Monday, March 21, 2011

Dustin's March 21st Letter

2011 March 21

Dear Mom,

My week was fantastic!

It is pretty exciting to hear of the birth of my fourth niece and that I am an uncle... again!!! I can`t wait to meet her in 16 months. I love the pictures and she is so dang cute (hard not to be when you`re a Divis, haha ha) Jordan and Mariah will make wonderful parents, I am sure of it! I am also very pleased to hear that the family is all doing ok and that the family is continually growing (spiritually and physical)

My week went well, sorry that I don`t really tell you much about what I do as a missionary but I don`t know where to start or end. This letter would go on forever. We found a family this week that is actually married!!! (that’s rare) and another family that want to get married(also rare) and two future priesthood holder (our mission president is focusing on that because we have enough members here to have almost 3 stakes but we only have 1 because there aren`t enough priesthood holders) and they both have a baptismal date, Woo hoo!!

The rainy season is coming to an end but that doesn`t mean it stops raining, just not as often. But the river is going down, slowly but surely. I think I can say that I am accustomed to the jungle. Even the people that have lived here for 70 years say that I know the jungle pretty well. I am still learning more and more Spanish every day and improving, about as fast as the river is descending :).

I grateful to have the best family ever and I love all of you. Keep up the good work and the time will fly by as it has been (too fast!) Take care and continue in the work of the Lord.


Elder Divis

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