Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dustin's February 14th Letter

2011 February 14
Dear Mom,
I I am doing great as always, I have learned a ton in this past week and the time continues to fly by. It seems like the other day when you wrote me and said that I almost had 6 months, it’s been a month. Will only has 3 weeks until he leaves to embark in the best decision of his life. I heard from Grandma that he went through the Temple for the first time this week, which is awesome! I am sure you have already learned a ton Will and this is just the beginning.
My week went really well. We had two baptisms this week; my companion baptized one and a member the other. I got the opportunity to confirm one the next day and my companion the other. One wanted both of us to baptize her and we said that we couldn`t do that so my comp. performed the baptism by water and I performed the baptism by fire. My testimony of the Book of Mormon was strengthened this week even more. I don`t remember if I told you last week but I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish for the first time last week and to see how it works in the conversion of others and of me is incredible. The work is moving on here and I can feel and see myself growing more and more throughout my mission.
My companion was wondering if you would send sheet music to the song `Oh Holy Night` with the words too (English is fine because he wants to learn) ... and I can`t think of anything else I need, I am good to go :) Hope all goes well in your lives and know that I love you and I’m praying for you several times a day. Thanks for all you do for me. And sorry if I was difficult at times and a little hard to raise. I thank you for your patience and longsuffering.
Elder Divis

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