Monday, January 2, 2012

Dustin's January 2 Letter

2012 January 2
Dear Mom,
My New Year’s Eve and day were quite normal. Although at midnight the whole valley exploded with fireworks. I woke up took a video of the fireworks and went back to bed. My companion Elder Ñurinda has not been feeling to well lately and today we`ll go to the clinic to see what wrong. He`s been complaining a lot about the pain and we haven`t been able to work normally. I hope he gets better soon and that is nothing serious. I did not get transferred and neither did my companion. My District Leader got transferred to Iquitos as a Zone Leader. It was sad to see him go. I have never had trouble with missionaries leaving my zone district or area before but Elder Harris was, is and will be a great friend of mine.
Send my congratulations to Tyson and Jen, and wish them luck in their marriage. Tell Jordan that he shouldn`t be getting sick. I missed talking to him and hope he writes me back this week. I heard another earthquake hit Japan. Where lacy and the kids there or just Allen? I hope they`re all ok. The Zone leaders told me that Will`s package is here so I should get it today.
My week went well, not perfect but well. The Chavez Family will get baptized this weekend, January 7th and then Cristyan Talla the 8th in the morning before church. Cristyan is 25 years old and his girlfriend is a member. We have a couple others people that we are teaching that I feel will progress towards baptism this month or the next. The main focus is to find new families to teach and help the ones we have progress and they who are progressing to get baptized, but hey that`s missionary work, right? Tomorrow we have interviews with President Blunck, so that`ll be great to talk to him and learn a ton.
Thanks for everything and know that I love you with all my heart.
Elder Dustin Divis

I just found Elder Harris' blog and took some pictures off of it.

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