Monday, May 16, 2011

Dustin's May 16th Letter

2011 May 16


I love reading your emails and knowing and realizing how much the Lord is blessing our family. It gives me new strength and comfort. My week was excellent! The last week we worked super super hard and still didn`t have anybody progressing. This week we worked even harder and more effectively. We had 32 lessons this week and half with members; we got 16 references and 18 new investigators. 7 people attended church and we got another return missionary and a ward mission leader. This week we are going to work even harder and even more effectively. The number of excellence in the mission is 18 lessons with member and 18 others, 15 references, 20 new investigators, and 100 contacts. All we needed is four more lessons two more new investigators. And the best part about all of it, is that we didn`t focus and just worry about numbers but at the end of the week we added it all up and our work paid off. I was a little surprised so I had to go back and count again to make sure. The Lord is the Master!!! All we have to do is put in our best, our very best and live worthy, and He picks up the slack and we become true instruments in His hands. My companion and I have a lot to work on and I know if we keep doing our very best to improve we will become excellent missionaries.

I love you all and I am inexpressibly grateful for all that you have done for me, do for me, and will continue doing for me. Sorry if the letter is a little short but I will be sure to write more next week. Just know that I love you mom and that you give me the strength to keep fighting for my salvation and the salvation others.


Elder Divis

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