Monday, October 11, 2010

October 11th Letter

2010 October 11th

Conference was Awesome!!! I got to watch all of it in English! It was the greatest. And thanks for sending those two talks and YES! I would like them all and you can send pictures but I can`t. I`ll have to wait and put a bunch on a disk and send it to you. I hope you get better soon. You guys have a ton of questions this week! I love it. I can`t answer them all but I will work on it. I know Trevor Hollingsworth from Chewelah! He was in my singles ward in Spokane for a while before his mission and I knew him before that. He was in Spokane because his brother lived there and Trevor had just finished at BYU-I. The ward here is good. It is huge. I don`t know the number but the chapel is packed and into the overflow. There are 8 missionaries in our district and in our zone. It is new and I think we are getting more missionaries this week. I don`t really know the answers to the rest but I will try and find it out. As for the address I have no idea. The chapel is on the corner of 8 and Wiese but that probably doesn’t help. I love you and my week has gone by so fast. We are starting to get the members involved and have had success but it will be easier when we have sacrament meeting again. We haven’t had it because of elections and conference.

My time is up!

Love you,

Elder Divis

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