Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dustin's April 16 Letter

2012 April 16
Dear Mom,
I want to say sorry that my letter today is super short. My time has been cut really short. Thanks for the updates on Carter. I`ll be sure to have him in my fasts and daily prayers, along with Laura and the rest of the family. I`ll send a couple pictures. Thanks for the package! It got here last Monday after writing you. The shaver is quite fancy and works well I am enjoying the new socks and delicious goodies. I love you and hope the best for all! Say hi to everyone for me.
Elder Dustin Divis

 About half my group in a conference
 Tahuantinsuyo Zone: Last monday playing soccer with some jerseys we made
 Rafeal Family. I went to Wiesse and baptised brother Edgar Rafeal!!!!

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