Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dustin's November 29th Letter to his Dad

2010 November 29

Dear Dad,

You are the greatest father in the world! I love all that you have taught me and can truly say that because of you I am a servant of the Lord and am who I am. Keep me updated and all the goings on at home and I can`t wait to hear where my little bro will serve his mission. When I teach, I constantly pray for the spirit and look for ways to help them make changes in their life, but not just changes for the next month or to or even this life, but for eternity. It is a wonderful feeling to feel the Lord use me to give eternal promises to His children. I have really learned how to let the spirit teach and it is incredible the power He has and I feel like nothing. I have learned more than I thought was possible and as I continue to be taught by the Spirit I will learn so much more. Also, I have been thinking a lot about that question, ``What can I do?`` it is the key to finding faith, humility, charity, and patients. With all of that come a hope that is indescribable. I love being a servant of God. Life is easy when we can truly forget our own selfish desires and do all we can for the Lord. Many people say that they ``don`t have time``. Well if we find the time to serve the Lord always we will find everything else that is needful. Jesus Christ loves us and knows us individually, perhaps more than we know our self. No for sure more that we know ourselves. I am sure of that. I have been given a great gift and that is to humble myself as to the dust of the earth and serve The Lord my God! I am not the same person I was and never will be. I can say boldly and without doubt that God lives and knows all. He is all powerful and has given each of us and merciful opportunity to become like Him, but it is our choice if we accept His plan fully or no. Come unto Christ and be edified in Him!

Love you Dad, thanks for teaching me to love God.


Elder Divis

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