Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dustin's June 6th Letter


My week was great. This week we had the presidental elections in Peru, The second time through. Don`t know if it matters to you but Ollanta won. Anyways, it sounds like you are having a fun time with you kids and grandkids. Have fun this week in Seattle and be sure to say hi to Dave and his family. Grandma told me that Cameron get home on the 17th!!! that`s crazy! And we have a new bishopric in the good old Colville 2nd ward huh? How long was Bishop Thompson bishop? Sounds like the ward is in good hands though.
The answers: There are around 50 missionaries here in Iquitos, I know right, a lot. there are 4 zones and each one has about 12 missionaries. And we go on splits sometimes. not every week but sometimes twice a week. We are working with our Ward mission leader to be able to do divisions or splits every Saturday and other occasions during the week. William e-mails me every once in a while, little things and I write him every once in a while too, but not every week.
We have 4 baptismal dates and 3 others that just have to attend church. and we are always looking for more. I will be sure to send pictures next week of our baptism. I love you mom and am grateful to have such a great family to lead me. Take care and keep being the best mom.
Elder Divis

P.S. Elder Parker Geren sent me a letter! Don`t know if you remember him. He`s my friend from Spokane who is serving in Arizona. He came to Colville with me once and ate dinner with us, and he`s short. I am sure you remember him. anyways, just a fun fact :) love ya

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