Monday, February 28, 2011

Dustin's February 28th Letter

2011, Feb 28
Dear mom,
I`m glad to hear that you enjoyed your week with the kidos :) I know how you love to take care of your grandchildren and your good at it. I can`t believe that Will is already about to leave! ¡Loco!
My week went by even faster than normal. The time really does fly by. The work has been moving forward steadily and I am learning a ton, I am convinced that I will never stop learning here on the mission, and if I do it is because I am not working hard enough. These last two week we`ve worked through different challenges with the weather, the river, the schools, the highways. Mostly it is because it has been raining a ton. More than it has in 18 years. The river that passes by Pucallpa is growing more than it has in years past and they say it will keep growing through March and April and at this rate it will grow more than it has in 40 years. Also because of the rain parts of the highways have been wiped out by mud slides and sink holes, the good thing is that all of this isn`t happening in Pucallpa but it effects the jobs here and how people and products get in and out of the city. It’s cool to see the river and it makes me realize that I am really in the rain forest and or jungle. Some houses we can’t get to because the only way to travel there is in a canoe. Other houses have these ``bridges`` that are what you`d call `jimmy rigged` and there are more animals that come with the rain. I`ve seen a boa, an iguana, other huge lizards and they say there are other animals too but I haven`t seen them. But because the river is growing so much about a third of my area is in the river! Haha ha, our area is affected more because it is the only area that has the river run right by it. The others just have a ton of rain and mud. And with all of this stuff happening the work still goes on, we just have more service opportunities :) I love it here in the jungle!!! Now, for the family that was preparing for marriage, they didn`t get married this week :( because it is taking forever to get all his papers from the government). But there is hope because we have another wedding planned for March and they are preparing for that date. They are the best, we just have to keep up their ``animos`` it mean their desire and excitement and all that kind of stuff. We have a baptism scheduled for this Saturday. He is 17 years old and has already read to Alma 22 in a week and is reading from the beginning again to understand more. He is super smart (which hard to find in the jungle) and he is always in my English class, he wants to work in tourism. We have about 5 other investigators that I am 99 % sure will get baptized in the next month, and I know we will find more. Also, this week we had a zone conference with the mission president on Wednesday. I learned how I can improve as a servant of God and it is helping me a ton in my progress. After the conference President Blunck came to an appointment with my companion Elder Cuellar and I. I wasn`t nervous at all and we taught a really good lesson. After the lesson President told us that he really liked our lesson and how we worked together and used the scriptures and examples and didn`t teach too long, he said he didn`t have anything to say bad about our lesson. I know I still have a ton of things to work on but it was really cool to have the President tell us we are doing well. Hope that is enough info because I don`t know what more to say :)
I am not homesick at all or ``trunky`` I love being on the mission and the love and support I have from all my family and friends is one of the biggest things that gives me my drive, second only the Spirit of the Lord. I am grateful for all that you do for me especially your prayers. Love you Mom and am glad for all the things you have taught me and teach me and am sure that you will teach in weeks months and years to come. Also, I found a line in PMG that is awesome in my studies this morning. It says, “the application is the bridge between comprehending the doctrine and the obedience to it” something like that, I am not sure if my translation is perfect but it is so true. If we don`t apply what we learn then we are disobedient.
Take care and keep up the good work!
Elder Divis

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