome! It is great to see that our ward is producing workers for the Lord`s Kingdom. I remember there were time when the ward didn`t have any missionaries in the mission field and now we are doing quite well. I am grateful for all those who have served missions, who are serving, and who will serve. It is something indescribable that changes lives. The baptisms that we had this week were extra special. Luis and Maybe Llucema got baptized on Saturday and their uncle got back from the mission in Argentina on Friday. He had no idea that we were teaching his family and was super happy to come home and see and baptize his niece and nephew. Two great gifts for a return missionary :) That`s all for this week. Love you mom!


Elder Divis
 Luis and Maybe Llucema and their family (before the baptism).
 Maybe,Williams, and Luis (wet)
everybody (after the baptism)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Dustin's June 13th Letter with Photos

Dear Mom,

My week was great! Once again. We had 2 baptisms on Saturday and they both got confirmed yesterday, woo hoo! and 9 investigators made it to church! We are progressing here in Iquitos :) We now have 2 baptisms planned for this weekend and 1 more on the 25th, and we hope that many more will accept the invitation to follow the Savior. Summer still hasn`t quite got here but don`t worry, its hot as hades when the sun comes out. It is still raining quite regularly (I`ve decided that it rains more here but it’s hotter in Pucallpa). I am having a blast being a missionary and I am grateful for this great opportunity I have to be a representative of Jesus Christ.

Sounds like you don`t get a day of rest. Flying to Denver, Seattle, Utah, Spokane, then back to Denver and Utah... don`t know how you do it but you continue to be Super Mom. I was thinking the other day that Cameron only has 4 days left in the mission, He`s gotta be trunky! haha ha. I really am thankful for his great example and can`t wait to see and talk to him about all the mission experiences. Say hi to all the family you visit and let them all know that I love them and pray for them. Hope all is well at home. I will send you pictures of the baptisms.

I love you and your e-mails are the best!


Elder Divis

  Baptism of Cristopher Moncada
 FHE with an investigator that is going to get baptised in 2 weeks

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dustin's June 6th Letter


My week was great. This week we had the presidental elections in Peru, The second time through. Don`t know if it matters to you but Ollanta won. Anyways, it sounds like you are having a fun time with you kids and grandkids. Have fun this week in Seattle and be sure to say hi to Dave and his family. Grandma told me that Cameron get home on the 17th!!! that`s crazy! And we have a new bishopric in the good old Colville 2nd ward huh? How long was Bishop Thompson bishop? Sounds like the ward is in good hands though.
The answers: There are around 50 missionaries here in Iquitos, I know right, a lot. there are 4 zones and each one has about 12 missionaries. And we go on splits sometimes. not every week but sometimes twice a week. We are working with our Ward mission leader to be able to do divisions or splits every Saturday and other occasions during the week. William e-mails me every once in a while, little things and I write him every once in a while too, but not every week.
We have 4 baptismal dates and 3 others that just have to attend church. and we are always looking for more. I will be sure to send pictures next week of our baptism. I love you mom and am grateful to have such a great family to lead me. Take care and keep being the best mom.
Elder Divis

P.S. Elder Parker Geren sent me a letter! Don`t know if you remember him. He`s my friend from Spokane who is serving in Arizona. He came to Colville with me once and ate dinner with us, and he`s short. I am sure you remember him. anyways, just a fun fact :) love ya

Monday, May 30, 2011

Dustin's May 30th Letter

2011 May 30


My week was pretty good. A little short seeing as I wrote you 4 or 5 days ago, but really good. It is incredible how the time flies yet so many things can happen. On Saturday we had a baptism!!! Our first (of many) here in Iquitos. I baptized Jean Carlos Tecco Celis, a young man of 18 years who in one short year will be a great missionary. Yesterday his brother Raul confirmed him and he will receive the priesthood in 2 weeks (cause this week are the presidential elections in Perú, so no church :( but he is a great convert to the church. We couldn`t quite complete all of our goals this week (I could come up with a ton of excuses but that never does us any good) but we had success and will have more this week :) I`ll be sure to send pictures of the baptism. It is weird to think that you guys are entering summertime (finally) cause we are too, it gets hotter and hotter every day and it is starting to rain less, but it still rains quite often, I mean we`re in the RAIN forest, what else can you expect. I love being a missionary and I love being in Peru and I love MY FAMILY!!! I always loved those weekends when we could all get together and enjoy time together doing seemingly meaningless things like eating more than necessary, talking about sometimes nothing and playing video games, but all these little things is how our family is so strong and how we overcome every little and big thing that gets in our way. It is great to know how well the family is doing and that the only changes that have happened are for the best. In no time I will be able to join in again and fulfill my role as son and brother doing the things that matter most, but that seem to the world like they don`t matter at all. You are the greatest and never give up the small things to things that seem bigger and greater and of more importance. ¨by small and simple things, great things are brought to pass¨ (I think it is something like that in English) I love you and can only attempt to put in words the feeling I have for my family.


