Monday, January 17, 2011

Dustin's Jan 17th Letter

Dear Mom,
Thanks for the reminder that my mission is flying by, it has almost been 6 months: / a fourth of my mission gone and it seems like a just started! I still have times when I am experiencing something new, and those times happen everyday!!! Nevertheless, I am doing wonderfully:)
This week we had sun... all...week...long. It was pretty hot and we were asking for rain everyday and it never came, but February and March are the months it is supposed to dump rain in the jungle so the people here don`t want the rain like we do.
In little words, this week we had some family nights in the homes of less active members and investigators and we have found new people to teach, some references and some contacts. Two of them already have baptismal dates and only need permission from their parents, and for both it should be pretty easy. Also the bishop is starting to work with us a little, so that’s good. We`ve been trying to help the ward through him, we see problems and we bring him solutions so that his stress level goes down. I think we`re progressing. We have been teaching English the last couple weeks and it has been going well. The first class there was about 8 people (investigators, references, converts, and members alike) and the next class we had more than 20 people, so I think it will be a success. We are also planning an activity in the 2 wards we are in and it will be great. More info next week on that.
Some other information: I am going back to Lima today!!! But it’s just for a training conference( cause I`ve been here for 6 months and haven`t received a training yet) I`ll be back in Pucallpa on Thursday night, hopefully in time for the activity we have planed :/ And next week are transfers again, they come and go so fast. My companion and I both think we are staying here together for at least on more transfer and if we do we will be able to do some serious work! Yes, I got all that stuff in the package :) thanks a ton!!! I still haven`t got to listen to the music cause I don`t have speakers but I’ll get some soon. I`ve been dying to listen to what you put on there and I am sure I like it. Yes I get the dearelders and they are great. I get to know how they are all doing (even those of Jackson) I would also like some from Logan if it is at all possible. I will do that picture diary as soon as I can but I don`t thing this week will be the best cause I will be in training but I will do it
Thanks for everything mom and I love you and know that I am in the Lord`s work and that thanks to my mother I have nothing to fear (you’re like one of the mothers of the stripling warriors, me being the son :) And I’m ripped like them too, well not so much now but my spirit is getting stronger than ever. Love you mom!!
Elder Divis

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