Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dustin's July 4th Letter

2011 July 4
Dear Mom,
My week was great! That’s sad that Cameron and family got sick right when they had planned to come but hey, that’s life right? But you`ll get to see him in a few short weeks and Andy and Divina`s family. Sounds like the family is as good as ever and it makes me happy to hear how the family is doing. it`s finally getting a little hotter there, eh? The only weird part is the LOWS, here they just give the temp. and then to hear that it was getting dark around 9pm! The sun has gone down at 6 to 6:30 in my world for almost a year. This week we didn`t have any baptisms but we have 2 planned for this weekend and we found some really great investigators this week. The weather here has been ´´cold´´ that means about 60 degrees and I am starting to feel cold almost as often as the Peruvians. I think it is due to that fact that I have been living in the Amazon Rainforest for 8 months. I still have not got your package but I am sure it’s already in Lima and the ZL are going there this week so when they come back they`ll probably have it. I got the package that Laura sent me!!! Thanks Laura and Craig and Kendra!!!! I am super happy for Jordan and that he is excelling in work. I love the pictures; everyone says that Jordan and I look exactly the same. The great room looks amazing. Jeff and Dad have been doing good work. I love you mom, and I receive blessing everyday thanks to you and you example and desires to serve the Lord, serving others.
Elder Divis

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