Monday, November 15, 2010

Dustin's November 15th Letter

2010 November 15th

Thanks for all of the great info. I am so glad to hear that PJ and Charity are doing well and are married in the temple now. They will be blessed so much for making that wonderful decision. I wish I could have been there but Dad is right, I am where I need to be right now and I love it. I am doing wonderful as usual. We had a baptism on Saturday and I baptized Linda Marisela Moreno Valderrama. She will be a great member and has the desires to serve a mission. It`s great to see the gospel change peoples’ lives for the better. We also have a baptism scheduled for this Saturday and two for the following. It is great to see that work of the Lord move forward. Also, yesterday I gave a talk in both of my wards. Each one was about 10 to 15 minutes and everyone said they were good and my Spanish is getting better. My talks were on La Obra misional (missionary work) and I explained my objective as a missionary and then read a few quotes from the last part of the first chapter of PMG and explained how `every member is a missionary` and I think it really got to them and that we will begin to receive more help from the wards. I love missionary work and this area and this people!

To answer a few questions that mom had. I don`t cook at all. Throughout the entire mission I have a pension and they cook breakfast and dinner for us and every day we eat lunch with the members. Right now our pension lives pretty far away so she brings the food to us in the morning and we go there for dinner. It just depends on what area you live in if you eat in their home or not. I don`t do laundry either :) In this area my pension does it but sometimes it is someone else, also depends on the area. I live pretty well. We live in an apartment that is pretty nice and from what I’ve seen they are all pretty nice, we just don`t have hot water in the jungle but it is always so hot the cold water is welcomed. Also, I sleep under a bug net in the night, one because it is a rule and two cause I would rather not have bugs crawling on me in the night ha ha ha. Every day we go out and work hard and really try hard to work the members, but we find new people to teach all the time and I love it when I can see them progress. We take these things called mototaxis everywhere. It is pretty much the only form of transportation and they are motorcycles with the back part cut off and there is a bench seat and frame put on the back with two wheels. I`ll have to send a picture. That`s my thoughts and I love my mission.

For the plaques my favorite 2 are the one in Moses and the one in Ephesians but if the one in Ephesians is too long I also love the one in 2 Nephi.

I know that I am in the work of the Lord and I love you all and know that you support me and that the Lord blesses you and me every day.

¡Siga adelante!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Dustin Divis

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