Monday, June 13, 2011

Dustin's June 13th Letter with Photos

Dear Mom,

My week was great! Once again. We had 2 baptisms on Saturday and they both got confirmed yesterday, woo hoo! and 9 investigators made it to church! We are progressing here in Iquitos :) We now have 2 baptisms planned for this weekend and 1 more on the 25th, and we hope that many more will accept the invitation to follow the Savior. Summer still hasn`t quite got here but don`t worry, its hot as hades when the sun comes out. It is still raining quite regularly (I`ve decided that it rains more here but it’s hotter in Pucallpa). I am having a blast being a missionary and I am grateful for this great opportunity I have to be a representative of Jesus Christ.

Sounds like you don`t get a day of rest. Flying to Denver, Seattle, Utah, Spokane, then back to Denver and Utah... don`t know how you do it but you continue to be Super Mom. I was thinking the other day that Cameron only has 4 days left in the mission, He`s gotta be trunky! haha ha. I really am thankful for his great example and can`t wait to see and talk to him about all the mission experiences. Say hi to all the family you visit and let them all know that I love them and pray for them. Hope all is well at home. I will send you pictures of the baptisms.

I love you and your e-mails are the best!


Elder Divis

  Baptism of Cristopher Moncada
 FHE with an investigator that is going to get baptised in 2 weeks

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