Monday, March 19, 2012

Dustin's March 19th Letter

2012 March 19
Dear Mom,
My week went quite well. The eldest son of the Rafeal family got back from his exchange program in California last night and they invited us over for dinner tonight. Can`t wait to meet him, and teach him all that his family has been learning so that he too can receive the great joy that one acquires by making righteous choices. We also have a Family Night planned with a member family today. Everyone is sure that I am leaving and when I opened up my e-mail I saw something strange, the assistants had written me. That never happens! I am now going to be transferred to another zone here in Lima after 7 eventful months in Wiesse. The people that I have gotten to know are incredible and I was kinda hoping that I could stay for one more transfer, but I know that the Lord needs me now in another part of his vineyard. I have lots to learn and I know that this change will be for the better. This Sunday a new family made it to church and a father of family, and a convert brought his friend to church and now is investigating. Wish I could be here to help and see them progress but I know the elder that is coming will do great. For P-day we usually play soccer, which I love!!! but some get bored of playing soccer every week for 2 years(I don`t understand why) Last week we went bowling in the only bowling alley in all of the gigantic city of Lima. I had fun but I didn`t take pictures :/ Sorry. Della`s party makes me a little bit jealous. Thanks Jordan for the foto! Wish me luck in my new zone! I love you tons!
Elder Divis

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