Monday, January 10, 2011

Dustin's January 10th Letter

2011 January 10th
Dearest Mother,
So Craig got a job in Utah, eh? That is good, I knew everything with them would work out well. And you made me laugh pretty good with your response to Laura´s idea of all of us living in Utah, Ha ha ha, ´not happening! ´ You’re the best :) It’s good to hear that the work goes on there at home and that the house could be done when I get back. According to Dad it will be done for sure... we know what that means :) ha ha ha, just kidding Dad, You´ll get it done. I love the winter time. It is crazy to hear that you are in a sweater with a heated blanket when I’m burning hot just sitting here typing.
That is cool that you found pictures on Sis. Yost´s blog and Sis. Blunck´s blogs. Maybe you noticed but just to let you know, I’m pretty red and I am not sure if I’ve gained weight here or lost, cause some members say I´ve lost weight but all the motocars ask me to sit on the left side, they say,¨gordito a la izquierda´´ which means the fat one to the left. They didn`t used to say that: / ha ha ha.
For the week or day in my life, I will start working on that. It will be ´Bakan´ or amazing but in Peruvian slang ha ha ha. And now for my week. I recently realized that I don`t write a whole lot about the missionary work I do so I figured I’d start telling you a little more about that. This week was like a rollercoaster! The beginning of the week was normal and super hot and then in the middle of the week a ton of appointments fell through and the weather was average, and then it rained ´cats and dogs´ on Thursday and we taught more cause when it rains hard nobody works and everyone is in their house :) The streets turned into rivers and we were the only people walking through them. Every appointment we went to they let us in their house immediately and said they didn`t think we would show up because of the rain. I think that day helped us a ton, everyone saw that there is nothing that will stop us from working or showing up to an appointment. And it wasn´t dang hot! My companion and I enjoyed walking in the rain a lot, maybe too much... but all our stuff got soaked: / then we finished out the week normal and everything dried up. Well that was this week for weather... now for my ward. We don`t have a ward mission leader or ward missionaries; however, there is a new member named Moisés and I think he will be your new mission leader. He is a RM and is 25 years old and has already brought 3 investigators to the church (not just gave us their address and nothing else) and he has only been here for a little over a week. Also, our bishop is starting to organize home teaching! which will help out a ton. We only had 5 investigators at church yesterday but our class of Gospel Principles (we teach the class cause there isn´t a teacher) was great. The best class that I have ever participated in, in my life, and my companion and I taught it! :) We´ve also been visiting less active and inactive members and three families came to the church for the first time in years and a family of recent converts that hadn´t come for 3 months (and they were baptized 4 months ago) so that was cool to see that they actually came. We only have one person with a baptismal date but we are working so that more can accept Jesus Christ. Well I hope that is a little better of an update :) I am doing fantastically and am always glad to hear from home. Love you tons and wish you luck. Say hi to your seminary class and Sister Davis (is she still teaching? she was the best seminary teacher)
Elder Divis

P.S. I got your package!!!!!!! It was so good to get with the socks filled with goodies, just like a stocking at home. The candy is delicious, Elder Lazarte and I are enjoying them, the sock and shirt are a blessing and the peanut butter is like mana from heaven. I also got a package from Daryl and Lauri and their family!!!! Tell them thanks and I´ll be sure to write them soon. They sent peanut butter too but in a jar and candy canes and a little book and a lego santa and letters from each of their kids. It was awesome.
P.S.S. My companion is the greatest. Just think of Cameron Divis but he´s from Bolivia. haha ha.
Love you!!

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