Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dustin's September 15th Letter

2011 September 15
Dear Mom,
Sorry I didn´t write on Monday. We didn´t have P-day until today (don´t know if I told you last week).  My week and a half have been great! We have one baptismal date for this 24th and another for the 8th of October so that is great, especially because the ward as only seen 1 baptism in the last 6 months. The Lord has children of His family ready to enter into his kingdom in every part of the world. I love what Jesus has said many times in all the scriptures, "the field is white ALREADY to harvest" the mission field is ´white´ right now! Not in a week or a month or a year, it´s ALREADY full of people looking for the Gospel. They might not know it but I do, we do, and God does. I, Elder Divis, just have to rely on the Holy Ghost to guide me to these families that are capable of entering into the Temple and living eternally in the family of God. Sounds like the progress on the house is going very well :) you´ll have to send me pictures. Say hi to the visitors, although I am pretty sure they have already departed. I am also glad that you enjoyed the stake conference broadcast from Salt Lake, I´ll have to tell you how ours goes here. All of Peru will have stake conference this Sunday and it will be broadcast from Salt Lake. I am very excited and I will tell you all about it in a few days. I am also unbelievably excited for General Conference in a few short weeks. Let us all prepare to receive direction from God. I love you!
Elder Divis

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