Elder Divis

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dustin's May 25th Letter

Dear Mom,
My week was excellent!!!! Sorry I couldn`t write on Monday :/ We had a tri-zone conference and then on Tuesday we had trainings. But my week was truly amazing. We now have 4 baptismal dates and we had 21 lessons with members and 13 others and people are still coming to church. We still have a lot to improve but we are progressing. When we got here a month ago we didn`t have any investigators, we didn`t know the members and it was tough to open this ward but with a little bit of diligence and patience we are getting the success that the Lord promises us. Now we just have to work even harder to maintain what we have and grow even more. The potential that we have here is huge and from the hints that Pres. Blunck told me, I will be here for at least 6 months!!! Woo-hoo! You might have to pray even harder for me because we are going to be relying and them and the Angles of heaven to lift us up and make miracles happen. I am truly excited for this great opportunity to be a missionary here in Iquitos, Peru. Sounds like you are having similar problem that we have been having here, eh? But the water is going down more and more every day and in a couple weeks it shouldn’t be a problem, but that means that it is getting hotter and hotter here in the rain forest. Wish me luck. It is great to hear how well the family and everyone are doing. I know he blesses each of you for you faithful service and obedience. Say hi to grandma and grandpa Chipman for me! :) And thanks for the package!!! (Maybe I spoke to soon... but I will let you know when I get it :) Have a great week and keep up the good work!
Elder Divis

I have a couple minutes left so I figured that I would write a little something extra. In the trainings and conference that we had the last 2 days I learned a ton. Pres. Blunck talked about ¨la formula de tener 100 bautismos en su misiòn¨ he talked about Cantidad y Calidad. (Quantity and quality, how we have to have both.) We have to have at least 100 contacts (quantity) cause that is the only why we can find new people. And that we shouldn`t waste our time with the contacts and new investigators that aren`t progressing. It is something that Elder Zuniga and I were already applying but it opened my mind to many different things. Like that we can improve the quality of our contacts and as we will find better quality people cause the spirit will be able to guide us better. The pres. is a little worried cause only 3 companionships in the whole mission (95 companionships) had 18 or more lessons with members. The stats that he shared with us let me know that Elder Zuniga and I are working effectively and a ton. But that doesn`t mean that we can or will relax. Quite the opposite. We are going to work harder because we understand when President says that as a mission we are not reaching our ¨potential¨ as a mission. I love our president. He is a man inspired by God and I have learned, am learning and will learn much from him.
Just a little update on the mission and the conference. Have a great week!
Elder Divis

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dustin's May 16th Letter

2011 May 16


I love reading your emails and knowing and realizing how much the Lord is blessing our family. It gives me new strength and comfort. My week was excellent! The last week we worked super super hard and still didn`t have anybody progressing. This week we worked even harder and more effectively. We had 32 lessons this week and half with members; we got 16 references and 18 new investigators. 7 people attended church and we got another return missionary and a ward mission leader. This week we are going to work even harder and even more effectively. The number of excellence in the mission is 18 lessons with member and 18 others, 15 references, 20 new investigators, and 100 contacts. All we needed is four more lessons two more new investigators. And the best part about all of it, is that we didn`t focus and just worry about numbers but at the end of the week we added it all up and our work paid off. I was a little surprised so I had to go back and count again to make sure. The Lord is the Master!!! All we have to do is put in our best, our very best and live worthy, and He picks up the slack and we become true instruments in His hands. My companion and I have a lot to work on and I know if we keep doing our very best to improve we will become excellent missionaries.

I love you all and I am inexpressibly grateful for all that you have done for me, do for me, and will continue doing for me. Sorry if the letter is a little short but I will be sure to write more next week. Just know that I love you mom and that you give me the strength to keep fighting for my salvation and the salvation others.


