Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 20th letter with pictures

2011 June 20
Dear Mom,

It`s great to hear that your Father`s Day experience was a good one :) Here Father`s Day was pretty normal. Everyone was drunk that night. Hope the investigators remember their commitments. This week was pretty good. We had trainings on Wednesday from president, his wife and the assistants. I learned a lot and I`m anxious to see the results. This week our numbers went down but for this next week there are high potentials. I am excited to work even more in this great work. I love being a missionary!!!! So Cameron made it back home after 2 years in the service of the Lord. Bet that feels weird :) and the other day I got a DearElder and found out that Kyle Olson is serving a mission. That is fantastic!!!! Where is he? How long has he been out? Caden and Colby will be leaving for the mission too in about a year uh? That is awesome! It is great to see that our ward is producing workers for the Lord`s Kingdom. I remember there were time when the ward didn`t have any missionaries in the mission field and now we are doing quite well. I am grateful for all those who have served missions, who are serving, and who will serve. It is something indescribable that changes lives. The baptisms that we had this week were extra special. Luis and Maybe Llucema got baptized on Saturday and their uncle got back from the mission in Argentina on Friday. He had no idea that we were teaching his family and was super happy to come home and see and baptize his niece and nephew. Two great gifts for a return missionary :) That`s all for this week. Love you mom!


Elder Divis
 Luis and Maybe Llucema and their family (before the baptism).
 Maybe,Williams, and Luis (wet)
everybody (after the baptism)

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