Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dustin's January 9th Letter

2012 January 9th
Dear Mom,
Thanks for the e-mail. It is always reassuring to know what the family is doing and how things or going. I am glad to hear that Alan is fine and enjoying his time in Japan. My interview with Pres. Blunck went well. The whole interview was based on my companion. President explained that he had problems with his previous companions, ward, and mission leaders. I would love to just talk with president every day to give me advise but that`s not possible. He told me to keep him updated and we started a new program called ¨The First 12 Weeks¨. I am now going to re-train my companion as if he was starting the mission even though he has just over 5 months. The President is concerned about his progress. This also means I will be here with Elder Ă‘urinda for at least 12 more weeks.
My week went well. Besides the fact that we had to go to the clinic twice for my companion and last night we had to go to the apartment early cause he was feeling particularly bad. However, we still manage to work everything out and the Chavez family got baptized!!!!!!! and so did Cristyan Talla!!!!! They are great people and will continue to grow as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I`ll send pictures :) My testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ grows every day and is strengthened as I see its effects in these people and in my life. I love you and wish you the best. (almost said, have a fun summer vacation, then I realized that it`s not summer there, haha ha)
Elder Divis

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