Monday, December 27, 2010

Dustin's December 27th letter

Dear Mom,
It was great to get to talk to you on Saturday! It seemed
like I had never left but then I looked around and I am a missionary and representative
of Jesus Christ and I am in Peru in the Jungle and I can pretty much speak
Spanish. Haha ha, well I guess quite a bit has changed but it is great to have
a family that is and always will be there for me.
Ya the church is young here, but we still have sunday school
and primary and priesthood and relief society but it lacks a bit in organization.
They just never have seen all of them functioning in union. They don`t have
home teachers or visiting teachers. But it is still the true church it’s just
that we need to teach them so they know how to make it work better. Just hope
they continue being humble :)
My Christmas before my call was pretty good. The night
before (Christmas Eve) we sang Christmas songs in a plaza and then a gift exchange
within our zone, then we went to a members house and ate dinner and back to the
room before 10. I got two ties from Elder Calle that have a shivivo design and
are awesome and I gave a mountain dew and Dr. Pepper and a trompo( a top thing
but cooler) to Elder Shreyer. Christmas day we woke up like normal at 6:30 studied
and started teaching then right after a lesson we came back to the room and
called home then we left again to other appointments. Pretty normal besides the
hour I was talking to you guys which was awesome! :) I have learned a lot from
every companion and from Elder Lazarte I am learning how to help the wards get
more organized and I learn how to improve how i teach from every companion.
Your Christmas sounds like it was great and like the family
is doing good. That is cool that Mirjam is reading my letters, it`s always good
to hear from the family friends and know i have better feel for how it was to
live in another country and speak another language. I have a new respect for
anyone who does that now. It also seems like you will have a happy new year but
i wish you a happier new year. And i forgot to say happy anniversary to Jordan
and Riah :/ so... Congratulations!!! And i was thinking about sending something
to you guys and maybe even your seminary class. What things would you like?( Just
a letter or pictures maybe something small from here in Peru.) I don`t know,
just thought it would be cool for you/them to get something. I will send a CD
of all my pictures soon. Take care and it really was a boost to hear your voice
and everyone else in the family too. Love you Mom and hope you know i am in the
Lords work and the time will be gone before you know it. I almost have 6 months
in the mission and it feels like no time at all. Miss you and love you so much
Elder Divis

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