Monday, December 13, 2010

Dustin's December 13th Letter

2010 Dec 13th

Dear Mom,

That is great to hear that Will got his mission call to Ogden, Utah! And that everything is still going great there at home. This week is transfers but I am staying here in Pucallpa but I am getting a new companion. He is also from Boliva and his name is Elder Lasarte, I think. He gets here tomorrow it will be great to learn still more and different things from him. I am also so glad to hear that I have a new niece! Sadie Bell, I can`t wait to meet here when she is 18 or so months old :)

That is awesome that you are teaching about the most important work we have to do here on earth. The thing I would have you share with them is the first quote by the Prophet Joseph Smith at the end of Chapter 1 in PMG ,and the others about how every member is a missionary and all of the things you are studying don`t only apply to the ¨Elders¨ but to everyone of them personally. It will change the way in which they study these parts of the scriptures. Thanks for sending a package! I will be sure to tell you as soon as I get it. My week has been good. It is the first week we haven`t had a baptism but we have one for this next week so I am excited for that. I am glad you are praying for me and can feel the strength it gives me.

Thanks for all the wonderful news and take care. I love you and let everyone know that I am doing great and waiting their letters Haha ha.

I love you mom!!!


Elder Dustin Divis

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