Monday, February 6, 2012

Dustin's February 6 Letter

2012 February 6
Dear Mom,
Thanks for the e-mail! Sure sounds like you had a ton of fun in Disney World. My week went quite well. The Rafael Arce family accepted a baptismal date for the March 3rd!!!! They are an amazing family. They were Catholic and never accepted any ¨preacher¨ or missionary sort in their house before, in fact they would tell them to leave :/ They let us in because the first thing we asked was if the whole family was home to talk with everyone. You know, cause that`s kinda God`s plan. The mom was home alone but told us to come back that very night to teach the whole family. The dad also only accepted because we talked about the family as a fundamental part of the Lord`s plan and why we are here in this world. I think last week or the week before I told you a little about this family. Anyways, the second time we invited them to baptism the dad accepted without a doubt! the son too, but the mom was a little bit iffy and not sure. I kept my mouth shut and waited a few seconds after she told us she wasn`t sure, then something miraculous happened. The father began to explain to his wife the importance of baptism and why it was necessary to be baptized again but this time doing it how Jesus Christ did. The spirit was strong. Needless to say the mom was more than willing after hearing the confirming testimony of her husband. The whole family made it to stake conference yesterday and tomorrow we will visit them with a member family and a young man who just happens to be great friends with the son of the family. They also have another older son. He is 20 years old and is in California in an exchange program for 3 months. He will get back here to Lima, Peru March 15. His family, just after accepting baptism said, well we have to tell our oldest son to look for the church there in California while we get a head start by getting baptized here. I love this family!!! My hope is that the dad can baptize his oldest son weeks after his own baptism. I could write a million things more about the Rafael family but I think this is enough for this week. The dad`s name is Edgar (55years), the mom, Maria (45), the eldest son, Edgar (20), and the youngest Mario (15). Another family also attended church this week with us. I don`t know if I told you but we moved, and in the new house where we now live is owned by a very nice catholic family, who we are now teaching and the whole family came to church with us. Tomorrow we will watch the movie, Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration. Hope to have more good news next week on these two families and many more that I know the Lord will put in our path. Stake Conference was amazing! I learned a ton from Elder Christopher Waddell of the Seventy. I would like to share more on what I learned but my e-mail is already quite long. It`s enough to say, he hit the head of the nail in what he needed to say for this stake. I love you and every time I see a family that is so happy and content I give thanks for the awesome family that I have. Including close, distant, and even great friends that have come to be like family. Then again, we are all members of the Family of God.
Elder Dustin Divis

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