Monday, April 11, 2011

Dustin's April 11th Letter

2011 April 11
Dear Mom,
My week was great! It was better than the other weeks actually. We haven`t had a ton of success with baptisms this change but in this week four investigators accepted baptismal dates! We have some great investigators that the Lord has placed in our path, now we just have to take care of them and show them the path that leads to eternal happiness.
I feel that my letters don`t let you know about more than a hundredth of my mission (haha ha, sounds like what the prophets always say in the Book of Mormon) but it’s true. Hope it’s enough information to let you know that I am doing well and that God is blessing me and guiding me in everything I do, so you really don`t have to worry about anything cause I am in the best hands there are.
I am glad you got to have a fun spring break (they don`t celebrate spring break here :( .... Haha ha) and I am pretty sure I wouldn`t have been much of much help with the curtain activity cause my ¨muscles¨ aren`t doing so good, just the spiritual ones. It`s always nice to hear from home and how everything is going. Keep up the good work and say hi to everyone for me. I love you mom!
Elder Divis

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