Monday, January 23, 2012

Dustin's January 23 Letter

2012 January 23
Dear Mom,
My week went well. The district is getting better every week so I feel relief and satisfaction there. We found an amazing family this week! After explaining to us that they never let people (preachers) in their house cause they`re ¨Catholics¨ (we are already in there house comfortably situated in the living room) and then we taught them about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They were the perfect alumnos. They talked openly, had the perfect questions and had read the pamphlet that we left them. They accepted the Book of Mormon and have a great desire to read it and pray to know that it is true. I invited them to baptism and the dad said that as he reads he expects to open his mind, and as this occurs he would be willing to get baptized. That is the next best answer besides YES!! I know that anyone who reads the Book of Mormon with real intent, and a broken heart wanting to know that it is true, will be illuminated by the Holy Ghost and will know with a surety that it is the word of God. We are going to visit them tomorrow. I`ll let you know more next week. I have hope for this area and these people here. I thank you for all you advise. It helps me a ton. We have not had the progress that I desired but with faith and diligence I know thing will get better, sooner or later. I love you and I am so grateful for the amazing family that I have been given. I hope I can help others as you have helped me. May God speed the right!
Elder Divis

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