Monday, December 6, 2010

Dustin's December 6th Letters

2010 December 6th

That is too bad that my letter didn`t get there. I was wondering why Carly hadn`t written back. I`ll just have to write another letter (when I get time) which who knows when that will happen.  Oh and does Laura know that I got her package? She is awesome!

Love ya mama,

Elder Divis

That is crazy that Will hasn`t got his call but I can`t wait to know where he is going. When I tell people that my little brother is just waiting for his mission call they all get excited for him and say he`ll serve in Peru Lima North mission haha ha. It sounds like Uncle Jer has been blessed a lot. Their family is so great and I am praying for Tristan.

That is great to hear you guys are all decorated for Christmas. It is cool to see that here too they put up fake pine trees and decorate with lights and Santa Clause and nativity sets. Christmas is a wonderful time of year. I know you will enjoy Christmas even if it’s only with 5 people and I’ll be home in no time.

Also, you`ll never guess who is in my zone!!!... There was an emergency transfer and Elder Guthrie, my first companion ever is now in my zone in the jungle of PerĂ¹. We have 3 missionaries from my group in this zone, it is awesome!!! I am great and love you and all the wonderful letters and can`t wait to get your package. Does the usb have music on it?



Elder Divis

Dear Dad,

I can`t believe Will hasn`t got his call yet!!! I guess I was just super lucky to get it in 8 days. Maybe you guys know by now? I always loved the night of nativity, they are wonderful. What is the snow update? Also I had the opportunity to watch the Christmas devotional here but we had to leave early to get back to the apartment in time so I only heard a tiny part of the prophet’s words but it was awesome what I did get to see and to hear the Christmas music in English was a treat :) I had another baptism this week which is always great! And I am doing fantastic. What I eat is chicken and rice and more chicken with more rice and potatoes and hot soup. So mostly chicken and rice but prepared differently. But this week I ate a grub called suri, it is a huge gusano (worm) that is a creamy yellow color and really fat with a black head. It tasted like pure fat with butter and the skin is really tuff. It was an experience :) My pension also knows how to cook lasagna and brownies!!! It is not the same as at home but a good change. My clothes are doing fine they aren`t really worn at all and my shoes (the eccos) are pretty much the best shoes in the world! They are still brand new and are ridiculously comfortable and waterproof. They`re awesome! The heat hasn`t been too bad the last couple days because it has been raining but it literally is like a sauna every day but you can`t just step out of it, cause its hot everywhere. But we have air conditioning in the chapel in certain rooms so that is nice when we get to use those sometimes. Ya I get to talk with children quite a bit. One of the people I baptized is an 8 year old boy who all his brother and sisters are members but his parents aren`t. The Kids are amazing. Keep me updated on the situation with Will and how you guys are doing at home. Know that I love you and am doing perfectly fine :) It’s great to hear from you and the time is flying by. Love you Dad.


Elder Divis

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