Monday, September 27, 2010

Dustin's First Area

September 27, 2010
Thanks Mom! I love you so much,
So much has happened I don`t know what to write. On Tuesday, President Blunck and his wife came and picked up our group of 16 missionaries from the CCM and we were taken to the mission home. I had the opportunity to write that letter by hand and that’s about it. I received my trainer that night. His name is Elder Johnson! Another Gringo! That has never happened before in this mission but it’s great. We don`t speak English at all and he is the district leader and has been on his mission for 13 months. He is from Utah and I think he went to BYU before he came on the mission. I can`t send pictures in e-mails here so I’ll have to make a CD and send it to you or something. My first week in the field has been awesome! I baptized a lady named Amparo Beatriz Utrilla Fajardo on Saturday. My 5th day in the field, it was great. Also on my first night here we contacted a lady and taught her the first lesson then we taught her again on Friday and I committed her to baptism and set a date in October. I love missionary work and know that I will be able to have success as I pray and follow the promptings of the Spirit always. The only thing that isn`t fantastic is my Spanish. I have troubles understanding people at times and I can`t say all I want to. At times I get discouraged with the language but at those times is when I pray harder and I know that Lord is humbling me because I need it. I pray for miracles to happen daily. And it will truly be a miracle when I can understand and speak Spanish completely. I can feel it coming and I need to have patience. I love you more than I can say and I pray for you several times a day. I desire to learn the language so that I can do the work more effectively. I am talking so much about Spanish, I think because it is the only thing that I struggle with right now. And I hate struggling with things. The time truly flies by on the mission. I learn how to be more Christ like every day. So much has happened to me it’s unbelievable. I`ve changed, and for the better. I am now a missionary not just Dustin Divis but Elder Divis. I miss you so much but I love the Lord and know this is the place I belong. Oh yeah! My area is called Wiese. It is in the city of Lima. It’s great to get to know the people of Peru better and see how ready so many people are even though they don`t know it. The mission Pres. said that everyone serves in the Jungle during the mission and I would love to serve there but I love it here in the city too. I am excited for this mission. We are currently opening up new areas and I can see the work moving onward. I am not going to be able to watch conference this week because there are elections here this weekend and it is law that no one can hold meetings of any sort here so we have to wait till the week after. Also, this weekend because of the elections we have to be in our rooms for two days and can`t proselyte,that`ll give me time to study a ton but it`ll be hard not teaching. It is weird being the minority and being taller, than everyone. Say hi to everyone and let them know that I love them.
Elder Divis

P.S. How are Jordan and Mariah doing? Hope that the whole family is doing well, I love you so much!!!!! Chow( oh yeah! ) they chow here all the time. I thought they only did that in Brazil. Loco.

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