Monday, March 28, 2011

Dustin's March 28th Letter

 Dustin in the Jungle
 Baptism in December
Dustin's first district in Pucallpa

2011 March 28

Dear Mom,

My week went really well. I am pretty sure I found someone that was a captain in the war in heaven. He is pretty much as Golden as an investigator gets, the only problem is that he didn`t come to church this week, which is weird cause he always comes. But he will be a great powerful member of the church. This week’s sacrament meeting was humbling and amazing. We had 7 investigators in the church, 6 recent converts, and 2 inactive families (9 people). 22 people! that`s about 20% of the people that attended yesterday. It was humbling cause the progress that I have seen in this ward is incredible and the fact the Lord used me to bring to pass this work is something that strengthened my testimony even more art how great and marvelous this work is. I feel like I am nothing but the Lord managed to get the work done using me as an instrument in His hands. We just need to keep ourselves worthy and do the thing we know we should and the work and glory of God will come to pass. I love being a missionary and I love my family and friends and i am grateful for all those who were, are, and will be missionaries, missionary moms, or of support in this great work! Now to answer questions, it would be better to send Will`s letters by E-mail cause it takes more time in dearelder and sometimes only parts come at a time. I will send you the information for my plague by e-mail (hopefully today :/ last week I tried but the computer kicked me off before it got done loading the pictures) To ask questions :) if you haven’t sent the package yet, I thought of a few things I need: A fitted twin size sheet, BBQ sauce (sweet baby rays of course), Peanut butter (the real kind) and ... nada màs.

Love you!

Elder Divis

P.S. Sorry my letter is kinda short but like I told Mariah, Life`s short! haha ha, Love you all :)

(Dustin finally sent some pictures.  I will leave them on this post for a while and then transfer then back to the dates taken.)

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