Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dustin's Oct 25th Letter

2010 October 25th

Hey mom!

It is great to hear that you are feeling better! It sounds like you guys are having fun back home. Thanks for the pictures it is always great to see how the family is doing as well as hear about them. I am still doing great as always, how could I not be? I`m a missionary! The time continues to fly by, I`ve been on the mission for over 3 months and I really feel the language coming and I think it will come even faster once I have a Latino companion but I am learning a ton. I am grateful for all that I could learn before the mission because it makes it so much easier to teach by the Spirit. There are missionaries who, when they enter the mission field, still haven`t read the Book of Mormon or prayed to know that it is true and I could not imagine how lost and confused I would be if I didn`t know about the Book of Mormon and Spanish.

It is great to hear that Will is preparing for the mission!!! Will, it will seriously change your life. I have already felt it change mine and I know it will continue to do so. Pray always and trust in the Lord in ALL things. Study the scriptures with the intent to learn more about our Savior. One scripture I think you`ll like is Ephesians 6:10-23 or more. It is about the armor of God and it is what you need every day, especially as a missionary. Never forget the blessing that the Lord has promised and will promise you in the near future. Study PMG and the Book of Mormon every day, your learn tons. I love ya bro and I guess I’ll see you in about 2 and a half years :)

Dad didn`t write me so I’ll have to wait to hear his experience next week. I`ll have to send you a ton of letters for you to send out cause it costs 7.20 (like 2.50 dollars!)soles to send one letter from here and it is easier to send them all to you and you can send them out. This week was great though. We had good lessons and I can see progress starting to pick up in our area. I had and exchange this week and I was with a Latino, Elder Paiz, it was great. I felt my Spanish get better more in that day than the rest of the week and Elder Paiz told me when I asked how my Spanish was that it was better than the gringo that trained him who had 14 months in the mission. Not sure if I quite believe that but I was pleased. I know that as I continue to study the language and pray I will master Spanish in no time and be able teach more and more effectively. I started reading el Libro de Mormòn at the beginning of this transfer and I am in Mosìah 8. I hope to finish it in the next transfer! The other day while I was teaching a lesson I thought to myself, ``I can understand what he is saying and speak back to him and he can understand me... I can speak a different language!`` It is crazy and I don`t feel that I am that great at Spanish at all and can`t wait until I think everything in Spanish and lose the ability to speak English completely. I know that my email is kinda long today but that is because you and Trissa are the only people who wrote me Haha ha :) and I figured that you would like to hear more about how I’m doing.

So here it goes: my investigators! We had 7 investigators at church yesterday!!! and it was the primary program :) haha. William and Mary are two investigators that are golden. William`s mom is an inactive member and his sister is a recent convert. Mary is his girlfriend, and they aren`t living together!!! Which is a miracle! Everyone down here lives together and have kids and never get married but on the first visit with them they said they wanted to get married in the Temple! Crazy right? They asked us if they could get baptized on the 30th, THEY asked us! But they can`t because they have to have 2 visis in the church first. He works on Sunday right now but could still come to church for sacrament meeting and after our first visit with him he started looking for a new job that doesn`t work on Sundays. We promised if he put his faith in the Lord he could find one in a month. Our next visit he said he found one and that he would start work there sometime next month! I love the Gospel. Also, Fran, He is also great. We gave him a Book of Mormon after teaching the first lesson and he said he would read the whole thing in a week. He didn`t but he`s still working on it. But he did pray and told us he couldn’t describe the feelings he had but he knew it was true and wants to be baptized. We are also teaching his mom and his little brother. His little bro is 9 and wants to be baptized and is reading the Book of Mormon too along with their mom! They are great. Our only obstacle right now is marriage! She`s not married to the Dad but they live together. We are going to teach him and we have already encouraged them to get married and it seems to be going well so far. Also, he has a sister who we are going to start teaching too. All of them but the Dad came to an activity that the missionaries in our zone had. I hope we can teach their whole family and baptize them all at once, or baptize Fran and he can get the priesthood and baptize his family later. Either is perfect.

We also have some other really great investigators that are progressing. It is great! I kinda hope I don`t get transferred cause I would like to continue with these investigators but ``Come what may and love it`` OH yeah, thanks for the talk of Pres. Uchtorf, are the rest on the way? Did the address I gave you work out all right? Tell everyone I love them and thanks for the prayers.

I love you Mom! Wish you the best and know that I love you with all my heart and think about you always.


Elder Divis

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