Elder Divis

Monday, May 9, 2011

Dustin's May 9th Letter

2011 May 9
Dear Mom,
It was great to talk to you too!!! I really enjoyed talking to the whole family, I felt like I was right there with you guys. I have to say sorry to Mariah because the phone cut off when I had 1 hour, but that life, Di? I love being on the mission and serving in Iquitos, Peru!!! I will always work my hardest here and never give up on anyone, anything, or for any reason. This week was great! We had 31 lessons and the investigators are reading the Book of Mormon and are praying, it`s just that they didn`t make it to church for one reason or another. Which kinda made me a little sad but I just have to work harder and help these people come unto Christ and find new people who are searching for the truth. And yes, I still have to sleep with a mosquito net cause dangue is common in the winter time here. Our ward gave the mothers little flowers made of this foam stuff that looked pretty cool in a miniature vase thing. It is always great to hear about and from the family and sorry if this letter is a little short but I can`t think of much else to say cause we talked just yesterday. I enjoy being able to talk to you and know that I love all of you. It is always cool to talk in Spanish with James but I fear I bore the others listening cause they can`t understand :/ woops. I truly do love you and I hope that you enjoy the pictures that I sent.
Elder Divis

 A family in Pucallpa the day before I left. At the far right
is a member that got baptised 3 years ago and always help us out. He
is an awesome guy and will be a great missionary in a few short
months. I gave him my soccer shoes when I left and he is like a little

 My companion Elder Zuniga in our pensionist (were we eat)

The sunrise from our apartment window here in Iquitos

Monday, May 2, 2011

Dustin's May 2nd Letter

2011 May 2

Dear Mom,
My week was great! as always, just with a few disappointments. But your week sounded like your keeping busy and having fun. I can`t wait to see Trissa and Laura`s new houses, from the sound of it they are both doing well and I am happy to hear that! I love having a great big family that loves and supports me. It makes me super happy to hear about Charlotte Jean!! I am really excited for them. And you also said you went to a duck pond and it sounded like it belongs to Laura and Craig, or did I misinterpret that part? Who knows? And one more thing: It`s still snowing there?!?!?! That is crazy. I am pretty sure that here it doesn`t get below 75 degrees, even when it’s raining and people say they are cold. I think I am accustomed to this weather though :/ cause when we go to a church that has air conditioning and it is set to 24 degrees Celsius, I feel cold! What temperature is 24 degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit?
To answer your questions about if we have cell-phones: that would be a big NO. haha ha. the zone leaders have one but that`s it. My week went good. We taught 28 lessons and we found a bunch of new people to teach and a few that want to get baptized. And the week was going perfectly but on Sunday,.... Nobody came to church; well some people came but not our investigators. I still have hope for them I just have to improve my teaching skill so that they understand the importance of keeping the Sabbath day holy and going to church. The ward is great!!! there are 22 return missionaries in the ward and 7 that are at the age to go on the mission (only 2 are active, but that`s why we`re here to support them) I don`t know if I told you in the last e-mail but we don`t have a bishop but we have a ton of support from the ward and we will have a bishop soon :) I love this ward, and Iquitos, and Peru!!! But most of all I love being immersed in the Lord`s work.
I love you mom and hope that all goes well. I still have not heard anything about our mother`s day call but I am sure you`ll receive a pre-call from me sometime this week. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!! and happy birthday to Jordan :) Hope all goes well at home. I am doing great.
Say hey to everyone for me.
Elder Divis

P.S. I saw the Amazon River, and I have been living in the amazon rain forest for over 6 months. No big deal :) haha ha.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Dustin's April 25th Letter

