Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dustin's September 15th Letter

September 15, 2010
My week has been great! Sorry to hear that all my pictures didn´t go through but I’ll try again today. You sound like your keeping yourself very busy. That is great that you got a job! When I read the subject of the email I didn´t know what to think. That is cool that you got to spend time with Lyn. She writes me quite often and I enjoy it. I´m excited about all the work that is getting down on the house. You guys need to send me some pictures of that so I can see that progress. That is so great that Klaus enters the MTC today! Logan goes in next week?! That’s crazy! They will be great. The weeks are still flying by. I leave the CCM next Tuesday the 21st. Less than a week!! I feel ready to go in the field and work my hardest everyday to spread the gospel and learn the language. This week has been going very well. Saturday was the first time me and my North American companion elder Kepner went proselyting in the city and it went perfectly. We taught 5 or 6 families in a couple hours and handed out one Book of Mormon. The most successful part though was our Spanish. We both spoke really well and understood. We both felt accomplished and ready for the field but know that we have a ton to learn still. Oh and the place we went on Saturday was in our mission and we met some of the members there and they are awesome! They hardly have any less-active members and the members help out the missionary work a lot. I would love to go straight to the jungle next week but who knows what the Lord has in store for me.
My teachers here are great! I have hermana Flores in the mornings and hermano Rubio in the afternoons. They are both great teachers and also don´t speak any English. Only about 50% of the teachers hear speak English and I never got taught by them, which I feel is perfect. Last night I even learn a little Cetchua, which is the language of the Incans (however you spell it) A lot of people speak it in the Cusco area but not too much in my mission but maybe. It is a lot different than Spanish but they say if you know Spanish and English you can pick up Cetchua pretty quick. I wrote Trissa and Will a letter on Monday and they are both being sent to you in Colville because I don´t have Trissa’s address. Could you get me her email address? This is the last email I will be able to send before I am out of the CCM. So my next email will probably have a little more information than this one.
I love serving the Lord and I know as I follow Him and His example I will be blessed with Joy and success. I love all of you! I know I say it every week but I say it because it’s true. I pray for you every night and I know you are supporting me. I wish you luck with your new job and the work on the house. I am doing great and being on the mission is the best feeling in the world. I´ll let you know what part of my mission I´m serving in next Wednesday. (At least I think I’ll be able to email then) Love you!
Elder Dustin Divis

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