Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dustin's Aug 8th Letter

2011 August 8
Dear Mom,
My week was great! I don`t think I`ve quite adapted to the being dad thing but we are definitely getting better. The whole family sounds like they are doing well, which makes me very happy. Something pretty miraculous happened yesterday. Elder Zuniga and I were on our way to church after searching unsuccessfully for investigators that committed to go church, and we saw Cesar (an investigator who about a week and a half ago said he couldn’t keep listening to us cause his family will kick him out of the house and stop helping him pay for college) We followed him into the chapel and greeted him there. He sat down behind us and started talking to us. He explained that he has been talking to his family and explained that ``this`` is his new life and that he wants to get baptized. His family understood kind of and said he could still live there and they wouldn`t throw him out. He will get baptized the 20th of this month :) It filled me with joy to hear his testimony and the works he has done and continues to do to show the Lord he is willing to follow Him. Earlier that same morning I was reviewing my planner and saw his name and with agony I put a red arrow pointing down, indicating that he ``cayò`` FELL. But the Lord works little miracles every day and fulfills His promises for ``medios pequeños y sincios`` small and simple means to bring to pass the salvation of many souls. A shining moment that made my week GREAT! even though 3 other baptismal dates fell through :( We will work with them and help them to receive the restored Gospel. So Jared Fisher is going to Cambodia, eh? That is fantastic! When I read that bit of information it made me glad that he will be counted among the `representatives of Jesus Christ`. He`ll do great :) tell him I am happy for him and that I wish him luck. The other day I was thinking about ``who I am today``, How I got here, How the Lord has prepared the path and the very many blessings that he has put in my way. My family, my friends, my teachers, my trails, my triumphs, and most of all my Savior. The poem that Dad taught us came to my mind, about a normal man and a clown and a sack of tools, and how we can make a building block or a stumbling stone. I thank all of the building blocks that I have mentioned above for helping me become “who I am today``.  I am servant of God, a defender of truth, a missionary of the only true church of Christ, I am a son of God, and I represent my Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks for helping me receive these great building blocks. But when I think of all these wonderful gifts that God has given I still realize that I am ``less that the dust of the earth`` and that if it wasn`t for a loving Heavenly Father and His great plan of happiness. Why am I here? Why Perù? Why at this time? Why do I try so hard? How do I learn from things so simple? These and countless other questions are answered: Because God loves me, and I love Him, My family loves me, and I love them. God and I both love these people. Who am I today? I am an imperfect child of a Perfect God, a blind servant with an eternal goal, a child grateful for the mercy and love of both earthly and Heavenly Parents.
Elder Dustin Jack Divis (Who I`ve become, thanks to you all)

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