Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dustin's July 25th Letter

2011 July 25
Dear Mom,
My week was great. Glad you enjoyed Girl’s Camp, I know how much you love to spend time with the young women and I know they love it to; you are a great example for all of them. The family reunion sound like it’s going great and that you’re all in for another week of fun and games. That`s great that Travis got a job at the hospital! I`m happy for them. My companion pretty much loves all the candy but I think he likes Swedish fish and Junior Mints more than anything. I was wondering if you could send me the recipes for BBQ sauce, Pizza Dough, and the Oatmeal chocolate chip Cookies, in you next e-mail. It would be great. Thanks :) This week we had a baptism! Patricia Carolina Barrantes Velasquez was baptized by Elder Zuniga and I confirmed her yesterday. This week we didn`t have very many lesson with members (13) and next week the YSA have an encampment and we have interviews and trainings. So it will be a fighting battle to meet our goal, but it is definitely possible. We will have 2 more baptisms this Saturday and we are teaching many others that are progressing and that will get baptized in August. Sorry if I don`t put a whole ton of information in my e-mails about my investigators but I try. We also found a couple families this week that I can see as eternal families. Just have to work, work, work. My companion and I have been in the same area together for 3 months and the area is quite small and the room even smaller. We were beginning to get a little bored of each other and walking down the same streets everyday but we`ve  found the solution, we are going to reorganize EVERYTHING and get creative. If you have any ideas we are open to suggestions :) But we`re handling it well and with the help of the Lord we are getting better every day. Anyway, That`s my life and I love you Mom!!! I have one more year to give it my best. Keep me in your prayers.
Elder Divis

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