2011 April 25

Dear Mom

Easter here was pretty much like a normal day. There were a couple more families gathered together and Saturday night a lot of partying (but I am not sure if that is just every weekend in Iquitos). Oh yeah, and the whole day everyone in their house had movies of the life of Christ playing cause that is what came in on all the channels I think. So it was and is cool to see how everyone here, whether they are members of a church or not has a knowledge of the Savior. Sounds like you guys had a good Easter holiday like always and I cannot believe that you had TWO extra cheesecakes!!!! I would die to have a cheesecake! You know very well if I was home there is no way that there could be left over cheesecake :) And now, for my new area: First off, my new area is tiny compared to my old one and we have a ton of paved roads and there isn`t a ton of mud cause the ground here is sand not dirt, so that is good. I still have a part of my area that is flooded like my other area but the difference here is that it is still raising and in Pucallpa it was already going down. So we are in for more rain and more wet. My first week in Iquitos was awesome! We only have one ward here, but there used to be sister missionaries here. Which means that me and my Comp. are new here. My companion is Elder Zuniga and is from Nicaragua. He has about 3 months in the mission and came from an area in Lima. The area book was not a very good help as I thought it would be. There were a total of 5 teaching records and 4 of them were new with less than 1 lesson taught and 1 progressing, Nada Màs. But we have 13 new investigators now but we only taught 20 lessons this week, but it is all going great! We have one baptismal date for the 7th of May, we had two but one went back to Lima and is going to get baptized there. This area is the best and I am learning a ton here. My companion is pretty new to the mission thing but isn`t afraid to talk. He also has a strong Nicaragua accent when he talks he also uses a lot of slang from there but he is super cool. Yes, I did fly in, and I was alone :/ it felt super weird. When a got to the airport I figured my comp. would be waiting for me and that he had already been in Iquitos for at least one transfer, but when I got there, no one was waiting, or even planning on coming! Haha ha. I waited for 30 min. thinking they were just late (cause everyone here is always late to everything) then I called the assistants cause I don`t know the number of the Z/L and they came about an hour later and I found out that my comp. just got there about 2 hrs. before I did. The next day was my birthday and no one knew about it and I even forgot, Haha ha, but don`t worry cause the zone and the members in Pucallpa already celebrated it cause they knew I was leaving.

I love you mom, and I am doing great here. I hope to lose a little bit of weight but we`ll see.


Elder Divis

Monday, April 18, 2011

Dustin's April 18th Letter

2011 April 18

Dear Mom,

Thanks for the birthday wishes! In two days I won`t be a teenager, crazy eh? My week has been great!!! We had a baptism this week! Woo hoo! His name is Roel Rebeiro. He is awesome and already is a strong member. This week was kinda crazy with him. He works from 7am to 8 or 9pm so we woke up at 5 to be able to get to his house and teach him before he went to work but it all paid off in the end :) A lot has happened this week but it was a great week. I don`t if I already told you but I have a bike. We are the only area in the mission, and I think Perù that has bikes but we are testing to see if the rest of the zone can get them. I`ll have to take a picture :) Crazy to hear that there is still snow falling there!!! Here it is getting hotter and hotter, Summer is almost here :/ don`t know if I am ready for that quite yet.

To answer your questions: I will send another pic, SOON! My sheets now are a tan color but it really doesn`t matter what color you send. And now for a little bit more news. I don`t know how to tell you but tomorrow there are transfers and I have been here in Pucallpa for 6 months now, so I am getting transferred. I am not leaving the good old amazon rain forest, but I am going a little bit further in. I am going to Iquitos (E-key-toes)!!! It’s situated right at the head of the Amazon River and they say it is an island cause there are 4 rives that surround it so it is enclosed with water. It is an island in the middle of the jungle. SWEET! It is kinda hard to leave an area after being here for a fourth of my mission but the Lord need me somewhere else. I will let you know what it is like next week. Love you mom and I am grateful to have such a wonderful mother :)


Elder Divis

Monday, April 11, 2011

Dustin's April 11th Letter

2011 April 11
Dear Mom,
My week was great! It was better than the other weeks actually. We haven`t had a ton of success with baptisms this change but in this week four investigators accepted baptismal dates! We have some great investigators that the Lord has placed in our path, now we just have to take care of them and show them the path that leads to eternal happiness.
I feel that my letters don`t let you know about more than a hundredth of my mission (haha ha, sounds like what the prophets always say in the Book of Mormon) but it’s true. Hope it’s enough information to let you know that I am doing well and that God is blessing me and guiding me in everything I do, so you really don`t have to worry about anything cause I am in the best hands there are.
I am glad you got to have a fun spring break (they don`t celebrate spring break here :( .... Haha ha) and I am pretty sure I wouldn`t have been much of much help with the curtain activity cause my ¨muscles¨ aren`t doing so good, just the spiritual ones. It`s always nice to hear from home and how everything is going. Keep up the good work and say hi to everyone for me. I love you mom!
Elder Divis

