Monday, January 3, 2011

Dustin's January 3rd Letter

Dear Mom,

My New Years was a normal day of work that night and the next morning. The only thing is that there wasn`t anybody to teach that following day. There wasn´t anyone in the streets and everyone that was in there house was asleep or ´unavailable´ for one reason or another, but we managed to have 2 lessons and then a baptism that night.

Sound like its gettin´ pretty cold there, enjoy it! And the progress on the house seems to be moving along at a decent speed. I love the pictures of all the fun and excitement back home. I didn´t know that Ethan was in Lima, that’s cool, and it’s true, Peru is amazing, and here we are not having any flooding right now but this month it’s supposed to start raining and through Feb. and March it rains and it will flood here but that is normal and that is why all the houses are on stilts :)

How is your seminary going? I was thinking about sending a package or something for your seminary class because I thought it would be cool to receive something from a missionary. What do you think?

I am doing well. I have hope for the investigators and I am continuing to learn more and more every day, about the gospel, Spanish, Peru, Bolivia, and myself. Thanks for all your love, support and prayers. Love you mom and all that you do for me. Take care and we`ll see what this next year brings :)


Elder Divis

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