Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dustin's September 8th letter with pictures

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September 8, 2010
Buenas dias,
That’s good you got most of the pictures. I think the reason they take forever to send is because they are 12 megapixels and most people’s pictures are not that big. And yes, I can see the pictures in your blog and it takes no time at all to download. Thanks. It is great to hear about the progress that is being made on the house. It´ll probably be done when i get back huh? That is crazy that there was a big fire up by our house! But you (mom) made it sound like nothing. Having the cars all packed ready to leave if you had to. All I have to say is that I´m glad the fire didn´t come our way. I thought I would be able send pictures to you last week after we went to the plaza but there wasn´t time so I´ll probably send them today. The time is going by faster and faster the more time I´m here. Sometimes I want it to slow down! Which sounds weird cause I don´t hear most missionaries saying that, but I´m glad that I have no distraction from the Work. The Spanish is still improving and I can understand the natives without them having to slow down and I’m excited to go proselyting in the city without a Latino companion and see how it goes. At the plaza last week I bought a bag, a hat, and a hamburger that was delicious! For the bag and the hat it was about 7 US dollars. I´ll don´t think I have pictures of those yet but I did get some good ones in the city. I don´t know what I´ve told you in other letters and the days blend together and don´t remember if I just wrote it in more journal or what. Anyway, I am doing great as always and I´ll be in the field before I know it. Let everyone know that The Work is going well down here and that I love all of you and encourage you to share the gospel with everyone! We have something great and we need to share it. I will write more next week and here are some pictures I took.
Elder Divis

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