Monday, October 18, 2010

Dustin's October 18th Letter

2010 October 18

Hello Family,

This week was good. Super fast but good. It feels like I wrote you yesterday! I love you guys. To answer some of the questions Dad had. My ward has 840 members (it’s huge) only about 250 attend so that is a problem. I have no idea how many people live in my area but it is a lot, more than 10,000 for sure. Also my address is: Manzana K Lote 25, cruz de Motupe groupo 1, San juan de lurigancho, Lima, Peru. Sorry to hear that you’re sick, I hope you get better soon and I’m praying for you. It sounds like life is moving along at home at full speed. That is great all the progress Jeff is making on the house. It looks great! And I have been getting the letters from Laura I just haven`t been able to respond. Sorry! It cost quite a bit to send letters so it is way easier to email. I appreciate the letters from Laura and the great example she is to me. Tell her to keep up the good work and I love her. I love you all so much. Sorry if I don`t give you enough info but I’m really not that great of a typer or writer. Tell Charity and PJ hi for me and that I am doing great and wish them the best. I am receiving emails from Jordan Mariah and James and Audra. About Christmas I have no idea. Dad would prefer the money idea but a package would be nice. I’ll have to think about and get back to you. It just seems so far away. I do have a scripture I would like to use but not a picture yet. I`ll have to send one in the mail when I get a good one. I`ll let you know what scriptures next week. Also is this for our ward or my singles ward. I would like one for our ward but I know the singles ward asked me for this information before I left so maybe I can send two different pictures and scriptures. That would be cool! The work has been moving. We had a baptism scheduled for this week but she didn`t get an interview because we couldn`t seem to catch her at home all week. Hopefully all is well with her and we can baptize her this week. I hope to get a lot of baptismal dates this week. I don`t think I`ll get transferred this change but who knows. Also I had an interview with Pres. Blunck this week. It went really well! Also the district leader and zone leaders say they think I’ll go to the jungle this transfer and they say my Spanish is getting better fast, especially for having a gringo companion. I love being a missionary and the time has gone by so fast. I`ve already been gone for 3 months and I only have 21 more to serve the Lord full-time. It might seem like a long time but I feel I’m already on the downhill and I need to work my hardest everyday to serve the Lord. I love the scriptures and the Gospel and Jesus Christ! I am nothing without them. I truly love you all with all my heart and hope you are doing well. Don`t worry about me at all. The food is fine my health is great the Lord is with me wherever I go and I am a servant and instrument of God. My life is perfect. Nothing can stop me when I have this great calling and live worthy of it. My God speed!


Elder Divis

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