Monday, April 4, 2011

Dustin's April 4th letter with pictures

2011 April 4
Dear Mom,
Conference was AWESOME!!! The first two sessions on Saturday I watched
in Spanish but for the priesthood session Elder Bylund (an elder from
my group that was with me in conference in my first area too) and I
got to watch it in English. It is so good to hear the feeling and
emotion and spirit in the voice of the prophet (it’s just not the same
as a translator) and the Sunday sessions all the ´gringos´ watched it
in English in the stake pres. office. There are 6 of us in this zone.
I received so much instruction, knowledge and revelation in this
conference it is unbelievable! I took 10 pages of notes this time
cause I know I probably won`t get the Liahona for about 3 or 4 months.
One of the quote I liked best of conference was in the very first talk
of our prophet Thomas S. Monson, he said, “La obra misional es la
sangre que da vida al Reino`` roughly translated according to my
ability, Missionary work is the blood that gives life to the Kingdom!
So true :) and there are many many more things I love from conference.
Also, I am sure that the talk that the Prophet gave in the priesthood
session and the other talk given on Sunday about marriage made Cameron
even trunkier! Haha ha :) and all the other missionaries for that
William looks like he`s loving it in the mission field (are you going
to send me his e-mails) I want to know everything about his mission!
How his companion is, his area, the members, investigators,
Conference! everything.  I just know he will be an awesome missionary.
He is humble and loving, even more than he lets us see. I love you
Will!!! The pictures of the family are always welcome too :) Della is
looking as good as ever and i am glad to hear that Riah is getting
better. I love you and am grateful for all the things you taught me
since I was born. You have been the ideal mom that has followed and
continues to follow all the counsels of the prophets. Thank you for
Elder Divis
P.S. I didn`t realize how many people read this letter and I still
don`t know but I read in Jackson Kings emails that my mom sends me
that he get my emails too. So thanks to everyone that supports me and
whatever other missionary. And remember your duty to help the
missionaries in your ward too :)

The first is of a fruit that looks like a watermellon but grows in a
tree :) crazy stuff like that happens here, even in nature!
The second is the last baptism we had. they all aren`t super big.
sometimes we have some with one of two people and other with like 20
but only when the zone does a baptism together.
The third is another picture of what my area is like

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