Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dustin's June 25 Letter

2012 June 25
Dear Mom,
Sorry for not writing hardly anything last week. My e-mail account was expired for being created 2 years ago. Everything has been fixed so that I can continue writing as usual :) Now, to answer your questions from last week; my new companion is Elder Chaves from Costa Rica. He´s great! I am still in the same zone and area. I have not received it yet. I will see him in the council on the 4th of July. Say hi to the family in the small family reunion that you will have/are having this week. This week was great! We are teaching a new family that are anxious to be baptized and so they are doing all they can to get married. They don`t make hardly any money and they`re both in their 60`s and they have a son that is 16 years old. There first son died as a baby and they couldn`t have more kids. Isley is there current son`s name, he was adopted as a child and has a great family. They come to church alone this Sunday and know many church members and will receive a great support from the ward. Everything is looking great so that they can get married in July and baptized on the 21st! We also found several other people this week that have accepted baptism in the first lesson so we hope they can show their great faith and keep progressing. Thanks for all you do for me. Your prayers help me every day and I hope that you all can be of great help to missionary work in your ward. The gospel is true and nobody will be able to deny it in the last day. It`s my job to make sure the people deny it and follow the Christ before that time comes. May God speed the right!
Elder Dustin Divis

I pulled this picture off the Mission President's wife's blog.  Dustin wasn't named in the photo but you can see him in  the background.

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