Monday, February 27, 2012

Dustin's February 27 Letter with Photos

2012 February 27
Dear Mom,
My week was great. Every day this week I woke up at 5:15AM! I am a little tired right now but there was a lot to do. Monday we always get up early to take the laundry to the sister that washes our clothes and we talk with the family, sometimes we wash their dog that Elder Harris (my last District Leader) left at their house, or we play foosball, sew socks or play UNO (like today). They are really great people and for an hour they make us feel like we`re in the family :) Tuesdays we played soccer in the morning with the whole zone, which as you know, I love! Wednesday we went and picked up the cleaned clothes, Thursday we played soccer, Friday we had zone conference with the Pres., Saturday they wanted to play soccer again, and yesterday I had to go the zone leaders ward early to do a baptismal interview. It was a long busy week, and not only in the mornings but all day long. Good thing I like to work a bunch right? This week should be a little bit less crazy and I hope to accomplish lots. I hear Sweet Will has 6 baptismal dates, Congratulations! Sound like the work is going well :) I hope that at the end of this week or the next I can say the same about my area. We still have the same 3 dates (Rafael family) but they will now be baptized March 31st, so that their oldest son can be there too and maybe even get baptized with them. He is now in California in a type of exchange program but will get back March 17. This week we were given the referral of a 12 year old young man and he is now preparing to be baptized March 10th and his uncle will baptize him. We are also working with another young single adult named Jorge Callupe that is praying about the Book of Mormon and feels good. He still isn`t sure cause he always feels good when he prays so he says it could be just cause he is praying that he feels that way and not necessarily because the book is true. We hope to help him understand more about the Holy Ghost so that he will have a strong and firm testimony of the Book of Mormon. When he receives this testimony from the Holy Ghost he will get baptized also. We found 3 new families this week and we will do our best to bring them unto Christ in these following weeks. So that is how my week as been :)
Thanks a ton for the pictures! I love them. James Micheal is a big boy now. He could pass for 12 years old here in Peru! Have fun in the seminary class and remind the kids that the things they have learned, are learning and will learn, will help them stay true to the faith in the future. Thanks for the update on the package, and don`t forget to send a lot of Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce. I love you tons!!!!
Elder Dustin Divis

 Me eating home made pizza (3 months ago)

Sunset in Lima, Peru

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