Monday, April 30, 2012

Dustin's April 30 Letter

2012 April 30
Dear Mom,
My week went well. The zoo was fun, time flew by, but what`s new. Thanks for the updates and answers to my questions. I just felt a little curious. Say Hi to everyone. Your life sounds busy right now. Hope that all goes well. Dad mentioned that my emails have been a little short lately. I`ll get better.
Something happened this week that has never happened before in my mission! We had a baptism on Saturday (that has happened a lot) but yesterday she did not get confirmed! It was a great big roller-coaster ride. Her name is Claudelina Reyes, and she`s 79 years old. We ¨tried¨ to heat up the water but it didn`t work out too well. She got baptized after about 15 minutes in the fount. Everything went quite well actually. Sunday we called and she was sleeping so later we passed by her house to go with her to church and nobody answered the door. We knocked and called for about 20 min and decided she wasn`t there. Never showed up to church! Neither did any of the other investigators, I wasn`t feeling so hot at this point.
After church the day started to take an up. (Don`t know if that makes any sense) but we taught some lessons and we taught two amazing families! The Dias Lavy Family and the Ugarte Castro Family (just to let you know, every family in Latin America has two last names. If you already knew that, Great! if not, now you know :) They both shared with us that they have a desire to get married and baptized! And we will visit sister Claudelina today and she will be confirmed next week in stake conference. So by the time we got home I was feeling much better.
I have been doing a lot of divisions lately with the whole zone. I am getting to know all the areas and I know quite well all the missionaries in the zone. Today is transfer day! I´m not leaving (no surprise there). I like this area and can`t wait to keep working there till the end.
I have seen the Gospel of Jesus Christ change countless lives in this short time in Peru. I know that the church is true and that we are so privileged to live a time that God`s priesthood power reigns on earth. I love you and pray for you. I`ll might be doing the pre-call for mother’s day next week :)
Elder Dustin Divis

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dustin's April 23 Letter

2012 April 23
Dear Mom,
My week was pretty good. We didn`t have P-day on Monday but we went to the Temple on Thursday, which was amazing! We had interviews on Wednesday with Pres. Blunck then my birthday on Friday. It was better than last year`s. I got sung to and I ate some of the treats you sent me and ... that`s about it. I love being on the mission and I`m not really one to have a lot of party stuff.
This week we should have a baptism. I`ll be sure to send pictures. We found a single mom this week that has 4 kids. Luis 7 years, Nicolas 5, forgot his name 3, Marleny 1. Her name is Claudia Laura. Her brother is a member and has a really cool conversion story and is now married in the temple and has 4 kids, 2 of which have served missions and are married in the temple too. It just put a smile on my face to hear the desire to come unto Christ in order to receive joy and happiness.
Today we are going to the zoo. It`s called the Park of Legends. I`ll have fun :) I feel like a dad with 9 kids. I wouldn`t be surprised if I my hair starts turning gray through the next 3 months, haha ha. I pray for you always.
Last I heard Jen was planning on going on a mission. Has she turned in her papers or is she still preparing them? How`s Nicole doing? Does Jonny have a kid yet? Do you know if Ryan`s wife has a brother or cousin that`s serving a mission in Mexico, Tuxla Gutierrez? Have you heard anything about PJ and Charity? I really don`t have a clue what is going on in the family. Hope all is well and know that I love you!
Elder Divis

Dustin's April 16 Letter

2012 April 16
Dear Mom,
I want to say sorry that my letter today is super short. My time has been cut really short. Thanks for the updates on Carter. I`ll be sure to have him in my fasts and daily prayers, along with Laura and the rest of the family. I`ll send a couple pictures. Thanks for the package! It got here last Monday after writing you. The shaver is quite fancy and works well I am enjoying the new socks and delicious goodies. I love you and hope the best for all! Say hi to everyone for me.
Elder Dustin Divis

 About half my group in a conference
 Tahuantinsuyo Zone: Last monday playing soccer with some jerseys we made
 Rafeal Family. I went to Wiesse and baptised brother Edgar Rafeal!!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Dustin's April 9 Letter

2012 April 9
Dear Mom,
My week went well. If all goes as planned and hoped we should have 3 baptisms this month. We were able to have more lessons this week and we even visited some investigator families with the Bishop. This Ward is great! We just need to use all the resources that we have to efficiently bring about the Lord`s work as a team. Today, we are going to play soccer with the other zone. We made sweet jerseys as a zone for the game, I`ll send a picture next week. Don`t let me forget.
I had a good Easter. The bad thing is that here just about everyone celebrates the death of Jesus on Friday and nobody recognizes Easter Sunday. Not even the members put much emphasis in His resurrection. I gave a talk on Sunday and I hope it helped them remember that as Latter-day Saints we believe and worship a living God. I thank you mom for the love you show for the Savior because it has helped me develop the same love for Him. Happy Easter!!!!
Elder Dustin Divis

 Elder Nurinda and Elder Divis
Family Home Evening at the mission home

Friday, April 6, 2012

Dustin's April 2 Letter

Dear Mom,
Thanks for the pictures! My week went well and I loved conference!!! I got to watch the priesthood session, half of the Sunday morning session and the afternoon session on Sunday in English. Loved it! The good part is that I actually understand Spanish fully now. Maybe not fully but all that was said in the conference I understood. Like I was telling one of the missionaries in the zone, I speak ´´Gospel Spanish´´.
Before the Saturday morning session I went back to my old area and baptized Sister María Arce and her son Mario Rafeal Arce. His dad will be baptized the 14 of April and we hope is eldest son Toto will do the same. I really don`t know a lot about his progress because I haven`t been teaching them for two weeks. I hope to receive the good news in the following weeks.
We did a service on Wednesday hauling buckets of rocks up to the third floor of a house. I woke up pretty sore the next day, reminds me of old times. I love you and know that the family has been blessed for the faithful service and example you have set and that we have followed. My hope and prayer is that we can continue magnifying whatever calling we are given here on this earth.
Elder Dustin Divis

Huamán Silvestre Family 
Rafael Arce Family