Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dustin's June 11 Letter

2012 June 11
Dear Mom,
This week went well. We went bowling for P-day and I saw Elder Kepner for the first time since the CCM where we were companions! We had our monthly Zone leader conference and we were instructed on how to better lead the zone. On Thursday I did an interview for a lady that was preparing to be baptized with her daughter on Saturday. I won`t share confidential info. She has a great testimony of the restored gospel, of the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith and Thomas S. Monson. She understood and was willing to complete with all the commandments... except tithing, one of the key ones. She was set on the fact that in her situation it was impossible. I taught about the law of tithing and left her with a commitment to read and pray in order to understand and be able to pay a full tithe. She did not seem too happy. I thought within myself that she was not ready and would not be able to be baptized this Saturday but something touched my heart and whispered to me that she would be ready. So I made an appointment to visit her and the family Saturday morning to verify this impression. For two days I was going over in my mind the decision to pass her interview. I read many scriptures on baptismal requirements and also doctrine that proved that the sin of not paying a full tithe would fall on my head for allowing, as a representative of Jesus Christ, this woman to make a covenant with God knowing she would not complete it. I was worried. We went and visited her on Saturday and those subtle impressions were confirmed. She had read, pondered, talked about with her daughter and a member friend happened to visit her and she had prayed. She is more than willing to pay her tithing always. She and her daughter were baptized on Saturday! Many other thing also happened this week but there`s not enough time.
Transfers have arrived! My companion goes home to Bolivia tomorrow and my new companion will be Elder Chavez from Costa Rica. Tell you more next week. The gospel is so true and the may the Holy Spirit guide.
Elder Dustin Divis

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