Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1st Letter

September 1, 2010

Dear Family,

Did you get my Pictures ok? If so I don´t know if you noticed it but I got burned on my last P-day while I played soccer. The sun finally came out (which never happens here) and I was playing soccer for just over an hour and my face got super red but it didn´t hurt at all and I didn’t peel so that’s good. However, when we had class that night with my teacher Hermana Flor, she informed me that the Latinos here in Peru think that a red face is attractive and so is a heavy American accent. She then went on to tell us that in jungle it is worse and that about half of the North American missionaries that go there die spiritually and that no North Americans have been sent into my mission for the last 3 or 4 transfers and 3 missionaries have been sent home in the last 4 months! Which is crazy, but I know that our group of missionaries going to Lima North are strong and that we were all called here at this time for a reason.

It has been 3 weeks since i got here and the time as gone by so fast and I hear that it goes by even faster when you´re in the field. My Latino companion, elder Espinoza left yesterday at 12 noon. He was a great companion and he taught me a ton about the Latino people and their language. He will be a great missionary in the Peru Piura mission which is the furthest north mission on the west side of the Andes. The mission president there is President Chipman! So I found out where he was serving but that is about it. Before Elder Espinoza left he drew me a picture and wrote some things on a piece of paper for me which was way cool. He is really good at drawing, and likes to draw anime stuff like Will. I have another picture he drew for me and I will send it to you Will on Monday.

I have continued to learn Spanish at a rate that you wouldn’t believe possible and it wouldn´t be possible without the help of the spirit. The other day when I was talking with my teacher she stop me and told me how much faster I was getting at my Spanish and how much better I could speak now than 2 weeks prior and she just kind of reiterated in me how much I really am learning. So that was really cool. And now I can understand almost everything that happens in meeting with exception of a few words that I try and look up later and ask a teacher or a Latino what it means. I love learning Spanish even though it is confusing and hard at time I know it is possible and worth it. Hopefully by the time I leave the CCM in 3 more weeks I will be confident enough to teach lesson and talk with people on the street and understand their needs and address them. That is my goal. I know that the next 3 weeks are going to fly quickly just like the last 3 did and I´ll be writing about my first weeks in the field soon.

Also, since all our Latino companions left and there aren´t enough new Latinos to go around I have a new North American companion. His name is Elder Kepner, and I am so glad we are companions. We were in the same district that last 3 weeks and we practice taught together quite often. He is so funny and is really knowledgeable in the scriptures. He´s from Indiana and plays the bass guitar in a band. I am excited to serve with him for the next 3 weeks!

Later today at 12:30 we get to go on a tour of Lima and buy some sweet stuff on the streets so that will be supper fun and I will send pictures later tonight. I love you all and appreciate all the support you give me. I am doing great and the Lord is watching over me always and I know that. So don´t worry about me. You guys back home are my strength and I have grown so much from being around you, thank you.}


Elder Divis

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  1. Please tell Dustin that he is the bomb and I wish him the best! I wrote him a dear elder when he was in the Provo MTC. Did he get it? Rachel Kessler