Monday, April 4, 2011

Dustin's April 4th letter with pictures

2011 April 4
Dear Mom,
Conference was AWESOME!!! The first two sessions on Saturday I watched
in Spanish but for the priesthood session Elder Bylund (an elder from
my group that was with me in conference in my first area too) and I
got to watch it in English. It is so good to hear the feeling and
emotion and spirit in the voice of the prophet (it’s just not the same
as a translator) and the Sunday sessions all the ´gringos´ watched it
in English in the stake pres. office. There are 6 of us in this zone.
I received so much instruction, knowledge and revelation in this
conference it is unbelievable! I took 10 pages of notes this time
cause I know I probably won`t get the Liahona for about 3 or 4 months.
One of the quote I liked best of conference was in the very first talk
of our prophet Thomas S. Monson, he said, “La obra misional es la
sangre que da vida al Reino`` roughly translated according to my
ability, Missionary work is the blood that gives life to the Kingdom!
So true :) and there are many many more things I love from conference.
Also, I am sure that the talk that the Prophet gave in the priesthood
session and the other talk given on Sunday about marriage made Cameron
even trunkier! Haha ha :) and all the other missionaries for that
William looks like he`s loving it in the mission field (are you going
to send me his e-mails) I want to know everything about his mission!
How his companion is, his area, the members, investigators,
Conference! everything.  I just know he will be an awesome missionary.
He is humble and loving, even more than he lets us see. I love you
Will!!! The pictures of the family are always welcome too :) Della is
looking as good as ever and i am glad to hear that Riah is getting
better. I love you and am grateful for all the things you taught me
since I was born. You have been the ideal mom that has followed and
continues to follow all the counsels of the prophets. Thank you for
Elder Divis
P.S. I didn`t realize how many people read this letter and I still
don`t know but I read in Jackson Kings emails that my mom sends me
that he get my emails too. So thanks to everyone that supports me and
whatever other missionary. And remember your duty to help the
missionaries in your ward too :)

The first is of a fruit that looks like a watermellon but grows in a
tree :) crazy stuff like that happens here, even in nature!
The second is the last baptism we had. they all aren`t super big.
sometimes we have some with one of two people and other with like 20
but only when the zone does a baptism together.
The third is another picture of what my area is like

Monday, March 28, 2011

Dustin's March 28th Letter

 Dustin in the Jungle
 Baptism in December
Dustin's first district in Pucallpa

2011 March 28

Dear Mom,

My week went really well. I am pretty sure I found someone that was a captain in the war in heaven. He is pretty much as Golden as an investigator gets, the only problem is that he didn`t come to church this week, which is weird cause he always comes. But he will be a great powerful member of the church. This week’s sacrament meeting was humbling and amazing. We had 7 investigators in the church, 6 recent converts, and 2 inactive families (9 people). 22 people! that`s about 20% of the people that attended yesterday. It was humbling cause the progress that I have seen in this ward is incredible and the fact the Lord used me to bring to pass this work is something that strengthened my testimony even more art how great and marvelous this work is. I feel like I am nothing but the Lord managed to get the work done using me as an instrument in His hands. We just need to keep ourselves worthy and do the thing we know we should and the work and glory of God will come to pass. I love being a missionary and I love my family and friends and i am grateful for all those who were, are, and will be missionaries, missionary moms, or of support in this great work! Now to answer questions, it would be better to send Will`s letters by E-mail cause it takes more time in dearelder and sometimes only parts come at a time. I will send you the information for my plague by e-mail (hopefully today :/ last week I tried but the computer kicked me off before it got done loading the pictures) To ask questions :) if you haven’t sent the package yet, I thought of a few things I need: A fitted twin size sheet, BBQ sauce (sweet baby rays of course), Peanut butter (the real kind) and ... nada màs.

Love you!

Elder Divis

P.S. Sorry my letter is kinda short but like I told Mariah, Life`s short! haha ha, Love you all :)

(Dustin finally sent some pictures.  I will leave them on this post for a while and then transfer then back to the dates taken.)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Dustin's March 21st Letter

2011 March 21

Dear Mom,

My week was fantastic!

