Monday, September 26, 2011

Dustin's September 26 Letter

2011 September 26
Dear Mom,
Thanks a ton for the e-mail. I love hearing that all is well at home; it brings me peace and joy. I can`t wait to see pictures of the house! It sounds like it will be all done and fancy by the time I get home. I am glad to hear that seminary is going well. I think it would be a wonderful calling to be a seminary teacher, because I absolutely love studying the scriptures and the Gospel. I especially like the topic of Enoch and the Zion society, cause that`s the goal isn`t it. You are right. It is so important to write in a journal and record your thoughts. As a missionary you should have a personal journal and a study journal. The study journal has helped me out a ton and gives me the chance to receive revelation and organize my thoughts and then a personal journal helps me realize the miracles. My mission pres. taught us to be optimistic and look at the glass half full and in the full half of the glass is where you find the miracles, because they happen every day. He then invited us to write down the miracles that happen in the day in our personal journals and then we really can recognize the hand of God in our life. And it also organizes my thoughts. I went through a time in my mission when I didn`t write hardly anything, so you`d think that nothing happened right? but it was the quite the opposite, it was full of many things and now I have to think back and catch up, but it has been my goal this transfer to write in my journal every day. I missed a few days but I am doing much better and the blessings are coming just as promised. I am super excited for you and Dad that you`re going to Germany! I know you always have a great time and learn tons. Hope this visit will be better than ever! I am truly grateful for all you do for me. Every time I teach the Gospel I teach about the family. Every time I teach about the family joy and satisfaction and gratitude fill my heart for the wonderful family that I have. Thanks for your example and I hope you know that every day I am being the man you taught me to be.
Elder Divis

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