Monday, May 7, 2012

Dustin's May 7 Letter

2012 May 7
Dear Mom,
Thanks for the pictures! The weather here is cooling down a bit. At night and in the early morning it is a little brisk and ``winter`` is coming. I`ll probably have to start using a sweeter next month. I am so excited that Cameron is getting married! and I`ll be there! It would be cool to see a picture of Cameron and the lucky lady to get to know my future cousin-in-law.
I don`t remember if I wished you happy birthday mom, but in case I forgot to tell you ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I also send birthday wishes to Jordan :) 24 years old, wow.
My week was loaded! As you know this week were transfers. 3 elders left the zone and we now have 3 new elders. Elder Castro from Mexico, Elder Ojeda from Bolivia and Elder Hernandez from Guatemala. They are great missionaries. On transfers day there where two Zone Leaders that were headed to the Jungle but we always have a Zone Leader Council the first Wednesday of every month so instead of sending them to the Jungle for half a day they sent the two Z/L with us, which helped out a ton. On top of it all it was a holiday here. We found and taught a ton of people! Wednesday we had the Zone Leader Council from 8am till 6pm and we learned a ton from president! After the council we visited some families with member and they`re preparing for marriage and baptism. Thursday was normal and we had 2 baptismal interviews and the same on Friday. Two families are preparing for marriage this week and baptism the end of the month. Right now one of the families called me and told me to call them in 30 min. Hope it`s to hear the good news about their marriage papers! On Saturday we finally got in contact with Claudelina (the sister that got baptized but not confirmed) She had been in the Hospital for 4 days and didn`t want to let you leave. Her family didn`t want her to keep coming to church. Sister Claudelina makes me laugh though :) she didn`t tell the doctor that she was submerged in cold water but that she took a cold shower and that`s how she got sick and she had so much faith that she is fine now. We also were praying and fasting for her and on Saturday we gave her Health blessing (don`t remember if that`s how you say that in English) Saturday she got confirmed and is as happy and healthy as ever :) I LOVE THE GOSPEL!!!! My time is up but I love you all! Love you Mom!
Elder Dustin Divis

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