Monday, September 19, 2011

Dustin's September 19th Letter

2011 September 19
Thanks a ton for the E-mail. I like one definition that I read. That faith is a result of righteousness. I also learned this week in my companionship study that our faith grows as our knowledge of who God is grows, cause if we don`t know God we don`t know what to believe. Like the scriptures say what eternal life is, to KNOW God and His Son. But the three phases are clear examples of this. When we are excited, it is because we are learning by the Spirit or getting to know God, because the Holy Ghost testifies of God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. When we are concerned, like Nephi, not knowing what to do or how to fulfill the commandment of God he went, led by the spirit, to attempt for a third time, after being chased to be killed and beaten by his brothers. He was concerned but FAITHful. And the sanctification, when we know God to the point where our will comes into harmony with His will. We know God is pleased because the Spirit manifests it to us. The promise to all mankind if we endure to the end is eternal life. We will know God. I have come to know Him more and more every day and feel His love that He has for these people. Now the question is, will we ever fully know Him? Do we need faith if we live with Him? I believe that faith is something that will forever exist. I have got a lot to learn, but as we know faith is an action word. So, I have got a lot TO DO. Thanks for the e-mail, I learned a ton. And I am definitely focused in quality, but as my mission pres. and Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley we don`t have to choose between quality and quantity but that in the work of God, Both can and do exist. Now here in the city it is a little bit 'harder' some say, because people mock you, slam the door, yell, argue, and laugh. But I say that it is still the work of God and where ever we are we can find the miracles. We have to look at the full part of the glass, if it’s half full, a fourth full, an eighth full or a sixteenth full. Because in the part that is full is where we find the miracles. Because if there is true faith all the gifts of the Spirit exist and they exist daily, we`ve just got to find them and use them. Don`t know if I communicated myself well enough cause I feel my English is suffering. I love you Dad!!!
Elder Divis
Thanks for the letter Mom! I love you tons. I kinda got carried away in my letter to Dad so I don`t have a ton of time, but we had our stake conference and it was great. So hey to Tyson, Jenny and the seminary crew and good luck in the exercise program :) Love you bunch Mom.
Elder Divis

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