Monday, November 29, 2010

Dustin's November 29th Letter

2010 November 29th

My week was great! I don`t know if I`ve told you about the baptisms this month but we had 4 and hope to have more next month. This zone is the highest baptizing zone in the mission right now and we hope to increase.

Sounds like you had a perfect thanksgiving and you really did enjoy all the holiday activities for me. Thanks :). They don`t celebrate thanksgiving here so my day was normal and I almost forgot it was thanksgiving! I was anticipating William’s call but I’ll have to wait another week. I am so excited for you William. Throughout your mission pray ALWAYS and ask for help from the Lord, also remember my favorite quote ``Come what may and love it`` Elder Wirthlin. You will be a great missionary if you follow this advise KISS ``Keep It Simple Stupid`` harsh I know but if you just obey the Lord and your leaders life is simple. Obey with exactness! It would be really cool if you could incorporate the quote ``Come what may and love it`` in one of my plagues. I still need to print photos but they will be awesome! Also, Trissa said she saw Elder Logan McCombs the other day! How crazy is that!

I love you a ton mom. The end of your letter almost made me cry. I really appreciate all that you have done and are doing for me. You are the greatest!!! I love you and can never repay you for all you`ve done for me.


Elder Dustin Divis

P.S. Told you it would snow a ton this year :) Enjoy it for me and I will enjoy the Jungle.

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