Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dustin's October 10th Letter

October 10, 2011         
Dear Mom,
Yes, the keyboards are different here, I always wonder if the punctuation is ok when you read it (But I still can`t blame my terrible spelling on the keyboard, I just can`t spell.) I am glad to hear that you and Dad made it safely to Germany and are having a great time. My week went better this week. We had a baptism! Nadia Valenzuela was baptized and confirmed. And something just as exciting, a family that we are teaching, Damer and Monica, told us they would get married in 5 years or so, but we talked with them and they prayed about it together and they will get married November 19th!!!! 2011. Damer is Anderson`s little brother. (Anderson got baptized 2 weeks ago) And another family is also preparing to get married. I love working with family and I know that they are fundamental to the Plan of God. Thanks for being the greatest family ever!!!! I wanted to ask you, Can you send me pictures of the family? It would be cool to have pictures of the individual families. ie: James` family, Trissa`s, Laura`s, and Jordan`s. And pictures of me playing Football, Wrestling, and Soccer. A couple of each. I know it most likely won`t be possible while you`re in Germany but if I didn`t write it now I might forget.
Don`t get discouraged not understanding the language. I was talking with some members that told me I didn`t speak a word a year ago and some new missionaries that are just starting. It made me think about what has changed and how I learned. You just to open your mouth and vomit the words out. They sort through what you threw up and understand a little. Now that`s a pretty graphic example but the point is, you just gotta try. Some will understand ok others a little and others won`t understand anything and that is when hand gestures come in handy, haha ha :) I love you Mom and I marvel at your wonderful qualities and hope to be able to acquire them.
Elder Divis

P.S. I got all your e-mails that you sent from your iPhone. Thanks for the updates. Have Fun!

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