It is pretty exciting to hear of the birth of my fourth niece and that I am an uncle... again!!! I can`t wait to meet her in 16 months. I love the pictures and she is so dang cute (hard not to be when you`re a Divis, haha ha) Jordan and Mariah will make wonderful parents, I am sure of it! I am also very pleased to hear that the family is all doing ok and that the family is continually growing (spiritually and physical)

My week went well, sorry that I don`t really tell you much about what I do as a missionary but I don`t know where to start or end. This letter would go on forever. We found a family this week that is actually married!!! (that’s rare) and another family that want to get married(also rare) and two future priesthood holder (our mission president is focusing on that because we have enough members here to have almost 3 stakes but we only have 1 because there aren`t enough priesthood holders) and they both have a baptismal date, Woo hoo!!

The rainy season is coming to an end but that doesn`t mean it stops raining, just not as often. But the river is going down, slowly but surely. I think I can say that I am accustomed to the jungle. Even the people that have lived here for 70 years say that I know the jungle pretty well. I am still learning more and more Spanish every day and improving, about as fast as the river is descending :).

I grateful to have the best family ever and I love all of you. Keep up the good work and the time will fly by as it has been (too fast!) Take care and continue in the work of the Lord.


Elder Divis

Monday, March 14, 2011

Dustin's March 14th Letter

2011 March 14
Dear Mom,
Thanks for all the emails!!! I love hearing about how everything is going and how well my family continues to live the Gospel faithfully. My week was really good. Elder Uceda came to Pucallpa and we had a zone conference with him. He is a member of the first quorum of the seventies. It was awesome and I learned a ton, also the mission Pres. was here, Pres. Blunck, he is an excellent mission president and teaches me a ton. And I continue learning everyday and my new companion is great and I am learning a ton. We didn`t have any baptisms this week but we are working hard to help as many people as we can. It is so great to know that Will is in the mission!!! He will learn and change so much. It will be great to see his progress. Thank for my lucky number and I have some good news! I can send pictures by email now!!! Only three a week, so I will try and send some good ones today. It`s cool that you guys met Tori in the subway before Will left, I heard that she is in my old young single adult ward in Spokane, Havana Ward. So that`s cool. Oh yeah, the Havana ward sent me a letter and wants my picture (who doesn`t, haha ha) and ,my favorite scripture so they make a plaque for me. I will send you the address of the people that are asking so that you can send them the information faster and cheaper. I know the letter is a little shorter but it`ll have to do. I really do appreciate every word of every letter that I get. I apologize if someone has written me and I haven`t written them back yet. I have 4 letters written and ready to send, I just have to find a post office. Thank you mom for the love you have for me and the whole family and all those that are around you. You`re the Greatest!!!


Elder Divis

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pictures Posted

I added some pictures to the Feb 28th post from the mission president's wife's blog.  Dustin is the one that is slow to get to the floor in the pushup picture.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Dustin's March 7th Letter

2011 March 7
Dear Mom,
Thanks for the quotes, they are inspiring words that I will apply in life as a missionary, they’re great.
I am doing as good as ever. Tomorrow we have transfers! And guess what... I am staying here in Pucallpa!!! woo hoo. And I am also getting another new companion, his name is Elder Jaicot (not sure of the spelling yet) my first Peruvian companion in the mission field. He is from a city called Ica here in Peru. Saturday I baptized Kevin Anthony Muñoz Moreno and he was confirmed by my companion Elder Cuellar yesterday. He is 17 years old and he will make a great missionary in 2 years. I am super excited to be here in Peru and here in Pucallpa at least until my birthday. This ward is progressing and I have to help them more. They now have home and visiting teaching, ward mission leader, ward mission plan, an Elder`s quorum Pres. and secretary to the bishopric. They didn`t have any of these thing before. We just lack a little more organization and this ward will be the best in the stake.
As for what I want for my birthday ... :) Nothing big, I ran out of peanut butter, and candy from home is always a blessing. I really like Jr. mints and York peppermint patties and... well you know what I like. But other than treats for the satisfaction of my tongue and belly I don`t need anything else. I did want to ask if there is money on my debit card because I would like to get a few things from here in Pucallpa. I love being a missionary and am grateful for all the blessing that have been rained down on me. I am also grateful for a family that lives the Gospel which brings us all closer to Jesus Christ and like Dad said, the salvation is personal but the exaltation is a group effort, so true. Love you all and I know that God lives and loves each one of us. Take care and remember who you are (a child of God)
Elder Divis