Monday, August 15, 2011

Dustin's Aug 15th Letter

2011 August 15
Dear Mom,
You`re lucky you get that choice to go outside to warm up and go inside to cool down; here it is a little different. It is kinda hard to find a place to cool down. When a breeze comes by it is about the closest thing you can get, but it sure does feel good when it comes. We too are having some good summer weather, which means it no longer rains. Maybe two or three times a month, and before it was about five times a week. But hey, that`s life in the jungle :) It’s great to hear how great things are going at home. It brings joy and peace to know that our entire family is living the Gospel. We will live one day together in the presence of God! I am trying my hardest to bring other families to Christ and help them achieve this same goal. I ask for your prayers this week so that I may be guided to these people.
Sounds like the house is really progressing a ton and that you and Dad are staying fairly busy. Say hi to Mirjam for me and a happy birthday. Our jungle excursion was pretty fun, took a ton of time but it was a great experience. We hiked about a mile and a half on a dirt road/trail then we turned off onto what looked like a deer trail and followed it to a little hut beside a pond and little further along a stream. We ate there, picked jungle fruit and ate it and I am pretty sure the lemonade they made out of the creek water made them sick.  A lot of the zone got sick but nothing too serious, I felt just fine. It was one of those times when your somewhere and you don`t really quite grasp it. I told another missionary, ``hey, we are in the middle of the Amazon Rain Forest”  it`s not really something most people think about being able to say but to say it felt weird, cause the only times I heard about it was on things like National Geographic and then to actually be there was pretty cool. Hope it’s not the last time :) Sorry there`s not a whole lot of information about my week but nothing too exciting happened.
Love you tons!!!
Elder Divis

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